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In daily life, there are many different types of bag closures and fastenings for purses and handbags. The types of bag closures include a zipper closure, flap closure, clasp closure, button closure, magnetic closure, Hook and loop closure, drawstring, etc. And then, when you are buying a bag or purse, you’ll notice right away whether the purse/bag closure types are secure and strong or not. If it doesn’t meet your requirements, you will give up this bag, and look for other styles of bags.

Sometimes you will find that the color, style, and design of a certain bag are very in line with your aesthetics, which stimulates your desire to buy. But its closure design might put you off. Let’s say you like the closure with a buckle, but it does have a Velcro closure. If your bag items are valuable, then you definitely want this seal design to be rigorous and safe. At least it doesn’t keep items from pouring out and getting lost. Obviously, the space, material, color, and size of the bag will also affect the customer’s desire to buy. But the bag closure design plays a vital role in how much and how valuable your bag holds.

So, we can see that bag/purse closure types are the key to influencing customer choice. In this article, we introduced 11 different types of bag closures and fastenings. Let’s take a look together.

11 types of bag closures and fastenings-bag/purse closure types

  1. Zipper closure
  2. Drawstring closure
  3. Hook and loop closure
  4. Magnetic snap closure
  5. Metal snap button closure
  6. Turn or twist closure
  7. Tuck lock or press(push) lock
  8. Sewing button closure
  9. Side release buckle
  10. Hook & Eye closure
  11. Kiss-lock clasps

1, Zipper closure

Zipper closures are the most common way of opening and closing handbags and purses of all kinds. A small zipper is a joint that makes objects come together or separate. It can make the seal tight and prevent dusty air from continuously entering the inner bag. The second is that the zipper seal is easy and convenient to operate. In addition to the regular external zippers that can be seen, we can also use invisible zippers and inset Zippers. The latter two zippers are more concealed and beautiful. They can bring orders to your bag without affecting the beautiful appearance of the bag or purse.

There are many materials to choose from for the zipper closure. Such as metal zippers and pulls, PVC rubber zippers, leather zippers, woven fabric zippers, etc. Therefore, customers can customize zippers and pull tabs of different materials to their preferences. In addition to all kinds of bags and wallets, the zipper closure is also ideal for suitcases & luggage, shoes, clothing, home textiles, handicrafts, DIY, etc.

types of bag closures: zipper closure DSC_0047

2, Drawstring closure

The drawstring closure only needs to pull the drawstrings on the left and right sides to seal.

In general, we will sew gaps or holes in the seal of the bag so that the drawstring can pass through. It has many materials, such as nylon, polyester, cotton, satin ribbons, linen, etc. Then, the drawstring closure is ideal for leather bucket bags, canvas bags, muslin bags, and velvet pouches. Many mini bags, candy bags, and other small bags will be sealed with drawstrings. Because they are very convenient to use.

Drawstring closure DSC7569

3, Hook and loop closure

Hook and loop closures are ideal fasteners that attach bags. On one side of the hook and loop are small, soft, round hair fibers (the loop side). The other side has stiffer bristles with hooks (hook side). While it plays the role of bonding and fixing, it can also play the role of decoration and protection.

And the hook and loop closure is very strong and firm. It takes force to tear apart. Therefore, it can safely protect the contents of the bag from falling out. Many bags will use hook and loop closures. Such as messenger bags, shoulder bags, handbags, backpacks, plastic bags, sandals, shoes, etc. In addition to bags, many clothing and shoes also use hook and loop closures. It can be disposable. We can replace and substitute them at any time.

Hook and loop closure

4, Magnetic snap closure

The Magnetic snaps use magnetic force to make two metals attract each other and play a stabilizing role. The magnetic snap closure is a type of fixed clasp. We can place a magnetic buckle on the inside of the bag. Then, install the other one on the opposite side of the bag. Finally, snap the magnetic clasp exterior to the interior together.

In this way, using the magnetic force of the two to attract each other, we can use the attractive force to open and close at any time. Meanwhile, the magnetic snap is suitable for use in bags, wallets, coats, both sides of curtains, etc.

Magnetic snap closure

5, Metal snap button closure

The metal snap button closure is a kind of bag snap fastener. It is mostly used in denim jackets, jeans, windbreakers, leather clothes, casual clothes, children’s clothes, etc.

It consists of four parts. The four commonly used materials for the button surface are copper, alloy, nylon, and rubber. We often sew metal snap buttons on the inside of bags and purses clothing for fixing. Since it is sewn in a dark place, it is not easy to be detected. Moreover, when in use, we can make the two buttons fixed together by pressing relatively firmly. So, we also call the metal snap buttons hidden buttons.

snap buttons_DSC0330

6, Turn or twist closure

Turn or twist closure is very common on handbags, purses, and backpacks. Use this closure to keep the contents of the bag secure. Plus, they’re easy to install and easy to open and close. When closing it, pass the twist closure through the eyelet, and twist it again to securely close the mouth of the bag.

Then, we just need to unscrew it to open the bag. You just need to create a metal eyelet spacer with the right size on the outside flap of the bag.

This metal twist buckle is easy to lock and unlock. And we can make it in different shapes and finishes. You can use it for the closure of all kinds of bags. Then, create a metallic and secure closure.

Turn or twist closure

7, Tuck lock or press(push) lock clasp

A tuck lock or press(push) lock is another metal buckle for handbags, purses, etc. We can open the tuck lock or press(push) the lock clasp with just one thumb press. This is the exact opposite of a snap button. The snap button closes with one click. This metal lock buckle is very suitable for use in handbags, purses, backpacks, and leather crafts. They are durable, safe, and reliable. It is also very convenient to open and close. Therefore, many handbag brands will use a tuck lock clasp as the bag closure.

Tuck lock or press(push) lock clasp

8, Sewing button closure

We often place the sewing button on handmade wallets and handmade bags as closures. Many leather handmade producers like to use sewing button closure as the opening and closing method. In general, the craftsman sews the buttons in place on the front of the bag. Then, a bungee elastic cord will be installed on the opposite side. We just need to hang this bungee cord on the button. That way it can be buckled. And it will be very tight and strong. In addition, the sewing button also has many materials to choose from. Such as metal buttons, resin buttons, snap buttons, rubber buttons, wooden buttons, plastic buttons, etc.

Sewing button closure

9, Side release buckle

A metal side release buckle is also a good closure for bags. It is a quick-release buckle fastener for bags, backpacks, belts, straps, webbings, life jackets, and pet collars. You can see both ends of the buckle sewed with webbing respectively. And different lengths of webbing can select different quick-release buckles.

In general, we use it for bag closure, shoulder, and waist fixation. We only need to press the two side buckle to open the bag mouth immediately. So, side-release buckles are an integral part of the bags. Also, we can use it on stroller safety products. Customizing a durable smooth side-release buckle is an ideal choice for many projects that require fasteners.

Side release buckle

10, Hook & Eye closure

Hook & Eye closure is a less common type of handmade bag or purse closure. In addition, we can also use it on collar hooks, bras, clothing, hakama, shoulder straps, leather goods, tents, wedding dresses, DIY handicrafts, etc.

Hook & eye closure does not seem to be a very tight and safe sealing method. They slip off easily. So, if you seek a bag closure, hook & eye closure is not your ideal choice.

11, kiss-lock clasps

Kiss-lock clasp is a kind of metal frame lock closure. The lock can be unlocked with a slight twist, which is convenient, stylish, and durable. It is ideal for DIY wallets, coin purses, sewing wallets, clutches, wallet-making, crochet bags, etc.

There are many materials for this kind of metal lock. Such as bronze, alloy, brass, steel, etc. Also, such frames are extremely strong and durable, so they are difficult to damage. It really is a great choice for coin purses and wallet closures!

They serve two purposes. One is the functional role, that is, it can lock the bag to prevent items from being lost. Second, we can also use it to decorate purses or bags. Kiss-lock clasps have rectangular, oval, and round metal frames. And, we only need to sew it on the edge of the bag on both sides.

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