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Custom woven t shirt labels: the ultimate label solution for your brands

Best custom woven t shirt labels manufacturers & supplier in China! Customize your personalized shirt labels & tags and sew them on inside neck area. Many clothing brands use damask or satin woven labels as a branding tool to display their logo or brand name. Because it’s important to promote shirt brand recognition.

Add brand logos, sizes, material composition, care instructions or country of origin is helpful

Indicating the size of the T-shirt is also helpful for customers to choose the right size. So, when you customize, you can add different sizes below the logo or on the right side.

Maybe it’s good to add material composition to t-shirts. Such as the percentage of cotton, polyester, or spandex.

Meanwhile, if needed, adding care instructions or country of origin is useful.

woven t shirt labels DSC0318

Best woven label wholesaler or maker

If you wanna find better woven label wholesaler or maker, Acctrims is here to provide you with a high level of durable and soft clothing labels. We can make high-quality labels with brand logos at cheap prices!

You can choose any materials, sizes, colors, and shapes for your shirt brands. Just tell us your needs and sent us your logo file, and we can make them true!

Moreover, we have the certificate of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® woven labels.

Certainly, you can order custom recycled woven labels with eco-friendly yarns for your shirt brands.


Compared with printed labels, where do woven t shirt labels win?

More Durable

Woven labels are much more durable than printed labels. Because they use high-quality woven fabrics/yarns. So, a woven label can withstand frequent washing and maintain for a long time.

Much Professional Appearance

Woven labels have a more professional look. Because it has fine details and clear text.

More eco-friendly

It is more eco-friendly for woven labels than printed labels. Because it can use less recycled materials and reduces waste generation.

Branding promotion

Well-designed woven t shirt labels make it easier to clearly highlight brand information. Such as a brand’s logo, name, and slogan.

More comfortable

Woven label is more softer and comfortable when wearing t-shirts. It will not irritate the skin and can enhance the wearing experience for consumers.

custom woven labels_DSC0975
woven labels
cotton labels DSC0301
printed labels

You can sew woven t shirt labels on the following places:

  • Inside the neckline
  • Sleeve cuff
  • Chest area(pocket)
  • At the bottom seam
  • On the outer hem
  • …..
hem tag places

How to customize woven t shirt labels?

1.3D design draft

First, you need to design the appearance of the woven label. You can send us logo file or design file. Usually, it’s a vector file like PDF, AI, ESP, CDR, or original files from PSD.

Then, tell us the size, shape, color, and quantity you need. You can add logo, size, origin, washing mark, and other information on the label.

2. Choose the material of the woven label and the yarn color sample chart

In general, they are made of polyester or nylon fibers.

3. Confirm details:

We will make a 3D draft to show you to confirm the details of the label. Our product specialists will discuss sizes, colors, shapes, and more with you.

You can also choose the label fold way. There are mainly 7 ways to fold the woven label as follows:

  • End fold 
  • Center fold
  • Mitre(miter) fold
  • Manhattan fold
  • Loop fold
  • Straight cut
  • Die cut

4. Production samples

Before mass production, we can provide stock samples or produce samples for you. Make sure the samples meet your requirements.

5. Order mass production

Once you are satisfied with the sample, you can place an order for mass production.

6. About turnaround time

Mass production time is 15-20 days. Shipping time is 3-6 business days by express.

To view our woven t shirt labels samples

main labels_DSC2271

Free Design | High Quality | One-to-One Support | One-Stop Purchasing

Customize personalized damask/satin woven T shirt labels: Best supplier and manufacturer in China

Our Product Experts will guide you through every step of the custom process.

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