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Supply custom fold labels: end fold, manhattan fold, center/mitre fold…

Supply clothing fold labels include end fold labels, manhattan fold labels, center fold labels, mitre fold labels, loop fold labels, and straight cut labels. All the folded tags can be customized with brand logos, sizes, care instructions, etc. Besides, we can place fold labels and tags in different locations. Such as the shoulder, neckline, waistband, or side seam.

fold options of clothing labels

End fold labels

End fold labels are garment labels whose ends are folded over and sewn to the seam or hem of the clothing. Many apparel manufacturers particularly favor the hem design of this label. Because it creates a clean, flawless look on clothing without any harsh edges or fluff.

In addition, we can make the end fold labels easily and securely attached to clothing without additional stitching or finishing. End-fold woven labels often use cotton, polyester, or nylon as materials. And we can weave or print the brand logos, sizes, or washing instructions on the surface.

end labels_DSC0148

Manhattan fold labels

The Manhattan fold labels are to fold the labels in half in the center, then fold it again at the top edge. The size and other information are usually printed on the label. Such as brand name, logos, washing instructions, and origin. Meanwhile, The design of the Manhattan fold label is very flexible. Therefore, we can customize it according to your needs.

We often place the Manhattan fold labels in an inconspicuous position on the inside of the clothes. Because this will not affect the appearance of the garments.

Manhattan fold labels_DSC9628
Manhattan fold labels_DSC6879

1, Back neck area:

This is a common location for size and care labels. And we place the folded label and sewn it into the seam of the neckline.

2, Side seam:

Except for the back of the neck, we can also sew the woven labels on the seams on both sides of the garment near the hem.

3, Waistband or hip area:

Meanwhile, we can sew the clothing tags of course on the waistband or hips of trousers or skirts.

4, Sleeve cuff:

For shirt garments with sleeves, we can sew the label into the cuff. Then, fold it over and secure it with sewing thread, buttons or snaps, etc.

Center fold labels

Center fold labels, as the name implies, is to fold in half in the middle of the label. This is also a very common way of folding labels. It is very similar to hem tags. Since the center fold labels do not fold the edges, we need to sew the two ends to the seam of the garment. So that we can fix the label on the product. But, the label edge needs to leave at least 5mm for sewing. This is to protect the label better without rubbing against the skin.

Centerfold woven/printed labels are fine in texture. They are soft, smooth, comfortable, and durable. At the same time, we print or weave the brand logo or size information, etc on the central part of the label.

Center fold labels DSC00917
Center fold labels DSC0066

Center fold labels are suitable for all kinds of clothing labels as follows:

Brand Label or Main Label:

We can use center-fold woven labels as brand labels or main labels. Then, we print or woven the brand name or logo into the labels. This helps consumers to identify the brand and increases brand awareness and loyalty.

Size label:

Center fold labels as a size label can help consumers choose the size that suits them.

Ingredient label:

Taking center-fold woven labels as ingredient labels can help consumers understand the material of clothing and choose the style that suits them.

Wash care labels:

Use center-fold woven labels as wash care labels and put washing and maintenance into the labels. This helps consumers to use and maintain clothing correctly and prolongs the clothing service life.

Functional labels:

We can also take center-fold labels as functional labels. Merchants put special function info of clothing on the label, such as waterproof or breathable. Then, the special information can help consumers choose the right functional clothing.

Mitre/miter fold labels

Mitre fold labels are to fold the two ends of the label into a pointed shape so that we can sew them on the clothing. This folding way makes the label stronger and more secure. Usually, we use the Miter fold label as the main labels and neck labels. Then, we sew it on prominent positions such as the neckline, trouser waist, or side seam on the inner side of the clothing.

In addition, we take miter fold labels as clothing woven labels and printed fabric labels on the neckline or trouser waist. Moreover, they are perfect for high-end clothing brands, designer clothing, and other high-quality clothing production. Then, miter-fold woven labels are more durable, higher quality, and last longer than miter-fold printed labels. So they won’t fade or fray.

Mitre fold labels_DSC0993
Mitre fold labels_DSC6064

loop fold labels

Loop fold labels are labels that fold the two ends into a small loop. And we can sew them into the inside of the garments. Loop-fold labels are more comfortable than traditional embroidered labels. Because they don’t have any hard threads. We can sew them on the inner neckline, cuffs, trouser waist, underwear, socks, and other positions of clothes.

Furthermore, such labels are easy to identify and difficult to remove. Because they are sewn into the inside of the garment.

So, we can keep them in clothes for a long time. Loop fold labels are suitable for high-end clothing, custom clothing, work uniforms, school uniforms, finely crafted handmade items, etc.

loop fold labels DSC8854

Straight cut labels

A straight-cut label refers to a label in which the edge of the label is cut in a straight line. They are easier to cut and handle during production than other types of fold labels. And the cost of the label is relatively low.

So, straight-cut labels are suitable for normal clothes, coats, hats, bags, furniture, etc. And often we will print the brand logo, size, composition, and other information on it.

The die-cut labels also suit satin labels, wash care labels, and cotton labels.


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