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Full guide on lace trims

Lace trims are fabric ribbon edgings and appliques, applied to delicate embellishment clothing, underwear, home textiles, wedding dresses, doll clothes, etc. Lace trims are a unique sheer fabric that is feminine, hazy, and captivating. It is soft and light. On the surface, it is a sparse and transparent mesh fabric. And the lace edging is relatively flat and docile. As a kind of garment trimmings, there are many types of lace edgings. Such as crochet or beaded lace trims, and ruffled/stretch/knitted or embroidered lace trims. There are also other types like cotton, chantilly, scalloped, embroidered, or gathered lace trims.

Acctrims supplies a wide range of lace trims by the yard for apparel and home textile brands. And the length and width can be customized. In general, the width is between 0.5cm-26cm. For a more extravagant similar design, you can add rhinestones, sequins, glass beads, feathers, pearls, etc. on top. Lace suits almost any fabric-related design. For example, you can use it on tablecloths, wedding dresses, chandelier covers, evening dresses, cotton yarns, headscarves, corsages, tuxedos, curtains, pillowcases, etc.

What are the features of lace trims?

When it comes to lace, I believe that most girls will not refuse this kind of item. many people accept and like items decorated with lace. The lace material is a popular material among accessories. The beauty of lace lies in the different textures and decorative effects reflected by its design. So, what are the main features of lace edging?

  1. The lace trims are relatively thin. Even the multi-layered design doesn’t feel heavy. Thin lace will also give people a cool feeling. And this design is biased toward sweetness. So it is very suitable for girls’ dresses and wedding dresses.
  2. The lace fabric is light and transparent because of its light texture. It has an elegant and mysterious artistic effect. So, it has wide use in women’s underwear.
  3. The use of lace fabric is very wide. It can cover the whole textile industry. All textiles can add some beautiful lace elements.

Where can lace trims be used?

In general, lace edging appears on clothing, underwear, and home textiles. The lace is thin and layered. Summer underwear is mostly themed with lace. And the lace on the clothing can create a sweet feeling. While lace trim on home textiles adds an unexpected touch to the home. Home textiles with lace will have a sense of hierarchy.

A variety of home textiles with lace designs will have a more gentle and sweet feeling. Girls who like Japanese style can also DIY lace textiles. Create the feeling you like for your bedroom. We also often see that some curtains and tablecloths will be integrated into this design. The texture of lace fabric is relatively light and transparent. It feels mysterious and does not lack artistic effects. Therefore, it is great for women’s underwear and sexy lingerie.

Meanwhile, the fabric of some spring and summer dresses will use lace. At the same time, we can use lace as accessories for some high-end work clothes, embroidery for suits and dresses, etc. Lace spun into spandex is particularly stretchy. In recent years, lace underwear has gradually become popular. Of course, some mosquito nets and dolls use lace trims, too.

Lace trims for clothing

Facing heavy sweaters in winter, thin lace garments are obviously inappropriate. And some girls think that large areas of lace are too pretentious. It is more natural to point to the end, and this modification is just right.

Where else can it be applied besides dresses? In fact, we can also use lace can children’s pants, coats, sweater collars, hats, down jackets, and shoes. It adds spice to life. So the role of lace trims is very large.

lace trims_DSC1822
lace trims_DSC0993

Lace trim for tablecloth

Embellishing a simple dining table or a plain sofa with lace can add a soft touch. Therefore, as long as there are places where lace ornaments come and go, they can bring infinite new ideas to people.

If you are a girl who likes lace, you may wish to decorate your room with lace. In this feminine lace home art, let your home life shine.

Lace edging for dress neckline

Usually, high-waisted dresses with lace as the neckline, waistline, and bustline will have more layered changes. It defines the figure without looking bulky.

But, when using lace as the waistline, it is best to wear slender high heels. Or wear it with leggings for a pair of trousers. These all help to elongate the body proportions.

12 different types of lace trims with pictures

There are mainly 12 different types of lace trims for sewing in garment trims. Below are the listings of lace trim types with pictures for your reference.

  • Cotton lace trims
  • Stretch/elastic lace trims
  • Crochet lace trim
  • Gathered lace trims
  • Scalloped lace edging
  • Beaded lace trim
  • Eyelet lace trims
  • Organza lace trim
  • Embroidered lace trims
  • Net/mesh lace trims
  • Tassel lace trim
  • Flower lace trim

1, Cotton lace trims

Cotton lace trims are decorative lace edging made from cotton fabric. They are suitable for dress collars, skirt edges, underwear, wedding dress edges, cuffs, curtain fabrics, pillow edges, and handbag accessories.

Besides, cotton lace trims are more eco-friendly and breathable. The lace trim made of pure cotton is beautiful, durable, and popular among brands.

Cotton lace trims
Stretch lace trims

2, Stretch/elastic lace trims

Stretch/elastic lace trims are soft and elastic. Because of its ability to stretch. We usually use it in underwear straps, hair accessories, collars, hemlines, cuffs, pajamas, garters, and other fabrics.

Stretch lace is a fashionable fabric, including spandex. In addition, we can also use them in a variety of knitting and craft projects.

3, Crochet lace trim

Ruffled lace trim is a decorative trim made of crochet. It is especially suitable for sewing clothes, fringe belts, or home textiles. Such as skirts, quilt covers, towels, and so on.

The crochet lace trim pattern is unique and nice. And it will look a little chunkier. Usually, it is available in different widths or colors if customized.

Gathered lace trims

4, Gathered lace trims

The ruffled, scalloped look and ruffled finish are typical of gathered lace trim. Usually, it consists of a straight band linking the edges together with scalloped lace. These gathered lace can be sewn on girls’ skirts and cuffs. And many children’s clothing will use pleated lace trim.

Plus, they’re great to use around the edges of pillowcases, sofa covers, bedspreads, and flyer quilt covers. It looks very French retro.

5, Scalloped lace edging

Scalloped lace trim primarily refers to lace trim with a scalloped shape. It is somewhat similar to gathered lace trims. It’s just that the overall shape is not a wrinkled and wavy silhouette. Also, it has many materials such as cotton, polyester, nylon, etc. Cotton is its most common material. However, it is held together by a single straight strap. Therefore, we are good to sew it on the clothes. In addition, it is also very versatile. For example, we use it on skirts, hats, edges of home textile products, etc.

Scalloped lace edging
beaded lace trim_DSC1795

6, Beaded lace trims

Beaded lace trims, as the name suggests, are edging trims with beads, rhinestones, etc. This is a very high-end and luxurious lace edging. It is very suitable for wedding occasions. Such as bridal wedding dresses, veils, etc.

Beaded lace trim is suitable for the neckline and wrist straps of many wedding dresses. This will greatly enhance the charm of the bride. It is the finishing touch that will make the bridal outfit stand out and be unique.

7, Eyelet lace trims

Flat eyelet laces are lace with small holes or meshes on the fabric. This unique little hole makes it cool. They can decorate all kinds of clothing, veils, tuxedo, underwear, children’s clothing or dresses, home textiles, the collar of clothes, etc.

We can make the kind of garment trim into intricate patterns and colors. That makes it perfect for all kinds of clothing DIYs, knitting projects, etc.

Eyelet lace trim
Organza lace

8, Organza lace trims

Organza lace trims refer to the lace edge made of organza fabric. This delicate organza fabric has a dreamy, lovely feel. Therefore, it is very suitable for lolita costumes, evening dresses, doll costumes, wedding dresses, curtains, quilt covers, etc.

Soft and sheer tulle with delicate design will be popular with girls. Acctrims supplies organza lace in a wide range of colors or styles for major brands at wholesale prices!

9, Embroidered lace trims

Embroidery lace is embroidering lace shapes with threads. Such as cotton and polyester on a layer of gauze. it is soft and smooth to the touch, not easy to wrinkle. Because it has a unique 3D effect. So we often use it for wedding dresses. This kind of lace can change with the designer.

And there is no uniform pattern. We can embroider our favorite patterns on gauze. Besides, it’s not limited by the thickness of the gauze. Then, it is also easy to clean. Meanwhile, this kind of lace gives people a light and thin feeling.

Embroidered lace
Net/mesh lace

10, Net/mesh lace trims

Net/mesh lace is also called filet lace. It mainly refers to the lace edge with uniform mesh. And, it uses lace threads to create the corners of the eyes. And we often use the weaving method to weave into various patterns. It’s kind of like a fishing net.

At present, mechanical mesh cloth is generally used instead of manual work. Therefore, it is suitable for use on garment trim, tablecloths, curtains, etc.

11, Tassel lace trim

Tassel lace trim is a drooping tassel-like lace ornament. Below is a loosely hanging bundle of string, rope, or other material. At the top end, there is a straight strap. We often use it to decorate household items, clothes, or other items. In addition, we apply it in the skirt hem of stage costumes, etc. In addition, it is ideal for earrings, handbags, and silk-trimmed necklaces. From western singers to cowboys and supermodels, the tassel trim trend has long been loved. The perfect combination of tassel trim and denim charm will make you love your outfit even more.

Tassel lace
Flower lace

12, Flower lace trim

Flower lace trim refers to trim in the shape of a flower. And this flower can be knitted, or embroidered. We can also add sequins, fake diamonds, and other decorations. This design is more fashionable and beautiful. So, I think they are perfect for sleeves, lolita skirts, collars, underwear, women’s/children’s clothing, and bedding. Then, we can use it for DIY crafts, luggage/bag decoration, hat edge decoration, accessories, etc.

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