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In fashion, apparel, or textiles industry, brand labels play a vital role in shaping brand identity, conveying brand image, and cultivating customer loyalty. Although it’s a small clothing label, it’s equally influential. The brand label is not only a symbol, but also a walking advertisement of the brand ID. This article mainly discusses the brand label and its importance in clothing, textiles, bags, and hats and its customization options for each product. Meanwhile, you can learn 22 types of brand labels in garments.

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What are the brand labels?

Brand labels are distinctive labels that display and represent a particular brand, logo, company name, or product. These clothing labels are attached to clothing, textiles, bags, hats, handmade items, etc. A custom brand label can include logos, names, slogans, designs, patterns, texts, etc apart from competitors.

Then, the brand label is a good tool for brand promotion and marketing. It can create a unique professional image for the brand. In addition, it can also influence consumers’ purchasing decisions and accumulate valued consumer groups for enterprises. Therefore, these labels can help companies or brands stand out from the fiercely competitive market.

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What are the features and advantages of Brand Labels?


Provide important information:

The brand label can convey many important brand information. Such as brand logo, company name, product size, washing instructions, material, care guide, origin, etc.

Logo Identity and Brand Recognition:

Ordering brand labels is an important way of brand identity recognition. You can add custom brand logos, slogans, and unique patterns to them. For example, Nike, a simple hook logo can let everyone recognize the brand at a glance.

Well-designed brand labels can leave a deep impression on the minds of your consumers. Moreover, it can help you gain more consumer recognition of your brand subtly.

Communicate brand values:

Any brand wants to weave or print brand values on brand labels through text or patterns. This is an important way to demonstrate corporate values to customers.

Aesthetic Value:

A brand label can be a functional product that provides important information to customers. At the same time, it also has aesthetic value. Meanwhile, the brand label with a logo or patterns can make your product more distinctive and aesthetically pleasing.

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Build Trust and Loyalty:

Quality and well-designed Brand Labels can build customer trust and loyalty for a brand. Then, it helps customers become long-term supporters of your brand.

Differentiation and Competitive Advantage:

A well-designed brand label with a brand logo can help a brand stand out in a competitive market.

Enhance brand value:

With the gradual exposure of the brand image and positioning, exquisite labels can make the brand more familiar to the public. Therefore, it can further enhance the overall value of the brand.

Easy to identify:

Excellent Brand Labels can always allow consumers to quickly lock in the brand and purchase products when shopping.

Increase the added value of the product:

The brand label makes the brand’s series of products more promising. An ordinary branded product or a gift can add added value to a product. This is the power of branding.


22 Types of Brand Labels for clothing

In the field of clothing, brand labels come in many types and materials. Here are some common tag types:

1. Size labels:

These indicate the size of clothing, textiles, etc. Such as using letter codes (S, M, L) or numerical sizes (4, 6, 8).


2. Leather labels:

They are high-end clothing labels for leather products with real leather, PU leather, microfiber leather, and suede leather materials.


3. Metal labels:

They are shiny or matte metallic labels with brass, zinc alloy, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum materials.


4. Woven labels:

Woven labels are high-quality sewing clothing labels to weave threads together by busing weaving machines.

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5. Thermal transfer labels:

They are tagless tags and we apply(transfer) them by using heat and pressure to jackets, pants, underwear, trousers, shoes, etc.

heat transfer labels_DSC0808

6. Care Labels:

It offers crucial washing instructions for garment maintenance.

b _DSC1846

7. Printed Labels:

The printed labels use printing techniques to print the text or pattern on the fabrics.

b _DSC1344

8. Main labels:

It is a kind of main clothing label with brand logos, and names compared to sub-labels.

woven brand labels DSC0920

9. Neck Labels:

The neck labels are printed or woven labels that are sewn onto the inside of the clothing neck.


10. Content Labels:

They are labels that include fabric composition. Such as cotton, polyester, spandex, etc.


11. Country of Origin Labels:

They indicate the manufacturing origin of products. Such as made in Australia.


12. Hang Tags:

They are a kind of swing tags with strings/ribbons, or safety pins attached to clothing.


13. Silicone Rubber Labels:

Silicone labels are soft, non-toxic, sustainable durable clothing labels.


14. PVC Labels:

PVC labels are a type of soft water-proof label made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). And they have a 3D effect and unique tactile qualities.

d _DSC0167

15. Self-adhesive labels/stickers:

A self-adhesive label is a kind of pressure-sensitive label or sticker that adhere to surfaces when you give pressure. And they are perfect for product labeling, packaging, branding, etc.


16. Patch Labels:

We sew the patches outside the clothing to decorate them. And you can often see them on letterman jackets, denim clothing, jackets, etc.


17. Flag Labels:

Flag labels are small sewing labels with brand information. And we often apply them to the side seam or hem. It is just like a flag hanging from a pole.


18. Satin Labels:

Satin labels are a type of woven or printed fabric label that is made of satin material. They have a smooth & glossy surface and luxurious appearance.


19. Cotton labels:

Cotton labels are made of organic cotton material. It is natural, eco-friendly, and biodegradable.

cotton labels DSC0036

20. QR Code Labels:

QR code labels are a kind of product label that has a Quick Response (QR) code. So, it is a 2D barcode that we can use a phone or QR code reader to scan them.


21. Holographic Labels:

The holographic labels have intricate holographic patterns. And he can pull off a visually striking and dynamic appearance. Therefore, we often use it for security and anti-counterfeiting, enhancing aesthetics, etc.


22. Reflective Labels:

The labels use reflective elements to realize a glow-in-the-dark effect.

So, it is ideal for activewear, outerwear, and safety gear.

reflective labels

Custom brand labels with logos for clothing products

Custom brand labels with logos are personalized labels with a brand’s unique logo, names, slogans, or designs. These tags are tailored to the specific identity of the brand. So we can use them on various products. Such as clothing, bags, hats, shoes, accessories, etc. Custom brand logo labels can be woven, printed, or embossed. Also, we can make it a visually appealing clothing label.

In addition, custom brand labels with logos are capable of creating unique and distinct branding elements. Because it can also differentiate your product from competitors.

At the same time, this kind of logo label is a memorable and easily recognizable symbol. It can subtly strengthen the brand slogan, image, or recognition.

The most important thing is that any product that needs a logo label can use this brand label. You can customize any material, color, size, or pattern of brand logo labels. Just tell us your needs and send us your logo file. And we can make a free 3D design draft for you. If you wanna customize sustainable labels, yes, we can make it for you.

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