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Custom hem tags for clothing brands

Custom hem tags are brand logo labels folded in the center at the bottom seam, side, hem, sleeves, pockets, necks of clothing, include woven or printed labels. In general, it appears near the bottom 5cm of T-shirts, skirts, or tops. As a hem tag maker, Acctrims wholesales and supplies custom-sewn woven hem tags and printed hem tags for garments, knitted hats, home textiles brands, etc.

Typically, a hem tag is a type of product branding tag. A lot of customers just put the brand name on it. There is no other information is attached. But, we will weave or print some other info like numbers, URLs, care symbols, etc. to your needs. Its normal size is 1″ X 1″ (25.4mm X 25.4mm). However, we will customize different sizes for you according to your needs and product size. Then, the shapes are mainly rectangular and square. Of course, you can customize other shapes.

Create your own personalized hem tags for your brands!

Both the front and back sides of the tags can be displayed on the outside. So we usually only add the brand logo directly on the label. In this way, when customers buy clothes, they can see your brand name at a glance without looking at the inner tag of the clothes.

Every piece of clothing needs to have the brand hem tags in the same place. So, this will subtly increase brand awareness. Just like the Nike brand, you only need to print the “Nike” logo on all kinds of clothes, shoes, and bags. Customers can recognize it at a glance.

Simple hem tags can bring impact consumers. Successful product brands are never stingy in influencing people’s desire to buy!

Where should I place my custom hem tags?

hem tag places

There are various placements for hem tag. So, you can place your hem tags anywhere on clothing. There are no limits to your ideas! We suggest you place the hem label in the below 6 places.

  • A. On the outer hem of the garment
  • B. On the sleeve
  • C. At the bottom seam
  • D. On the neck
  • E. On the pocket
  • F. At the inner hem of the garment

The most common way is to put the label tags on the outside hem, or sleeves. Many shirts or t-shirt brands do this. A small tag can increase the value of a shirt. A logo on both the front and back is available. But, sleeve hem tags are single-sided. Because customers can only see the logo on the outside of the sleeve.

How many types of hem tags for me to order?

There are several types of custom hem tags. The most common are damask woven hem tags, satin woven hem tags, printed satin or cotton hem tags, heat transfer hem tags, etc.

1. Satin woven hem tags

Satin woven hem tags are one of the types of woven labels. Its logo has small holes and thick font lines. Because it is woven by a salvage machine. So its surface doesn’t look so close. But it’s high-end.

Then, its background color is often white or black. And we can choose gold thread and silver thread to weave the brand logo. In addition to the logo, you can add other brand information like country of origin, or size to it.

2. Damask woven hem tags

Damask woven hem tags have high-quality thin lines and logo details. And the texture is smooth and soft. And their edges are dense and won’t fall apart. Custom damask woven hem tags are ideal for shirts, tops, and knitted hats. They can make your product stand out.

Importantly, we can weave nearly 12 rich colors. Apart from this, Damask woven hem tags are highly productive and fast in production time. So, it can perfectly express your brand logo, name, or patterns.

3. Printed satin hem tags

Printed satin hem tags use satin material to print the logo. The material is shiny, smooth like silk, and feels great to the touch. In addition to the brand logo, we can also print the size, product name, washing symbol, slogan, etc. on it. In general, we often use satin labels as the main label, wash care labels, or size label. So, there are not so common in hem tags. But innovation is everything. If you want to be different from others, you can choose printed satin hem tags. Because it is soft and high-end. If your brand logo is a colorful pattern, besides woven labels, you can also choose satin labels.


4. Printed cotton hem tags

We often use printed cotton labels as care labels, size, and main labels. But, you can also use it as hem tags. Printed cotton hem tags are soft and natural and do not irritate the skin. So it is very suitable for women’s/kids clothing, cotton, and linen clothing. However, it is less suitable for use on sleeves and pockets. Because it is easy to wear and tear here. So the logo is not as durable and wear-resistant as the woven hem tags. But it suits necklines and inside seams of clothes. You can also choose to use eco-friendly fabrics to create your own unique cotton hem tags.

5. Heat transfer hem tags

Heat transfer hem tags are less common than woven hem tags. But many customers will choose heat transfer hem tags in pursuit of uniqueness and innovation. And we can use 3D silicone material to transfer the brand logos. This effect is more three-dimensional and unique. Custom-made heat transfer labels are also called tagless tags. Then, we can attach them to any fabric or knitting items. Such as underwear, T-shirts, swimwear, swimsuits, leggings, hats, socks, etc. Customize the best heat transfer hem tags for the least money. They are affordable and cost-effective.

Hem tag applications on clothing, bags, hats, home textiles

  • Shirt
  • Jacket
  • T-shirt
  • Hoodies
  • Shorts
  • Panties
  • Sweaters
  • Skirts
  • Sleeves
  • Sportswear
  • Sheets
  • Quilt cover
  • Towel
  • Pillowcase
  • Pillow
  • Sofa cover
  • Tablecloth
  • Rag
  • Scarf
  • Knitted hat

How many backing ways to add custom hem tags on clothes?

We mainly use sewing or heat transfer to sew hem labels to garments. This is the most common method. If you seek simple, you can choose iron-on or adhesive stick-on backing.

  • Sew-on backing(no backing)
  • Adhesive stick-on backing
  • Iron-on backing
  • Heat transfer
cotton labels DSC0780

What is the process for getting the custom hem tags?

1, We need to know the logo file, size, color, material, quantity, technics, etc.
2, Then our product expert will give you the price and invoice.
3, After you pay, we will make a free design draft for you.
4, After you confirm the design drawing, we can arrange the bulk production.
5, We can make samples according to your needs.
6, Shipping by express.
7, The customer receives the goods and confirms the quality and quantity of the products.
8, Notes: we supply shipping in batches for your factories in other countries. Free storage for one year.



1, What’s the price to customize my personalized hem tags?

–The price depends on your custom size, color, technics, and order quantity. You can send us your art file, we make a free quote for you.

2, What is the bulk production time and shipping time?

–Bulk goods are about 10 to 15 days. Shipping time is 3-6 business days by express.

3, What profile is needed when production?

–Pls, send us vector logo files, like PDF, AI, ESP, CDR, or original files from PSD. If you have no art file, we offer free design for you.

4, Can we get free samples?

–Yes, you can. Our samples are free, you just need to pay the shipping cost.

Custom hem tags for your branding work!

Our custom hem tags can fulfill your more high-end and fashion needs! If you want to stand out from your competitors, we recommend customizing bold brand logo hem tag. MOQ: 100pcs.

Any Questions? Or Need Our Help? If you need any help from us, our professional product experts are here for you.

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