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Custom neck labels for clothing

Custom neck labels print, woven, or heat transfer logo, size on clothing neckline & waistband, materials are cotton, nylon, satin, ribbon, synthetic belt, etc. Usually, the main types are woven and printed neck labels. And their main folding methods are Mitre fold and End fold. Thermal/heat transfer neck labels & tags are tagless and used for t-shirts, pants, and socks. But, other garments like windbreakers, down jackets, or coats need woven or printed neck labels. The custom neck tags can also be sewn on the collar, which can be sewn at both ends or folded in half. Meanwhile, you can put screen printing neck labels on the front or the back of the clothes. Meanwhile, you can put the outside/inside neck tags on pants, socks, or pockets. Especially it is perfect for children’s clothing, underwear, and sportswear. It can be designed in various colors and patterns.

custom neck labels for clothing

neck labels_DSC6064

Main Details of Meck Labels

neck labels 01

Material: cotton tape, taffeta, matte tape, edging tape, polyester, satin, nylon, ribbon, polyester tape, etc;
Size & color: any color or size is customized; at customers’ request;
Logo: no logo or customized logo;
Type: flat heat transfer label; silicone heat transfer label; reflective heat transfer label; roll heat transfer label; woven, screen printing, satin, iron on neck labels;
Label Type: Main Labels, care Label, size label;
Shape: rectangle, square, circle, rhombus, trapezoid, triangle, and other special shapes.
Technics: screen printed, heat transfer, woven, etc;
Surface: glossy, matte;
Application: clothing, home textiles, bags, shoes, underwear, underwear, coats, shirts, T-shirts, etc;
MOQ: 100pcs;
Delivery time: 5-15 days;

A Good Way to Highlight Your Brand

Woven size labels_DSC9792
  • The material is recycled, sustainable, and eco-friendly;
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®;
  • Low cost and favorable price;
  • It does not fade after washing and is skin-friendly;
  • An excellent way to promote your brand and stand out;

Neck Labels’ Use and Content

Wide application of neck labels

T-shirts, coats, pants, underwear, shoes and hats, toys, canvas bags, socks, football uniforms, bags, tents, clothing, home textiles, mobile phone shells, luggage, pants, etc.

Common content of the Neck labels

Brand name and address, Product name, Size or specification, Fiber composition and content, Maintenance method, the implementation of product standards, Security category, and Precautions for use and storage.

Types of Clothing Neck Labels

Heat transfer neck labels_DSC1087

Heat transfer/tagless neck labels

The transferred LOGO has a 2D or 3D feel and feels soft and smooth. And it comes in direct contact with the skin. It does not irritate the skin when worn. Besides, it is beautiful and does not fade when washed. So this method is convenient and fast, and the quantity is large. This will greatly save the sewing process for shits, or underwear brands.

neck labels_DSC9879

Printed neck label

The printed neck label is mainly sewn on the collar. The brand logo, manufacturer, price, size, website address, washing method, etc. can be printed on it. It has many ways to fold, such as folding in half, folding at both ends, etc. There are many materials to choose from. Such as nylon taffeta, pressed edge ribbon, polyester tape, pearled tape, cotton fabric, twill fabric, etc.

neck labels_DSC0724

Woven neck labels

Woven neck labels mainly use a woven way on a loom to produce make labels. It’s sturdy and feels great in the hand. Although the price is a little higher, the material looks high-end. Many brands will choose it to upgrade their grades. There are 3 main types of woven neck labels. That are damask woven neck labels, woven satin neck labels, and crochet woven neck labels.

Our Strength and History

custom neck labels

We have our own production and processing factories, and we have established cooperative relations with many Chinese factories. Acctrims makes and wholesales: all types of clothing labels, garment trims & accessories, buttons, zipper pullers, stickers, hang tags and strings, hangers, packaging bags and boxes, wrapping paper, etc. And we provide one-stop shopping, where you can customize all clothing accessories. We can meet the needs of customers such as clothing, plush toys, luggage, handbags, etc. And since 2008, our parent company ClothingLabels.CN has established a good supply and marketing relationship with over 1,500 brand customers worldwide.

Label Fold Options

fold option of neck labels
  1. Main fold way: Mitre or centerfold label, End fold label.
  2. Other fold ways: straight cut, die cut, Manhattan fold label, Loop fold label, etc.

Create Your Own Custom Neck Labels

Gallery of Custom Neck Labels

Free Design | High Quality | One-to-One Support | One-Stop Purchasing

Custom Neck Labels Maker & Wholesaler | Acctrims

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    I am a new business owner, selling Moroccan thobes. I am looking to maintain a long term relationship with a manufacturer for labels. I came across this page and can say how I’m really impressed with all the information your website . I am interested in purchasing straight cut woven labels. measurements are 50mm x 30mm. With the brand name, and where it’s made in. The colour would be brown and the name would be beige. I need a quote on how much it would cost for one and also in bulk orders above 100. Looking for a cheap price and comparing the market.
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      With the brand name, and where it’s made in.
      The color would be brown and the name would be beige.

      I have sent the price to your email, please check

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