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10 clothing hang tag examples and ideas for brand product display and promotion. They are important and we can’t ignore them when we design hang tags. At Acctrims, I list 10 clothing hang tags samples for your reference. These are custom logo hang tags from brands we have worked with. Hope it helps with your hangtag design.

A clothing hang tag can showcase the brand to the greatest extent possible. At the same time, they have the best effect on enhancing the brand image. Design a unique and simple hang tag that can stimulate the desire to buy.

10 clothing hang tag examples and ideas with pictures

This string of hangtags mainly includes 1 main tag and 3 secondary tags. The material is 350g coated paper. Sizes are 4.5*10cm, 6*6cm, and 6cm in diameter. Background color and font use white and warm grey10c. Then, the process includes double-sided printing covered with matte film. With beige pure cotton hang tag string, 3 swing hang tags are strung together. Hanging ropes are provided by us.

ALPACIA hang tags DSC0005
clothing hang tag examples: ALPACIA hang tags DSC0006
ALPACIA hang tags DSC0007

The Margaret hang tags are also composed of 3-part hang tags. The main tag material is 700gsm texture paper. Size is 57*95MM. And its logo( Birdseye) is embossed in no color. Then, its brand name(Margaret Birdseye) is printed blue(Pantone 302U) on the bottom. So, its color is consist of white paper with an embossed logo in no color + printed blue brand name. One of the other two pairs of tags is a transparent PVC plastic bag and a white paper-ready button bag. Besides, We outfitted this item with a white cotton tag cord and silver safety pin.

Margaret hang tags DSC0271
Margaret hang tags DSC0276

Below FOI hang tags are consist of 2 tags: paper hang tags and PVC hang tags. Orange plastic rings connect them.

FOI Paper hang tags DSC0171

2.1 Paper hang tags

Material: Coated Paper
Color: Orange base with white logo printed on both sides;
Size: 4.5*12cm;
Thickness: 3mm;
Other: Matte film;

2.2 FOI PVC hang tags

Material: PVC;
Color: Transparent base with the raised orange logo;
Size: 4.5*12cm;
Thickness: 2mm;
Other: Matte film;

FOI PVC hang tags DSC0168

FRETT cotton hang tag is a natural cotton hang tag for knitwear clothes.

Color: natural background with black logo font.
Technics: single-side printing.
Other: With vintage eyelet.

PEEKBOSS hang tags for hats is a laser cut hang tags with multiple colors. Also, it has a special shape and good design. Then, the overall color matching is very comfortable.

Material: coated paper covered with matte film.
Color: Front with white background, printed in multiple colors; back with white background, printed in black fonts.
Size: 14.7X13.3cm, 1.9mm thick.
Others: Cutouts as design.

PEEKBOSS hang tags DSC0890

Below hang tags include 2 hang tags. That is, coated paper hangtags and tracing paper hangtags. Then comes with beige cotton tag ropes and bronze vintage safety pins. And the hang tags have a round corner design.

Januarydecember hang tags DSC0262

Material: 1mm thick textured coated paper + 135g tracing paper.
Size: 6×9.5cm.
Color: Paper hang tags are white with a brown (7631C)raised logo. The tracing paper tag’s logo is cool gray 7C. They are hanging with beige 1mm thick cotton rope and copper pins.

The paper envelope can be used for spare buttons, woven labels, and other small accessories for clothing. In addition to custom hang tags, many customers also custom bag envelopes.

Material: 157g coated paper.
Color: Multicolor with double-sided printing and glossy UV rose gold logo.
Size: 8x12cm.
Craft: Hanging hole on top with 2.7cm flap on top.

The material of the first hang tag is a 800g white card. The second tag is made of a 300g black card. They are both 10.16×5.08cm in size. In addition, the color of the first tag is a black logo on a white background. The color of the second tag is a white logo on a black background.

The crafts of the two hang tags are also slightly different. The first hang tag has double-sided printing with punched holes. And its shape is like the picture. However, the second hang tag is printed on one side with punched holes. Finally, the two hang tags are strung together with a black grosgrain ribbon cord.

This customer not only customized the dark gray hang tag but customized the matching clothing paper bags. If a fashion brand launches new clothing, it is best to choose matching accessories of the same color. This makes the brand more connotative and impressive.


THERAPY SESSION hang tags use 2mm thick special paper. And its size is 6X10cm. The hang tags have a light grey base and a dark grey logo. The crafts adopt a double-sided logo. And the logo is debossed after printing. This looks more textured and has a 3D effect. Meanwhile, we manufacture the tags with high-quality 2mm dark grey wax cord and gun color gourd pin.

The Savonches hang tags use 450g coated paper with matte film on both sides. In addition, its front uses a textured black base with printed hot-stamped white & gold logos. And its black and hot-stamped gold lettering on the reverse underside.
The size is 5.1*10.2cm(2*4 inches).

In conclusion

Some people may think that as long as the design is beautiful and the materials are the best, customers will be satisfied and buy the product. Actually, it’s not just that. Clothing tag design can not only care about material and size. Even a simple design can grab a client’s attention as long as the logo is attractive and the colors work well together. Design is unique.

The above 10 clothing hang tag examples and ideas are here for your reference. Hope it helps with your brand hang tag design. Acctrims is a custom brand hang tag maker and wholesaler. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Wish you a happy life!

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