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Custom metal aglets for shoelaces and hoodies

Metal aglets are metal tubes, or tips that fixed tightly on each end of shoelaces and hoodies, supply custom metal shoelace aglets with engraved/printed logos. We can also call them metal stop ends or metal shoelace tips/end, cord endings, or end stoppers. We supply custom gold aglets, silver aglets, plastic aglets, and brass/alloy/copper aglets for shoelace end caps, and hoodie string. Besides, metal aglets have two main uses, that is decorative use and functional use. Many fashion brands prefer custom logos on the surface, which can promote brand image. The logo can be 2D digitally printed or 3D embossed or engraved. In addition, we mainly manufacture and wholesale zinc alloy and brass aglets.

They are ideal for shoelaces, hoodie ropes, hat ropes, luggage ropes, clothing ropes, trouser ropes, DIY, lanyards, handicrafts, boot, etc. And they are eco-friendly, nickel & lead-free! So, they fit all clothing, shoes, bags, etc. that have strings or end caps.


Details of Custom Metal Aglets

Materials:Zinc alloy, brass, copper, stainless steel; plastic ABS, resin;
Styles:Round, Triangular, Square, Flat Bottom, Bullet shape, Thread, U Shape, etc;
Color:Customized according to customers’ needs.
LOGO process:Stamping embossed characters, silk screen printing, laser, etc.
Process:Electroplating, stamping, oiling, laser-engraving, spraying, painting, baking, screen printing, pad printing, glue dropping; customized to your needs)
Surface treatment:Electroplating, painting
Size (mm):customized according to customers’ needs.
Applications:Shoelaces, hoodie ropes, hat ropes, luggage ropes, waist ropes, lanyards, handicrafts, packaging boxes, tag ropes, coats, sweaters, casual or sports trousers, jewelry, mobile phone accessories, key chains, earrings ornaments, headbands, straps
Customization:Logo, length, diameter, thickness, color, size, etc.
MOQ(minimum quantity):100pcs

Types of custom metal aglets

Hexagonal Alloy aglets

This is a high-end Zinc alloy aglet with a hexagonal shape. When installing, you need to use matching screws and a screwdriver.

How to install the aglet?

First, you need to thread the shoelaces into the metal head. Then, insert the screws on the side to fix it. Then firmly clip the main shoelaces or hat straps.

Flat-head alloy aglets

Flat-head alloy aglets with painted matt black and polished embryo color. Of course, you can customize brass aglets, gold /silver aglets, rose gold aglets, etc.

  • Material: zinc alloy.
  • Color: matte black, matte finish.
  • Size: 4x25mm, inner diameter 3mm.
  • Process: polished embryo, embossed brand logo.
Metal aglets_DSC0596
aglets DSC_0062

Bullet aglets

The stamped bullet head aglet has a glossy silver color with a size of 5X20mm. And this kind of aglet is suitable for shoelaces, hoodies, clothing rope heads, sneakers, DIY, waist rope, etc.

The stamped metal aglet is durable and secure, enhancing the durability of the shoelaces. At the same time, its length, width, thickness, and color can all be customized. And you can add engraved brand logos on it.

Brand-new projects for custom aglets


Cylindrical alloy aglets

This Cylindrical metal aglets are exquisitely crafted and electroplated. It is made of high-quality zinc alloy material. Its surface is shiny and smooth, with a bright silver color. Engraved letters and number logos make the aglet more branding feel.

  • Material: durable zinc alloy
  • Size: 24.84mm*7mm
  • Color: Silver
  • Technics: logo engraved and filled with black
gold metal aglets

Gold-plated aglets

  • Shape: semi-cylindrical
  • Size: 25x5mm;
  • Material: Zinc alloy;
  • Color: gold color with the engraved logo;
  • Technics: hollow, logo is engraved on one side;
  • Aglet typemetal Zinc Alloy aglets
  • Size: 25x5mm
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Color: Silver aglets, black rope
  • Technics: fixed aglets at both ends;

Iron aglets

This shoelace head is made of high-quality iron. Its color is green and antique, retro and simple. The front part of the head is pointed and has a sense of design.

  • Material: iron.
  • Color: anti-brass;
  • Size: 24mm long;
custom aglets-cord ending

Metal aglets

  • Aglet type: metal aglets;
  • Shape: Cylindrical;
  • Size: 5mm diameter, 18.7mm length;
  • Material: Zinc alloy;
  • Color: bright silver color with the black painted logo;

Stock type aglets

  • Aglet type: metal aglets for shoelace head;
  • Shape: semi-cylindrical
  • Size: 23x4mm;
  • Material: Copper;
  • Color: black gun-metal;
  • Technics: no logo, two teeth type; the style is the same as the right picture;
Plastic aglet DSC_0172

Plastic tip aglets

  • Label type: Plastic aglets;
  • Size: 20.44X5.27mm, 3.5mm hole;
  • Color: Red, white, black, blue, grey;
  • Technics: no logo;

Silicone aglets

silicone aglets

Silicone aglets are small plastic or rubber tips at the ends of shoelaces or hoodies. They help the laces through the eyelets of shoes easily. Silicone aglets have a wide range of sizes and colors. They can be cylindrical, tapered, or even decorative designs. So, you can customize your own personalized aglets with your logos to promote your brand.

We supply and wholesale custom Silicone aglets/cord ends for clothing with logos. Your logo can be 3D embossed or debossed. If you need eco-friendly and soft materials, then, silicone is the perfect choice.

Other accessories for metal aglets

We provide a one-stop service to our customers. At Acctrims, in addition to metal aglets, you can also customize shoelaces and cellulose acetate film. Any color and size, brand logo are available.

Moreover, you can customize half-round shoelaces, wax rope/cotton shoelaces, flat shoelaces, elastic shoelaces, etc.

The picture on the right is two teeth metal cord ending with automatic mould.

metal aglets a_DSC0013

Shoelace cellulose acetate film-Plastic Foil for shoelace tipping

Shoelace cellulose acetate film
  • Item: Plastic Foil in 3cm width ( for shoelace tipping )
  • Description: eco-friendly transparent roll;

Shoelace cellulose acetate film is used together with shoelaces and shoelace tips. It uses cellulose diacetate (CA2) as raw material, which is firm and durable. In general, its width is 0. 6 cm-8 cm. Cellulose acetate film is normally transparent white. But, you can customize other colors to your needs.

Cellulose acetate film has many uses. It can be used on the end of shoelaces to fasten the lace cords. This makes it easier to thread the cord through the eyelets. Moreover, it can be used on the handle of paper bags or handbags.

Why choose our metal aglets?

They are made of zinc alloy and brass which are durable and high quality.
It keeps the ends of the laces from fraying.
You can customize all kinds of shoelace aglets with the brand’s logo.
We supply a one-stop purchasing service. So, you can customize any accessories related to your products.
Our shoelace tips have high color fastness and pass the wash resistance test. And it can solve the problem of product fading and paint falling.
Clear logo printing and engraving can enhance brand image.
Each shoelace requires a plastic or metal custom aglet or Tip.
We can not only install it on shoelaces. You can also use it on sweatpants, drawstrings, belts, hoodies, trinkets, DIY, etc.
NO MOQ(minimum quantity)! Any quantity is okay.
Any Pantone color is available. And we offer free design if you have no art files.

And where to buy aglets?

In general, apparel accessories companies and textile companies produce and sell aglets. And in addition to metal aglets, they also make plastic aglets. Second, factories or companies that produce shoelaces, cord buckles, and metal accessories/hardware also manufacture aglets.

But many companies only specialize in one product or one type of product. They can not supply all kinds of related products. However, Acctrims is different. We supply customers with one-stop shopping conditions. With us, you can even customize any garment trims and accessories.


FAQs about custom aglets

1, What is a shoelace metal aglets made of?

-Shoelace metal aglets are mainly made of Zinc Alloy, copper, and brass.

2, Do I have to customize aglets? Can you give me some suggestions?

-Custom aglets with logos are good for product promotions. However, if you are a start-up brand with limited funds, you can use plastic aglets instead of metal aglets. And, instead of custom logos, you can only customize size and color. This saves costs. But, if you are a mature brand company, customizing a personalized alloy aglet with a logo is undoubtedly the best choice. This will help your brand awareness a lot.

3, What’s the price to customize an aglet for my shoe brand?

-The price depends on your custom size, color, logo, technics, and quantity. So, you can send us your design art file, we make a free quote for you.

4,  What is the bulk production time and shipping time?

-Bulk goods are about 10 to 20 days. Shipping time is 3-6 business days by express.

5, What profile is needed when production?

-Pls send us vector logo files, like PDF, AI, ESP, CDR, or original files from PSD. If you have no art file, we offer free design for you.

6, Can we get free samples?

-Yes, you can. Our samples are free, you just need to pay the shipping cost.

7, What is the order process to customize a metal aglet for my hoody brands?

-First, we need to tell us the logo file, size, color, material, quantity, technics, etc. Then our product expert will give you the price and invoice. Then, after you pay, we will make a free design draft for you. After you confirm the design, we can arrange the bulk production. We offer worldwide shipping. 

Custom metal aglets gallery

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Our Aglets Experts will guide you through every step of the custom process.

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  1. I am looking to have some custom anglets produced for a couple pairs of shoes that I have I don’t need anything bulk I just have a couple pairs of shoes that I’d like to have done for like lace tips/anglets and I’m having a hard time finding anywhere if you can please get back to me I would appreciate it I am ready to try and get an order put in so I can get them as soon as possible whether it be just a simple logo or whatever I am really trying to get these done

    1. Dear James,

      This is Kylan ( from, thanks for your inquiry.

      About custom angles, we have different types, the attached pictures in my email sent to you just now are two different types, can you tell me which one you need?
      And the logo is engraved.

      Please tell me the size, color, and quantity you need, so that he can calculate the price for you, then we can start.
      We can accept small quantity orders, it is no problem.

      Looking forward to your reply.

      Best regards
      Kylan Rao
      Pinli Limited

  2. We are a highly funded startup fitness brand, we are looking for a company to supply our drawcords, Aglets, and possibly our heat stamped logos.

    We are hoping to have a silicone aglet if possible. Is that something you can do?

    1. Dear Bronson,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      My colleague Kylan ( had contacted you, please check it.
      We can customize the silicone aglets you mentioned, please check the attached picture that he sent to you, is this style ok for you?

      Thank you and look forward to your reply.

      Best regards
      Pinli Limited

  3. Hi there. Making hoodies for my barber shop and was curious if u could make them barber poles. Thank you Mike

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