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Thick Hang Tags: durable & high-end Solution for clothing brands

Supply thick hang tags with 1-3mm thickness and use paper materials as white/black card, recycled card, double coated paper, kraft paper, special paper. Custom thick hang tags with logos range in weight from 200gsm to 500gsm. Thick hang tags are more luxurious, stronger, and more durable than thinner hang tags. Also, they are less prone to bending and not easy to be damaged. We can make embossed logos and debossed logos with 3D effect on the surface of the thick tag. Besides, you can add hot-stamped gold/silver logo/patterns, foiled and UV logos.

If you want a more elegant and heavy hanging tag, then choose Thick Hang Tag. If you choose eye-catching swing tags for scented suits, windbreakers, coats, and jackets, then the thick tag is undoubtedly an ideal choice! At the same time, it also provides more opportunities for creative design and marketing. Because the unbendable thick hang tag looks more textured and noble. They are of great quality and will provide your customers with a unique tactile experience. A unique and high-end thick hangtag is even more impressive. The power of thick hang tags for branding and awareness is big!

Acctrims is a professional personalized hang tags supplier, maker & wholesaler. Here, you can order any size, color, thickness, shape, etc. We supply worldwide shipping at an affordable price!

The paper thickness of thick hang tags

The thicker the tag, the better the quality. Because the appropriate thickness of the hang tag can also prolong the service life of the tag. At the same time, it also reflects your brand positioning. High-end or close to the people? You can see it from a thick hang tag. But it’s not that the thicker the better. Because we mount the hang tag together with several sheets of paper. Then, we will use glue to fix them.

Therefore, it is not recommended to choose an ultra-thick hang tag. 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm paper thicknesses are most appropriate.

Likewise, the thickness of the hang tag also depends on the material, size, and application.

PU leather:1.2mm-1.4mm
Real leather:2mm
Microfiber leather:1.2mm
Zinc alloy:1.2-2mm

Thick hang tag Materials

Hang tags have many materials to choose from. Paper, leather, PVC, metal, canvas, lace fabric, etc. Paper or cardstock hang tags are more suitable for apparel. Plastic or metal hangtags may be ideal for durable daily goods.

Then, paper hang tags materials include: coated paper, white card paper, black card paper, kraft paper, special paper, recycled paper, or tracing paper.

The conventional thickness of the coated paper is 250g, 300g, 350g, 400g, 700g. If it is higher than the normal thickness, such as 700g, the factory will use two pieces of 350g paper to mount it into 700g.

One side smooth is single-coated paper. While double-sided smooth is called double-coated paper. In general, we mostly use double-coated paper.

The natural color of coated paper is slightly beige. Because its paper surface is smooth with good gloss. Therefore, the color of the printed logo or pattern is rich and bright. And the picture has a certain 3D effect. But, the stiffness of paper is not as good as that of white card paper.

In order to protect the logo or printing on the surface, we usually cover the surface with matte film, glossy film, or varnish.


If you want a 100% recyclable coated paper hang tag, then we do not recommend you add film, just varnish it.

The texture and feel of black card paper are similar to white card paper. They are fine, strong, and thick paper. At the same time, they have good folding strength, so they are very suitable as thick hang tags.

If you want a black hang tag, you can choose a black card paper hang tag or a full-printing black coated paper. Since the black cards themselves are black, they are also black when viewed from the side. But, if it is coated paper with a full-printed black color, then its sides are white.


Full-printed black coated paper hang tag (side is white)

hang tag with string_DSC0364

Black card paper hang tag (its side is black)

The most suitable processes on the black card paper hang tags are: hot stamped gold/silver/rose gold and UV.


Hot-stamped rose gold



White card paper is as strong and thick as black card paper. It has good folding resistance and a smooth surface. However, its surface is not as smooth as coated paper.

White card paper is stiffer and thicker. Its surface looks a little rougher than coated paper. But from a distance, it looks like coated paper.

b _DSC1987

Kraft paper includes brown kraft paper and white kraft paper. The kraft paper has high tear strength. Therefore, they are ideal for use on thick hang tags, shopping bags, and envelopes, etc.

Kraft paper hang tags are suitable for single-color or two-color printing and uncomplicated color designs.

The processes on the kraft paper hang tags include: offset printing, screen printing, UV, embossing, debossing, hot stamping, local lasering, etc;

When we use tracing paper to make hang tags, we often add a paper hang tag with them to make a complete set. Its material is relatively thin and has a translucent frosted appearance.

The normal grammage of tracing paper is 135g, 180g. So, it’s not suitable for making thick hang tags. But, the paper hang tags integrated with it can be made thick.


The special paper itself has certain colors or textures. These textures and colors cannot be achieved through subsequent processes. And the special paper hang tag looks very unique and textured. If you want to customize special paper thick hang tags, please browse the button below for more options.

Why choose thick hang tags? Why do many clothing brands particularly favor thick hang tags?

Maybe thickness is not the only factor that determines its quality or durability. The materials used, printing and finishing techniques, color, and design can also affect its overall appearance. But, the thickness of hang tag is important for branding and marketing.

Thick hang tags can give customers a more luxurious or high-end feel. It can help enhance the brand image. Meanwhile, it creates a high-quality impression in the minds of customers.

The thick swing tag is more durable than thin hangtags. It can communicate important information or instructions to customers more effectively. Because it is less likely to tear or bend.

On the surface of the thick tag, we can use various processes more easily. Such as raised logos, debossed logos, screen printing, hot-stamping, die-cutting, UV, etc. This helps you create more personalized and eye-catching labels that make your products stand out.

Thick hang tags can also be a beneficial marketing tool for apparel brands. You can print websites, social media icons, phones, logos, company names, coupons, QR codes, etc on tag surface. The information is good for brand marketing.


–You can also customize our hang tag string to match your hang tags. And they are very cheap. The hang tag ropes’ material includes: cotton rope, polyester rope, nylon rope, wax rope, jute rope, hemp rope, gold wire rope, elastic ribbons, satin ribbons, grosgrain ribbons, etc. Any tag ropes are available. If you want no logo ropes, it’s also okay for you.

–The button price depends on your custom size, color, technics, and quantity. So, you can send us your design art file, we make a free design for you.

–Bulk goods are about 10 to 20 days. Shipping time is 3-6 business days by express.

–Pls, send us vector logo files, like PDF, AI, ESP, CDR, or original files from PSD. If you have no art file, we offer free design for you.

–Yes, you can. Our samples are free, you just need to pay the shipping cost.

  • Send us your artwork in CDR, ESP, AI, or PDF format;
  • Tell us the size, color, material, quantity you need, and other requests;
  • Our product expert will give you the price and invoice, and you pay;
  • You confirm the design;
  • We arrange bulk production and Shipping;

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