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Custom hangers with logos for clothing

Design personalized custom hangers with printed/engraved logos for clothing brands, like wooden, ABS, plastic PVC, metal, fabric wrapped, or velvet hangers. Unique custom hangers are suitable for T-shirts, suits, pants, socks, shirts, jeans, skirts, coats, etc. This will further enrich your brand image and save your storage space. Then, we make other types of hangers. Such as vertical and heavy-duty hangers, non-slip hangers, high-grade velvet hangers, trousers hangers, wide shoulders or wedding hangers, etc.

Custom hangers of any color or size are available. Then, you can engrave 3D embossed logos or company names on it. Using custom hangers can make your products cleaner and more stylish. Many customers are willing to order custom hangers with logos to enhance their brand appeal. Also, as a manufacturer and wholesaler of hangers, we provide worldwide shipping.

Custom Hangers’ Details

  • Material: natural wood, Lotus wood, plastic(ABS, PVC, acrylic), fabrics, metal, velvet, etc;
  • Features: clips, non-clips, space-saving, heavy-duty, slim, oversized, adjustable, eco-friendly, etc;
  • Color: gold, silver, black, white, grey, tan, brown, pink, customized color, etc;
  • Size: custom hanger size;
  • Hanger type: top or bottom, kids, socks hanger, door hangers, regular hangers, pants hangers, slim hangers, etc;
  • MOQ: Stock hangers are no MOQ; Flock velvet hangers are 30 pcs; Wooden hangers are 500 pcs; Plastic hangers are 3000 pcs;

Custom Wood, Plastic, Stainless Steel Hangers, which one is better?

The material of custom hangers mainly are wood, plastic, stainless steel, etc. In the process of use, it is recommended to choose plastic hangers. That is beautiful, light, corrosion-resistant, and cheap. Usually, choose PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or ABS material. But for sturdiness, you can consider stainless steel or aluminum alloys. If you want to be cheaper, it is recommended to choose wooden hangers. This type of personalized wooden hanger is eco-friendly.

For children’s clothing, shirts, underwear brands, or other small clothing, we recommend you choose plastic hangers. Because it is thin and durable. Then, the overall texture is more in line.

For heavier men’s and women’s suits, coats, trench coats, trousers, and other clothing brands, we recommend you choose custom wooden hangers. Because wooden hangers are not only textured but thick and durable. If you add a shining gold or silver logo, there will be a 3D effect. So, that will look more upscale and enhances the brand image.

For some other clothing brands, such as down jackets, sportswear, and so on. You can choose stainless steel hangers. If you choose a wooden or plastic hanger, the surface of the hanger can be flocked. And also, the color of the flocking can be customized. It will be more upscale and luxurious.

custom hangers_DSC0007

5 Types of Custom Hangers

1. Custom wooden hangers

Wooden hangers are ideal for suits and high-end clothing. Then, we can also match metal hooks and plastic accessories. Because the shape of the wooden hanger can be changed at will. Moreover, the shoulders of the wooden hanger can be made thicker to support the suit shoulders. Both sides are also bent forward. Because wooden hangers are absorbent. It absorbs moisture, dust, and humidity from wool suits.

Compared with traditional metal hangers or plastic hangers, wooden hangers have a more beautiful appearance and good texture. Thus,
it can improve product quality and brand image. Also, it can meet consumers’ high-end demand for products.

Wooden hangers are ideal for men’s and women’s suits, trousers, jacket, T-shirts, wool sweaters, large and medium jackets, casual clothing, hotel hangers, etc. Meanwhile, they have various materials. Such as oak, beech, lotus, rubber wood, ash, black walnut, birch, basswood, pine, maple, etc.


2. Custom plastic hangers

Custom plastic hangers mainly use ABS, acrylic, PP, PS, KR, etc. as raw materials. However, we can also add metal hooks, metal bends for hanging pants, steel buckles, etc. Besides, a flocked hanger is a type of plastic hanger.

Custom plastic hangers have many advantages. First, it is simple to process and cheap. And it is the most common in daily life. Second, its lightweight material makes it easy to handle. Third, the customized plastic hangers have various colors, which can meet the individual needs of consumers.

The shapes of plastic hangers include two categories. One type has a flat and long frame. Its shape is light and thin. Therefore, it is more suitable for supporting lightweight clothing. The other type is a wider and shorter frame. The two-shoulder frame has a large slope and a thicker width. Therefore, it is more suitable for hanging heavier clothes.


3. Custom metal hangers

The main material of custom metal hangers is metal. It has a high-end appearance and a good commercial effect. The texture of the metal hangers is also good. And we can also add some plastic parts. Even in the outer layer, we can add plastic.

In addition, metal hangers are sturdy and durable. Except for iron, because it is easy to rust. Stainless steel material is more durable and has a long service life. However, it is not easy to hang some silk clothes with suspenders. So, it is best to add hooks at both ends. Certain metal raw materials can also be recycled.

metal hangers
metal hangers 01

4. Flocked clothes hangers

Flocked clothes hangers are velvet hangers made of ABS, eco-friendly fluff, wood, plastic. They are non-slip and high-end. Also, you can add a shining gold or silver 3D logo to it. That will make your clothes look more high-end and luxurious.

Flocked clothes hangers have many advantages. First, it has a smooth surface and feels comfortable in the hand. And it has good flexibility and is resistant to bending. The outer nobility of the fluff and the colorful colors are fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. Second, the hanger is light and easy to carry, place and store. Third, it has good toughness and is not easy to break. Most importantly, it is non-slip. Even hanging silk clothes will be okay.


5. Acrylic hangers

The acrylic hanger is made of crystal clear acrylic with hooks and clips. The 3D arc has no bumps. So, it fits the shoulder structure of the clothes and is pleasing to the eye. Its transparent material is an eco-friendly plastic polymer. Besides, they are durable, highly transparent, and waterproof. Hence, it provides a luxurious and stylish look to the clothing. Also, these hangers do not have any sharp edges or burrs. As such, they are perfect for retail outerwear, shirts, women’s and men’s nightgowns, family gatherings, weddings, etc.

Then, the clear acrylic hanger with a non-slip notch is perfect to display women’s suspenders, underwear, shirts, dresses, etc. In addition, the trouser hangers can choose high-quality metal clips. So, it does not leave marks and creases on the shoulders. Also, they are suitable for luxurious outfits. As an acrylic hanger supplier, we wholesale hangers and support special customization. Any color or size is available for you to choose from.



– Production time: 7-12 business days. Shipping time: 3-6 days by express.

– Please send your artwork in CDR, ESP, AI, or PDF format.

– Yes, the samples are free, you just need to pay the shipping cost.

–First, we need to discuss basic information with each other. Such as size, color, material, quantity, technics, etc. Then our product expert will give you the price and invoice. Second, you can pay. After you pay, we will make the design for you. After you confirm the design, we can arrange the production.

– Methods of adding logos to wooden hangers include transfer printing, laser engraving, and adding alloy brand logos. First drill holes in the hanger, apply glue and then attach the alloy plate to the hanger.

– The normal width of women’s hangers is 38-40cm. However, men’s hangers are usually 44.5 cm wide.

– For small batch orders, we recommend you install the hooks on own. That will save box space and shipping cost.

–Hanger hook holes are usually square holes. It is best to drill round holes before installation. This will be easy to install the hooks.

–There are different kinds of coats and dress hangers. You can choose flocked hangers or wooden hangers. And the widely used dress hanger size is 39cm.

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