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Wholesale custom chenille patches

Make and wholesale custom chenille patches for any letter or logo shape, design your own personalized chenille patches for garments, hats, etc. The custom chenille patch is an embroidered patch with warm fluffy fleece. It looks like a towel and can be made in any shape, size, color. Then, they are mainly used for beautifying the surface of textiles. Such as clothing, letterman jackets, toys, shoes, hats, bags, headwear, etc. The chenille patches can be ironed, sewn, or fastened with Velcro to the surface of garments.

The effect of chenille patches is like sticking a piece of terry cloth. It feels soft and flat to the touch. And the colors are rich.

When embroidering, the ordinary embroidery thread is hooked up from the bottom of the machine through the special towel head. Winding one coil after another can bring out the towel effect. So it has become very popular in recent years.

Wide Use:

Clothing, shoes & hats, toys, socks, towels, home textiles, luggage, wedding dresses, mobile phone shells, keychains, cultural peripherals, etc;

Custom chenille patches details

  1. Backing options: hot melt adhesive, 3M glue, Velcro, backing paper, fabric, composite badge, round metal buckle, hairpin, elastic band, etc;
  2. Edge types: laser edge trimming, seaming/covering edge, embroidery edge, die cutting, hand cut, etc;
  3. Base fabrics: twill fabric, cotton twill, felt, cotton, polyester canvas, flocking cloth, etc.
  4. Yarn: metal gold/silver thread, ordinary yarn, color yarn, chenille yarn, etc.
  5. Crafts: embroidery, iron-on, woven, sewing, lasering, etc;
  6. Shape: round, square, special shape, letter shape, custom shape;
  7. Size/color/shape: as per customer’s request;
  8. MOQ: 100pcs.
Custom chenille patches DSC3285
Custom chenille patches_DSC3286

Different backings

  1. Self-adhesive. Just peel off the film on the surface and stick it directly to clothing or hats.
  2. 3M adhesive. Peel off the 3M plastic film on the surface and stick it directly to your products.
  3. Velcro backing. The back is fastened to the clothes with Hook and loop(Velcro). We can easily remove and fix it. New chenille patches can also be replaced at any time.
  4. Hot-melt glue. Fix the patch in the desired position on the garment. Then, use a pressing machine or iron to heat it until the adhesive is melted with the clothing fabric. Adhesive-backed chenille patches are not easy to fall off under washing or normal washing. If it falls off after repeated washing, please reattach the adhesive. Then, press again to combine.
  5. Back paper & No backing. Use for needle and hand sewing.
  6. Pins (safety pin/butterfly pins). We just need to pin the patches to the garments. We can replace it at any time.


3M adhesive

Velcro(hook & loop)

Hot melt glue

No backing


Customized base fabric material

Want to make your own cheap or luxury chenille patches? Please choose the following different base materials. Because they are indispensable. The most common background materials are felt, twill fabric, etc. At the same time, you can add various unique elements to the surface. Such as fake beaded diamonds.


Twill fabric

Satin cloth

Cotton cloth

Polyester/canvas cloth


Border types

Overlock edges fit regular shapes. Cut edges fit irregular shapes.

Laser cut edge

Laser cutting

Overlocked edge

Overlocked edge

Embroidered edge DSC2940

Embroidered edge

About custom chenille patches

  • Any color can be customized;
  • Any size can be customized;
  • Optional overlock or laser cut edges for you;
  • Customized content: any brand logo, company name, patterns, letter shape, etc.
  • The back technology has Velcro, hot melt adhesive, paper sewing, etc.;
  • The common bottom material is felt cloth, twill cloth, etc.;
  • For customization, you can choose felt cloth, or twill cloth. Take it back and paste it directly with hot melt adhesive. You need to iron or press the machine to control the temperature at about 150 degrees. The time is about 15 seconds. It depends on the product you use.

Why choose custom chenille patches?

  1. The pattern is clear, the embroidery grains are full and shiny, and the lines are tight.
  2. The design is realistic and the color is bright.
  3. Smooth edges without burrs. Neat and natural cutting.
  4. The material is eco-friendly, and the detection is worry-free.

How to iron custom chenille patches?

First, put the patch in the position you want to stick it. The side with hot melt glue is attached to the clothes (the glue cannot be torn off). Second, preheat the iron and iron from the front of the patch for 10-20 seconds. Third, make the patch in place. You can also use a needle and thread to fix its position before ironing to avoid it shifting.

Turn the patch in place with the clothing (or other textiles) in place. Then, iron from the back side for 30-60 seconds. Then, make sure the adhesive melts and the patch is securely attached to the garment (or other textiles).

Finally, iron from the front for 1-2 minutes. It aims to iron the edges and corners of the cloth patch. Make sure the surface is flat and smooth and blends perfectly with the clothes (or other textiles).



Chenille patches with sequins, beads, rhinestones, silk flowers, hairballs, and cloth patches embroidered with metal threads. We should iron them from the reverse side first. After they are firmly fixed, trim the corners from the front side to avoid damage to the front side of sequins or other accessories.

Clothes should be dry.

If the patch is off after a period of time, or after washing. It means that the iron temperature is too low during ironing. Or the ironing time is too short. You can repeat the original operation and iron them again.

Custom chenille patches maker and wholesaler

As a chenille patch maker, we can make them into letters, names, or any other shape. And we have no MOQ here. In addition, we also produce and supply other patches of different types. Such as woven patches & badges, embroidered patches, PVC and leather patches, etc. Also, if you have a logo art file, please send it to us and tell us the size, color, quantity, etc. If not, you can get a free design.

Custom chenille patches samples

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Design the chenille patches for your brand | Acctrims

Our Patch Experts will guide you through every step of the custom process.

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