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Custom care labels, wash content labels manufacturers for clothing

Wholesale custom care labels, wash content labels manufacturers for clothing brands, materials like satin, 100 cotton, silk, linen, polyester, nylon, wool, etc. There are also other materials such as TPU, nonwoven fabric, DuPont paper, hand tear tape, etc. The wash care labels are generally placed on the back collar of the garment, fabrics or quilts. Or place it under or beside the main label on the back waist, or at the side seam. It will mark the fabric composition of the clothes and the correct washing method to guide the user to properly wash and maintain the clothes. So, for apparel brands or factories, wash care labels for garments, and shirts are essential.

We are the maker and wholesaler of sustainable laundry care labels & tags with worldwide shipping. The materials can be recycled, and eco-friendly for garments. If you need any customized clothing labels, any size and color are available. Please send us your logo design files if you have them. We offer free design if you have no ideas about it. MOQ(the minimum quantity) is 100 pcs.

Materials for custom care labels with logos in garments

b _DSC0237
White background with black text and two color logos(black & red)
  • Synthetic ribbon: The surface of the synthetic belt is matte. The feeling of touch is like paper and not easy to tear. It looks like A4 paper with clear printing and an affordable price. Moreover, it is washable, bright in color, and can be printed in multiple colors.
  • White satin ribbon: It is smooth and has luster and toughness. The material is selved on both sides. It can be double-sided or multi-color printing. Also, we call it silk ribbon. The material is shiny like silk, usually black and white.
  • White selvage ribbon: There is a visible selvage on the edge. Then, it’s soft to the touch without piercing the skin. But, it is thicker than a normal ribbon.
  • Black silk ribbon: It is smooth and flexible.
  • Cotton ribbon: it is delicate and smooth, and feels comfortable.
  • Polyester ribbon: it’s not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, and quick to dry.
  • TPU: Not easy to deform, washable, non-sticky frosting effect, soft to the touch. For more materials such as blended tape, polyester tape, hot melt tape, hand tear tape, pearl tape, etc.
care labels_DSC0173

Care label printing

Printed care labels have a wide range of applications. Various product information can be printed or woven. Such as the brand logo, style number, size, websites, social links, product ingredients, washing symbols, washing precautions, manufacturer, etc.

custom care labels _DSC1846

Post-process processing

Post-process processing: roll packaging, hot cutting, ultra-cutting, laser, seaming, back glue, back stickers, etc. Send us clear cdr, ai, or jpg artwork. If you have high color requests, please provide a Pantone color number or sample. If there is no real sample, please see our photo album.

What’s the detail of custom care labels printing?

cotton care labels DSC0780
  • Application: clothing, home textile, luggage, hats, plush toys, car interiors, home accessories, scarves, handbags, etc.
  • Care label machine: 1. Rotary printing machine; 2. Silk screen printing machine; 3. Self-adhesive printing machine.
  • Features: waterproof, tear-resistant, durable, and not easy to fade.
  • Material: Synthetic belt, satin belt, cotton belt, nylon belt, selvage belt, borderless ribbon.
  • Special materials: polyester-cotton tape, pearlescent tape, Dupont paper, hand-tear tape, non-woven fabric, TPU, etc.

Types of custom care labels for clothing & handmade items

satin care labels_DSC0740

Satin care labels

The surface is slippery, and the words are generally hit on the slippery side. We can print brand info on both sides.

Cotton care label_DSC0967

Cotton care labels

100% cotton care label is eco-friendly. And it is sweat-wicking and breathable, making it ideal for use in children’s clothing.

nylon care label_DSC2472

Nylon care label

Nylon care label is economical and cost-effective. This label is suitable for workwear, sportswear, etc.

Linen care label_DSC6647

Linen care label

A linen care label is a wash label made of linen. We can print logos and other content on it. But the clarity is not as good as the satin care label.

TPU care label_DSC7997

TPU care labels

TPU care label is a transparent wash water label. So, It is perfect for swimwear, underwear, outdoor sportswear, etc.

Woven care labels_DSC2167

Woven care labels

Woven care labels are woven. It has three categories: damask, salvage(satin), and crochet woven care labels. It looks more upscale.

Custom care labels’ size and specifications

The common specifications of custom care labels in the clothing industry are 40mm*200m, 30mm*200m, 35mm*200m, etc. (The specification is a roll, we need to cut it according to the size of use). The specifications are generally 3X9, 3X10, 3.5X11, and 4X11CM folded in half. There are also single-piece 3.5X6cm, 4X6.5cm, etc. At the same time, the textile care labels are not just simple logos. While using it, we need to ensure the beauty of the clothing. Here, we will specifically tell you the specifications of the brand wash labels for different clothing products.

Some common sizes are as follows:

  • 1 x 2 inches (2.54 x 5.08 cm);
  • 2 x 2 inches (5.08 x 5.08 cm);
  • 1.5 x 2.5 inches (3.81 x 6.35 cm);
  • 2 x 3 inches (5.08 x 7.62 cm);
care labels_DSC1274

Shirt/trousers care labels logo

– Size range: width 10mm to 25mm, length 50mm to 70mm, commonly used size is 30mm*70mm.

care labels_DSC2524

Windbreaker, jacket, down

– Size range: width 40mm to 50mm, length 60mm to 80mm, commonly used size is 40mm*80mm.

Except care wash labels, we also supply other types of garment labels:

Gallery of custom care labels

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