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Custom real faux PU leather zipper pulls for clothing, jackets, backpacks, boots, purses, DIY, with embossed, engraved, foiled, or printed logos. Adding an embossed or engraved logo can achieve a 3d effect. Except for leather, we also supply PVC rubber zipper pulls, metal zipper pulls, and woven fabric zipper pulls. As long as you can think of it, we can customize it for you!

Leather zipper pulls include 3 types of pull tabs. Such as single pull, double pull, and rope pull. A single pull tab is the most common type in zipper pullers. It consists of a single leather puller attached to a zipper slider. The double pull piece has two pull tabs. We can open them from either side. So, it’s perfect for bags and backpacks. A drawstring is a lighter and cheaper option. It consists of a leather tag attached to a string. All you have to do is pull the cord, and you can unzip the zipper.

Custom leather zipper pullers have wide use in daily life. They are ideal trims for clothing, bags, accessories, and footwear. In addition to these easy-to-use roles, we can make them a decorative pull tab.

A well-designed puller can add a sense of style and elegance to your product. In addition, they can make your brand personalized.

Product Details for Custom Leather Zipper Pulls

Materials:PU artificial leather, genuine(real) leather, microfiber leather, suede, holographic leather, etc;
Color: brown, saddle brown, camel brown, black, tan, red, white, gold, etc; Pantone color, customized color by customer needs.
Crafts:logo 3d embossing, engraving, screen printing, embroidery logo, UV foil, add chains or metal tags, etc;
Uses:clothing, jackets, sportswear, handbags, backpacks, suitcases, luggage, shoes, boots, furniture, purses/wallets, other leather products, etc.
Shape:rectangle, square, circle, heart shape, logo shape, special shape, custom shape, etc.
MOQ: 100 pieces;

The Sizes of Custom Leather Zipper Pulls


In Acctrims, the sizes of custom zipper pulls are customized according to your needs. Here are some common size options for your reference:


Custom zipper pulls often range in length from 0.5 inches to 2 inches. When customizing zipper pulls, you can choose the length according to the size and purpose of the zipper. Larger backpacks or travel bags may require longer zipper pulls. While smaller purses or totes may only require shorter zipper pulls.


The width is often between 0.25 “and 1” inches. So, if you need larger zipper pulls, you should customize a wider width. Then, your fingers can grip and pull the zipper more easily.


The thickness is often between 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch. But, you can customize them to your needs. A thinner one is suitable for light or everyday use of leather goods. Such as purses. But, a thicker zipper pull is perfect for heavier or frequently used products. Such as boots, backpacks, etc.

The color of leather zipper pulls


Leather zipper pulls have a wide range of colors such as brown, black, tan, red, etc. Of course, you can customize any color you like to match your zippers. And you can use any color or material of leather to promote your brand!

When customizing, what factors do you need to consider to help you customize the right color?

Color of leather goods:

You can check the color of the leather product attached to the pull tab. Try to choose colors that complement or contrast with product colors.

Overall aesthetics:

We should decide whether the zipper pull tabs fit the overall feel of our leather goods. Of course, you can choose the right colors that match the design of your product. Then, please make sure the color saturation is as low as possible.

Choose colors that match your brand:

If your leather zipper pulls are part of the brand, choose a color that matches the color scheme of the brand.

Consider the function of leather-pulling tabs:

If your custom zipper head needs frequent use, choose a darker color. This makes it less likely to get dirty or frayed.

The material of leather zipper pulls


Genuine leather

Genuine(real) leather is one of the materials for leather zipper pulls. Its price is more expensive than artificial leather and synthetic leather. Genuine leather zipper tabs are made from animal hides. And then, it has a unique texture. At the same time, genuine leather is strong and durable. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for zipper pull tabs. Because the pull tabs need to be used frequently or need to withstand wear.

PU artificial(faux) leather

PU leather is a kind of artificial leather. We can use it to replace genuine leather. Because PU leather is very cheap. And they are easy to maintain. Of course, PU leather is in line with animal activism. Then, PU leather feels smooth and has a bright surface. We can engrave, print, foil or add embossed logos on it. And it’s waterproof and durable. So, it is not easy to fade.

Microfiber leather

Microfiber leather is very thin synthetic or faux leather. It is made of extremely fine fibers much thinner than human hair. It’s flexible, easy to use, and very comfortable to wear. What‘s more, this type of leather is stain-resistant and won’t fade easily. Therefore, it is very suitable to make a leather zipper pull tabs. And the finished product is almost exactly the same as real leather. What’s more, Microfiber leather is more eco-friendly and affordable than traditional leather.

Brand projects of custom leather zipper pulls


Material: metal heads with genuine leather tab;

Size: 11X75mm;

Color: gunmetal color for the metal piece; leather tabs in P001051;

Technics: The metal zipper head is a spring buckle slider. And the leather is made together with the slider;

leather zipper pulls DSC3760
  • Material: Genuine leather;
  • Leather size: Width*Height: 10*25mm;
  • Thickness: normal thickness;
  • Color: black;
  • Crafts: logo engraved(press) in double side;
PU leather zipper pull tabs
  • Material: PU leather;
  • Size: 1.1*3.8cm( total length);
  • Thickness: normal thickness;
  • Color: light brown background with engraved logo;
  • Crafts: stitching;

How to customize high-end luxury leather zipper pulls for brands?

Choose high-quality leather material

The quality of leather material is very important in the luxurious appearance of the final product. So, choosing a soft, smooth, high-grade leather material will enhance the visual appeal of the zipper puller.

Make personalized shapes and designs

When you are ready to customize a zipper puller, you can create your own personalized shapes or designs. A well-designed logo or shape can set your brand apart. Meanwhile, it can make your brand unique and get more attention.

Add some decorations to its surface

Add some pretty embellishments to your leather pull tabs now! Such as metal tags and accessories, rhinestones, beads, UV-foiled or embroidered logos, etc. These little extra decorations can make your product more luxurious and eye-catching. Maybe a small detail will make a big difference.

Cooperate with experienced suppliers and manufacturers

Cooperating with a team of experienced manufacturers and wholesalers can bring your custom needs and dreams to reality. This manufacturer needs to have its own factory and team. Then, they need to be technically mature and experienced. And there must be designers who can make different design manuscripts.


1, What is the price to customize?

–The price depends on your custom size, color, technics, and quantity. Prices are not fixed. It needs our business expert to calculate according to your specific needs. You can request a free quote via online service, email, or the quote button.

2, What are the mass production time and shipping time?

–Mass production time is 15-20 days. Shipping time is 3-6 business days by express.

3, What profile is needed when production?

–Please send us your vector design files/logo files, like PDF, AI, ESP, CDR, or original files from PSD. If you have no art file, we offer free design for you.

4, What is the order process?

–First, we need to discuss basic information with each other. Such as size, color, material, quantity, technics, etc. Then our product expert will give you the price and invoice. Then, you can pay. After you pay, we will make the design for you. After you confirm the design, we can arrange the bulk production. We offer free design and worldwide shipping. 

5, Can we get free samples?

–Yes, you can. Our samples are free, you just need to pay the shipping cost.

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Custom leather zipper pulls manufacturer and supplier for brands!

Our Product Experts will guide you through every step of the custom process.

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