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Flocked coat hangers, non-slip velvet hangers

Supply high-end flocked coat hangers, non-slip velvet clothes hangers with printed or engraved brand logos. They are light and have a non-slip surface. The hangers use a velvet-like material covering on the metal or plastic hanger. And the flocked surface can prevent clothes from slipping off the hanger and keeps them in place. Besides, the flocked coat hangers have a soft surface that will protect clothes. So, the types of flocking hangers are suitable for delicate or silky fabrics. Meanwhile, they are ideal for high-end clothes and fashion women’s garments. And they suit a variety of coat styles, including long coats, jackets, blazers, and trench coats. Also, we can use them on heavy garments such as sweaters and hoodies.

Acctrims is a professional personalized velvet hanger supplier, maker & wholesaler. If you wanna choose eye-catching and shiny coat hangers for your brands, then the flocked hangers are undoubtedly an ideal choice! Because they look high-end and durable. Here, you can order any size, color, type, style, etc. Such as velvet pant hangers, flocked child hangers, etc. We supply worldwide shipping at an affordable price!

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After customers purchase clothes, many clothing brands will attach or give away branded hangers in order to keep the clothes tidy. Therefore, flocked hangers with brand logos can enhance your brand image and professionalism. This will further open up your brand awareness.

Product details

Materials:plastic, velvet, wooden, metal, etc;
Size: Children’s hangers: 30cm, 32cm, 35cm, etc.;
Adult hangers: 45cm, 42cm, 40cm, etc.;
Customized according to your requests;
Color:white, black, yellow, red, white, blue, navy, cream, pink, grey, etc; customized;
Logo: shiny or matte gold, silver, rose gold, white, black, etc; customized;
Applications:T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, coats, jackets, windbreakers, sweatshirts, sportswear, pants, trousers, skirts, dresses, scarves, ties, belts, silk, chiffon, lace clothing, etc.
Crafts: Screen printing, Spraying, Hot pressing, vacuum forming, Adhesive, etc;
MOQ(the minimum quantity):30 PCS;

Features of flocked coat hangers


Flocked coat hangers are velvet non-slip hangers that have the following features:

The biggest advantage of flocking hangers is that they are soft and non-slip. Since their surface is covered with a soft, velvet-like material. So even if you hang silk-like clothes and sundresses, they won’t slip, wrinkle, or get damaged.

The soft velvet-like material can protect clothes from being damaged, snagging, etc. Because some rough or sharp hangers may catch or damage clothes.

Flocked coat hangers are small, delicate, and lightweight. They don’t take up much space. So, they save space in your closet compared to bulky heavy hangers.

We use durable plastic or wood materials to make flocked coat hangers. Then, we often add non-slip strips and metal clips on the hangers to prevent clothing from bending or breaking.

How to choose the size of Flocked coat hangers?


This is the most common size and it fits most types of clothes. Usually 17-18 inches long and 0.2-0.4 inches wide at the shoulders.

This kind of custom hanger is suitable for hanging shorts, underwear, short-sleeved shirts, etc., the length is about 12-14 inches, and the shoulder width is 0.2-0.3 inches.

This velvet hanger is perfect for hanging long skirts, long coats, gowns, etc., the length is 21-24 inches, and the shoulder width is 0.2-0.4 inches.

It suits hanging heavy coats and coats, etc., the shoulder width is 0.5-0.7 inches or so, and the length is 18-19 inches.

It is ideal for hanging women’s suspenders, vests, etc. The shoulder width is about 0.1-0.2 inches and the length is 15-16 inches.

Such as coats, shirts, skirts, pants, etc. The size of adult hangers is 45cm, 42cm, 40cm, etc.

They are suitable for hanging children’s clothes. Such as T-shirts, shirts, pants, etc. And the size of children’s hangers is about 30cm, 32cm, 35cm, etc.

Flocked hangers for trousers, pants


Velvet pant hangers are a type of pants or trouser hanger covered with a soft, non-slip velvet material. That can prevent pants from slipping on the hanger.

First, Many velvet pant hangers have adjustable clips or clamps that can accommodate different sizes and styles of pants or trousers.

Second, there is often a bar in the middle. And there are two clips attached to the crossbar. So, we can easily hang and take out the pants on the hanger.

Third, many pant hangers have non-slip grips or pads on the clips. This keeps the pants from slipping or wrinkling.

Second, pant hangers can use a variety of materials. Such as plastic, metal, Acrylic, or wood.

What are the non-slip processes for Flocked Coat Hangers? What’s the difference?

In order to prevent clothing from slipping, many clothing brands will customize hangers with anti-slip functions. So, what are the anti-slip techniques for clothing hangers?


The material of the anti-slip strip is often silicone. We attach it to the shoulder of the hanger to prevent slipping. Usually, we use it on plastic flocking hangers and solid wood hangers. Of course, you can take it off and install it according to your needs. Similar to anti-slip strips, there are also anti-slip sleeves, which can be assembled by yourself.


The flocking hanger is to plant fluff on the surface of the hanger. There are flocking all over the body and flocking on the shoulders. And, this can achieve the effect of anti-slip. Then, we can add a hook on the hanger. Adding a notched hook loop can hang skirts, suspenders, underwear, slip dresses, etc.

velvet hangers DSC0652

Designing grooves on the shoulders of hangers is also a common anti-slip process. This can increase the friction and resistance of the hanger. And the clothes are not easy to slip off when hung on the hangers with grooves. In addition, the groove design can also facilitate the drying of suspenders, vests, underwear and other clothes, which is very practical.


The Plastic or metal clip on the hangers can clip your small clothes or socks. They grip light or small pieces of clothing or socks tightly without falling out. In general, there are 2 materials of clips to choose from. Shiny gold or silver metal clips, matte or shiny plastic clips. So, using clips to hold clothes is also a good way to prevent slipping.

wooden hangers DSC00800

We can often see wrapped ropes around the shoulders of the wooden hanger. It is also a non-slip method. Some tonal brand clothing stores like to customize hangers with wrapped ropes. So, it really makes the wooden hangers low-key, practical, and stylish.

The common anti-slip technology of clothing hangers is the above. Anti-slip is an important process of hangers. Non-slip makes it easy to deform the clothes, and it cannot show a good hanging display effect. Whether it is used at home or in a clothing store, you must pay attention to this.

Of course, it is very important to choose a reliable hanger customization factory. Acctrims has been manufacturing and wholesale custom hangers since 2008. Want high-end, or cheap plastic flocked coat hangers, acrylic hangers, or wooden hangers? No problem, let us help you get a professional design. You can print your unique design, brand logo, and other information. Hangers with logos can really help promote your brand. This can help you to be further successful in every aspect….

Why choose Custom flocked hangers with logos?

Professional – Using custom velvet hangers can show clients that you are a serious and professional business. When you care about the details of your logo, you are investing in your brand image.

Free Design – We have first-class professional designers to give you a free design. They can both create masterful visuals for you if your design file is what it looks like.

Promotions – what better way to advertise than having your logo printed on a hanger? Custom flocking can boost your business development and sales growth.

Safe – We use the highest quality eco-friendly materials. So you can rest easy.

Affordable – Please send your design file to our talented product experts and they will work out for you a custom hanger that best fits your budget. In Acctrims, our custom-flocked coat hangers will make your clothing brand stand out!

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FAQs about Flocked velvet hangers

  • 30 pcs;

–The button price depends on your custom size, color, technics, and quantity. So, you can send us your design art file, we make a free design for you.

–Bulk goods are about 10 to 20 days. Shipping time is 3-6 business days by express.

–Pls, send us vector logo files, like PDF, AI, ESP, CDR, or original files from PSD. If you have no art file, we offer free design for you.

–Yes, you can. Our samples are free, you just need to pay the shipping cost.

  • Send us your artwork in CDR, ESP, AI, or PDF format;
  • Tell us the size, color, material, quantity you need, and other requests;
  • Our button expert will give you the price and invoice, and you pay;
  • You confirm the design;
  • We arrange bulk production and Shipping;

Photo Gallery Of flocked coat hangers


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Supply flocked coat hangers for clothes: Boost Sales and Enhance Customer Experience

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