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Wholesale custom zipper pulls tabs & sliders with logos

Wholesale custom zipper pulls & sliders with personalized logos, include metal/PVC silicone rubber/leather/woven fabric zipper pulls for clothes, bags, luggage. Zipper pulls are also calls known as zipper pullers, zipper pull tabs, or cord-on zipper sliders. And in Acctrims, you can customize and design any materials and types of personalized zipper pulls for your brand. If you wanna personalized fancy zipper pulls, you can add beaded diamonds to them. Or, you can use engraved gold & silver color to create your own best ones. All custom zipper pullers are great for jackets, coats, luggage, boots, backpack, golf bag, handbags, wetsuits, purses, dresses, suitcases, etc. All the custom zipper pulls are ideal for 3# 5# 10#zippers.

Decorative zipper pulls & sliders are the perfect addition to your product. You can customize replacement detachable zipper pullers, reversible zipper pull in all sizes, types, or colors. Custom unique zipper tabs with logos can promote your brand and business. Just send us your logo file, and tell us your size, color, material, or quantity. Then, we provide a free design.

Details of best custom zipper pulls for clothing jackets, backpack, luggage, purse

  1. Size/shape: customized by customer request;
  2. Material: metal, zinc alloy, brass, nylon, soft PVC, PVC hard plastic, rubber & silicone, TPU, PU, leather, genuine leather, woven fabric, webbing, rope, etc.;
  3. Process: painting, electroplating, laser, printing, die-casting, polishing, bronzing, plastic drop, embroidery, sewing, adding hardware, 3D logo embossing, debossing, screen printing;
  4. Color: Gold, Silver, Orange, Red, White, Black, Pearl, Gunmetal, Dumb Gun; customized by customer needs: such as YKK card, Pantone color;
  5. Features: not easy to fade; smooth appearance, thick material; no burrs; wear-resistant; durable;
  6. Workmanship: Metal zipper pull tabs and PVC/silicone zipper pull shapes are fixed by 3D molds;
  7. Uses: clothing, shoes & boots, home textiles, luggage, tents, handbags, pillows, toys, handicrafts, fashion accessories;
  8. Model: 5#; 3#; 10#
  9. Packing: inner packing PP bag, outer packing export carton;
  10. MOQ: 100 pieces;
leather zipper pulls 013

Custom metal zipper pulls for coats, handbags, suitcase

custom metal zipper pulls 01

Custom metal zipper pulls are made of zinc alloys, aluminum, brass, or copper. Among all the pull tab materials, metal is the most common and important zipper accessory. We customize luxury and high-end metal zipper pulls for fashion brands.

First, we can engrave, emboss, or lasering your brand logo on it. This will add class and visibility to your product. Custom metal pull tabs are great for use in jeans, jackets, backpacks, handbags, or purses.

Second, it is more durable than PVC rubber, TPU, resin, leather, woven fabric materials. Third, the color of the surface plating is very shiny and smooth. of course, the surface can also be processed into a frosted texture. And the color is even and burr-free.

Our metal zipper pulls are custom-made for various brands. Whether it is an SME or a big brand. We will provide different pulling guides. Among them, zinc alloy is the best-selling and most cost-effective material. In general, customers will choose zinc alloy zipper pulls to engrave embossed logos. Because its edge is smooth and shiny.

And we can make it in different colors and sizes. Meanwhile, the price is cost-effective. Copper zipper pulls are relatively soft and more expensive than zinc alloys. Aluminum zipper pulls are more expensive and rougher. And the colors and options are limited.

Metal zipper pullers mainly include 3#, 4#, 5#, 7#, and 8#. They are perfect for high-end jackets & denim clothes, leather clothes, down jackets, winter clothes, handbags, etc.

custom metal zipper pulls

Brand-new projects for custom metal zipper pulls

  • Zipper puller types: pull tab with zipper head;
  • Size: 10.2x30mm;
  • Color: electrophoretic semi-matte black color;
  • Material: zinc alloy;
  • Craftsmanship: Embossed brand logo, plus 5# automatic slider;
  • Zipper pull types: light gold alloy metal zipper pull tabs;
  • Material: Zinc Alloy;
  • Color: Hanging light gold;
  • Size: 25.5x10mm;
  • Technics: Logo engraved, top 1mm, bottom 2mm thick;
  • Zipper pull type: nickle zipper puller with half circle;
  • Size: 12x45mm;
  • Thickness: 3mm;
  • Color: shiny nickel P003076;
  • Material: zinc alloy;
  • Technique: hanging electricity with engraved logo;

Custom plastic(PVC, rubber, silicone) zipper pulls for clothing

plastic zipper pulls DSC0994

Plastic zipper pullers are mainly divided into soft plastics and hard plastics. Soft plastic materials mainly include soft PVC, TPU, rubber, and non-toxic eco silicone. Hard plastic mainly refers to similar hard PVC, acrylic, and so on. They are durable and basically do not fade. Custom plastic zipper pulls’ logos can be printed, embossed, raised, or engraved. Besides, we usually connect it with nylon rope, a metal half circle, or a loop. Usually, we add your brand logo, names, letters, or patterns on one or double-sided. Other than that, we can make it in any shape or color. Plus, they’re great for customizing hoodies, gym bags, purses, and luggage.

Many sportswear, swimwear, jackets, and backpack brands have custom-made rubber zipper pulls. They focus on comfort, especially for children’s clothing, and will customize silicone pull tabs. Because it’s soft, non-toxic, and doesn’t irritate the skin.

Color: according to customer requirements or your art file (logo file);
Size: All sizes can be customized;
Shape: rectangle, square, circle, heart, logo, letter, special-shaped, special-shaped, etc.;
Material: hard plastic, soft PVC, rubber, TPU, safe silicone;

plastic zipper pulls DSC0544

Brand-new projects for custom PVC rubber & silicone zipper pulls

hard plastic zipper pulls DSC0895
  • Total length*width: 25*8MM;
  • Logo size: 113.5*3.6MM;
  • Color: black background with engraved white logo(double-sided)
  • Material: hard plastic injection molding;
  • Black sting fold size: 4.4cm, total length 8.8cm;
silicon zipper pulls DSC_0668
  • Material: silicon zipper pulls with no elasticity polyester rope;
  • Color: transparent background, black string, black logo;
  • Size: 3.5X3.5cm; 4mm thick;
  • String: 4cm long;
  • Technics: Logo raised on one side;
PVC zipper pulls DSC00933
  • Material: PVC rubber pulls with no elasticity polyester rope;
  • Size: 1.2X4.4cm, string 5cm long;
  • Thickness: 4mm;
  • Color: black background, black string, white and blue logo;
  • Other: logo raised on one side;
PVC rubber zipper pulls DSC_0930
  • Material: PVC rubber zipper pulls with a silver metal ring;
  • Size: 30X10mm;
  • Thickness: 4mm;
  • Color: orange background with white logo on two sides;
  • Technics: logo embossed on both two sides;

Custom leather zipper pulls for bags, clothing, leather items

custom zipper pulls_DSC4491

The material of the leather zipper pulls can use genuine leather or imitation/artificial leather (PU or PVC leather). Just like leather labels, the process used is hot pressing, screen printing, and voltage. They are perfect for bags and leather goods, luggage, jeans, purse, etc. As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we offer a wide range of custom leather zipper pullers. Meanwhile, we can add brand logos or patterns to it. Available in many Sizes, colors, and types. At the same time, we can also add metal tags, embroidery, beaded rhinestones, sewing thread to it.

The common materials for leather zipper pulls are real leather, microfiber leather, and imitation leather(PU/PVC). The leather zipper pulls have strong practicality and excellent advertising effect. And they are soft, wear-resistant, and malleable.

  1. Process: hot stamping, laser, digital printing, thermal transfer, hot silver, embroidery, UV printing, injection molding, adding hardware such as metal tags & accessories, etc.;
  2. Apparel industry: coats/jackets/suits/casual suits/T-shirts/workwear/sportswear/denim/trousers/trousers, etc.
  3. Luggage industry: handbags/dust bags/bags/purses/backpacks/bags, etc.
leather zipper pulls DSC3760

Brand-new projects for custom leather zipper pulls

genuine leather zipper pulls DSC_0244
  • Material: genuine leather zipper pull tabs with metal heads;
  • Size: 11X75mm;
  • Color: gunmetal color for the metal piece; leather tabs in P001051(refer to the color sample chart);
  • Technics: The metal zipper head is a spring buckle slider. And the leather is made together with the slider;
PU leather zipper pulls DSC_0046
  • Material: PU leather zipper pulls;
  • Size: 1.1*3.8cm( total length);
  • Thickness: normal thickness;
  • Color: light brown background with engraved logo;
  • Crafts: stitching;

Custom woven fabric zipper pulls

woven fabric zipper pulls DSC_4802

At Acctrims, we make wholesale woven fabric zipper pulls with brand logos. They fit any garment with garments, bags, toys, etc. Among them, woven zipper pulls include damask woven zipper pulls, salvage or crochet woven zipper pulls. Damask woven zipper pulls’ logo is very tight. Even the bold font has no holes. And it has rich logo colors and high production efficiency. But, salvage woven zipper pulls are more high-end. It is of good quality and the price is higher than the former.

We can make it in metallic colors (like gold/silver). And it has less than 4 colors and a long production time. They can be washed without fading. At the same time, they are ideal for winter clothes, hoodies, home textiles, cloth toys, bedding, etc. A unique design and appearance will greatly enhance the brand image.

  1. Material: fabric cloth, nylon, cotton, polyester, ribbons, etc;
  2. Features: light, soft, durable, does not irritate the skin, high production efficiency, fast mass production;
  3. Logo: single-sided or double-sided;
  4. Style: no pad or padded;
  5. Logo techniques: sewing, woven, or embroidered;
  6. Color/Size: Pantone color card; customized color;
  7. Use: outerwear, jackets, jeans, coats, bags, toys, home textiles;
  8. Price: send us your logo file, and tell us the size, color, number, and quantity. Then we will quote free.
  9. MOQ: 100pcs;

Brand-new projects for custom fabric zipper pulls

ribbon zipper pulls DSC_0613
ribbon zipper pulls DSC_0612
  • Color: black grosgrain ribbon with white logo and silver ring;
  • Size: 2X8cm after sewing with 3cm diameter ring;
  • Material: black striped ribbon + metal ring;
  • Crafts: logo on ribbon is raised printing;

FAQs about custom zipper pulls

1, What is the MOQ of custom zipper pulls, and for what price?

–100 pcs. The price depends on the material, size, color, and quantity that you ordered.

2, What is the bulk production time?

–10-15 business days.

3, What is the shipping time?

–3-5 days by express.

4, Do you have any samples available for engraved gold zipper pulls?

–Yes, we have gold metal zipper pulls. If you need samples, we can send you the reference quality for free. Then, you just need to pay the shipping fee.

5, Do you off samples or pictures of your thin leather zipper pulls?

–You can choose PU leather or suede leather, it is very thin. We can ship you the samples, you just need to pay the shipping fee.

6, What is the order process for getting metal zipper pulls for my clothing?

–First, we need to discuss the logo, size, color, material, quantity, technics, etc. Then our product expert will quote you the price and invoice. After you pay, we will make the design for you. After you confirm the design, we can arrange the bulk production. The production time is about 10 to 15 days.

7, What profile is needed when production?

–Pls send us vector logo files, like PDF, AI, ESP, CDR, or original files from PSD.

Project samples of custom zipper pulls

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