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Different types of labels in garments

There are different types of labels in garments, like care, neck, size, main labels, metal/leather/PVC/TPU/woven/heat-transfer/satin/cotton/embroidered labels. These clothing labels are a way of expressing the intangible assets of a brand, a business. It is also a clothing auxiliary material with the role of the brand information carrier. There are many materials used for clothing labels. Such as tape, plastic, cotton fabric, satin, leather, metal, etc. In addition, label printing methods are ever-changing, such as weaving, printing, embroidery, laser engraving, ironing, etc.

14 types of labels in garments listed with pictures

types of labels in garments
  • Care labels
  • Neck labels
  • Size labels
  • Main labels
  • Metal labels
  • Leather labels
  • PVC rubber labels
  • Clear TPU labels
  • Woven labels
  • Heat transfer labels
  • Satin labels
  • Cotton labels
  • Woven patches
  • Embroidered patches
care labels_DSC1274

1. Care labels

Care labels are wash labels with laundry care symbols. Generally, the labels will print or weave the fabric and washing instructions of products. It mainly prints some clothing parameters and precautions. Moreover, it is mainly used in the clothing, home textiles, and luggage bag industries. There are several machines for making care labels: 1. Rotary printing machine; 2. Screen printing machine; 3. Self-adhesive printing machine.

neck labels_DSC0960

2. Neck labels

Neck labels usually refer to the logo embroidered on the neckline or waistband about the brand and size of the garment. Materials include synthetic tape, polyester tape, cotton, nylon, white satin, black satin, ribbon, etc. The types of neck labels mainly include cloth labels, woven labels, printed labels, leather labels, down labels, etc. We use neck labels in coats, jeans, down jackets, outdoor sportswear, home textiles, pants, bags, etc.

size labels_DSC1602

3. Size labels

Size labels, as the name suggests, refer to the size printed, woven, or embroidered on the clothing label to describe the size of the clothing. Common size labels are marked with two models: one is S (small), M (medium), L (large), and XL (large); the other is the form of height plus bust, such as 160/80A, 165/85A, 170/85A, etc.

main labels_DSC1907

4. Main labels

Main labels are small signs that display trademarks or brand names on clothes. The main labels can be a small woven label or a small paper tag. It can also be the fabric labels printed on the clothes. It is usually located under the inner and rear collars of the tops, or at the inner and rear seams of the bottoms.


5. Metal labels

Metal labels are a type of clothing label made of metal material. The materials are mainly zinc alloy, copper, stainless steel, brass, or aluminum alloy. The brand logo can be engraved on it. Then, the logo can be concave, raised, hollowed out, or set with diamonds. Of course, we can make them in the form of letters. So, it is very versatile. Not only it can be used on clothes, but also on shoes, hats, and bags.

leather labels_DSC0800

6. Leather labels

Leather labels are mainly sewn on the back waist of the jeans. Also, it is also very suitable for bags, handbags, shoes, and hats. The leather label process has hot pressing, voltage (high frequency), silk screen, laser, embroidery, adding metal hardware, etc. The materials include genuine(real) leather, imitation leather, microfiber leather, washed paper, canvas, horsehair, PVC, TPU, etc.

PVC labels_DSC1722

7. PVC rubber labels

A PVC rubber label is a clothing label made of PVC and Epoxy. It is ideal for clothes, bags, shoes, hats, luggage tags, key chains, gloves, and scarves decorations. The main crafts are plane, 3D stereo, sewing thread, adhesive, edge lock, Velcro, etc.

TPU labels_DSC9564

8. Clear TPU labels

TPU label is a transparent clear wash label, main label, or collar label. It is perfect for swimsuits, underwear, or all kinds of clothing. It’s soft to the touch and does not deform or fade when washed. Commonly used varieties are transparent, frosted, printing, bronzing, oil powder, LOGO, etc.

custom woven labels_DSC0590

9. Woven labels

Woven labels are garment labels woven on a loom. It expresses logo, text, pattern, size, and wash symbols by fixing warp and weft. And the woven label is a high-end, durable label with clear lines and a soft hand feeling. There are three main types of woven labels: damask woven labels; salvage(satin) woven labels, and crochet woven labels.

3D silicone heat transfer labels DSC0013

10. Heat transfer labels

Thermal transfer labels include embossed, flat oil, 3D silicone thermal transfer, thick plate thermal transfer labels, etc. We can store and send them directly to customers. In this way, customers can use the ironing machine to transfer their own materials. The heat transfer labels are exquisite and the production cost is low. And it is green and pollution-free.

satin labels_DSC0916

11. Satin labels

Satin labels include woven labels and printed labels. Its material is bright and has a good feel, so it is smooth as silk. We can print not only wash symbols but also logos, sizes, brand names, etc on it. It can use sustainable eco-friendly fabrics. And It is high density, smooth and high quality with reasonable price.

cotton labels DSC0406

12. Cotton labels

Cotton labels are a kind of common clothing label used for garments, t-shirts, coats, sweaters, gloves, towels, home textiles, canvas bags, pouches, etc. The pure cotton label is soft and skin-friendly, breathable, and comfortable. It is very suitable for use in children’s clothing. Meanwhile, it is eco-friendly and good for people’s health.


13. Woven patches

Woven patches are woven badges that can be used on clothing. Such as T-shirts, coats, jeans clothes, and school uniforms. It’s colorful, tactile, and durable. And its surface is clear in color, supple and smooth. Then, types mainly include armbands, badges, and epaulets. Its shapes are round, rectangular, square, etc. We can sew it on clothes, or use hot glue, velcro, safety pins, or butterfly buttons on the back. The woven patches‘’ surface looks flatter than the embroidered patches.

Embroidered patches  DSC0413

14. Embroidered patches

Embroidered patches are embroidered with yarn (polyester, cotton, rayon). They have a more 3D sense, and the surface feels bumpier. Unlike traditional embroidery, it is easier to match with clothing. And finished garments can also be pasted with embroidered labels to achieve the effect. Types include non-adhesive and glue-backed embroidered patches. In addition, We can fix them on clothes via sewing, hot glue, Velcro, butterfly buttons, safety pins, etc.

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