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Soft custom PVC labels for clothing brand

Acctrims supplies soft custom PVC labels for clothing and makes eco rubber silicone labels with color or transparent 2D/3D logos for gifts or promotions. The appearance of PVC rubber labels is beautiful and elegant. And there are wide styles in shape and it’s small in size. The soft rubber & silicone PVC labels are bright in color and feel good in the hand. You can design transparent/clear PVC or silicone labels & patches & stickers for underwear or sportswear. It is loved by boys and girls for its softness. Also, the price is favorable, which makes it an ideal gift for various corporate promotions! Besides, it also has a strong 3D sense and good visual effects. Therefore, it can play a very good decorative and advertising role! So, we can say it is a fashionable decoration and popular accessory.

PVC labels can be made in different shapes and sizes according to customer requests. And it can also print company LOGO patterns and cartoon shapes. Their surface can be flat, 2D three-dimensional, 3D three-dimensional, etc. Then, we can add transparent oil and phosphor to make luminous PVC labels. Second, by adding essence, we can make it into a scented one. Third, it can also be put on a compass, thermometer, and other small accessories.

Details of custom PVC labels

Materials: soft PVC, silicone, rubber, eco-protection PVC, etc;
Whether to customize: Customize logo, style/content, etc. according to customer requests;
Features: It has a super soft hand feel and is waterproof and durable. And we can customize any color.
Thickness: the general thickness is 2mm. the logo is raised 0.5mm.

d _DSC0167

How many styles we can make?

rubber labels_DSC0617
  • Garments or hats’ Logos
  • Keychains
  • Clothing PVC hang tags
  • Cartoon doll
  • Memorial character
  • Zipper slider(puller)
  • Bracelet
  • Luggage tags
  • PVC pendants

Where can PVC labels be used?

1. Clothing, trendy armbands, trendy pants marks
2. luggage & bags
3. Shoes & hats
4. Keychains
5. Coasters
6. Gloves
7. Clothing accessories
8. Home textiles
9. Toys
10. Pet medical supplies, sports and & fitness products
11. Car decoration, craft decoration

PVC labels_DSC1456

Soft PVC Label Size

PVC labels_DSC6081

Rectangle or square: maximum length 22cm, width 15cm.

Round: maximum diameter 15cm.

Logo line: The thinnest line needs 0.5mm to make. Because the thinnest knife is 0.5mm. So, we can use this to judge whether the logo label can be made, so as to modify the size or simplify and enlarge the bold lines.

Colors that you can customize

Acctrims makes PVC labels with various custom colors. But we also need to determine according to the specific logo of the guest. First, the color can be black and white, or a single color. Then, the background color can be solid, translucent, or transparent color. The brand logo on PVC labels is generally single-sided. Adhesive and Velcro can be added to the back. If it is silicone labels, we can use mold clamping, that is, to make two-sided logos.


Backing options for PVC labels attached to products

PVC labels_DSC0652

Make one side seam thin


Add PVC Loops and chains


Use Velcro(hook and loop)

Why choose PVC rubber labels for your brand?

clear PVC labels_DSC1897
  1. The PVC rubber labels can withstand a certain external force without breaking.
  2. It will not decolorize.
  3. There is no stickiness. The surface is shiny and the edge is so smooth. Its surface content is clear.
  4. Even if the temperature is high, it will not deform.

What kinds of finished products can PVC labels be made of?

We often make PVC rubber labels into the LOGO pattern and brand trademark to help the company to promote it. Also, it is commonly used in clothes in daily life. Another important use is to make gifts. Below is a list:

  • PVC labels can make different shapes and sizes, and we can print corporate logos, patterns, and cartoon shapes. And we use it as trademarks, zipper sliders, hangtags, etc.
  • The soft and flexible PVC materials and the shapes are diverse. So, the surface can be made into plane, 2D, 3D, hollow PVC labels & patches.
  • Adding transparent oil to make transparent and translucent PVC labels.
  • Add phosphor powder to make a luminous PVC label.
  • Because the label has a strong three-dimensional sense and good hand feeling. So, they are ideal for decorative gifts or advertising promotional products.

rubber labels_DSC0215

In short, it can be made into ornaments with various patterns through rich imagination. Such as heart-shaped, holiday gifts, all kinds of cartoons, and small animal shapes. That will be very realistic, very cute. This will be a stylish clothing trims accessory favored by people.

How can I get the price and cost of PVC labels?

The price depends on the material, size, color, and quantity of your order. So you need to tell us your information. Then we will calculate the price for you.

If you don’t know, you can tell us where it is to use, whether it is children’s clothing or adult garments. So we can give you recommended size.


Project samples of custom-made PVC labels

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2 thoughts on “Soft custom PVC labels for clothing brand”

  1. Good morning,

    As part of an artistic project, the team of the Culture Pole of the University of Paris Cité wishes to offer students goodies.
    We would like to have 300 rubber labels made according to a personalized model. Here are our needs below, do you think it seems feasible? As the deadlines are very short, we think of two options: a personalized label with a vectorized file or a more standard label.

    Number of goodies: 300 pieces
    Maximum delivery: March 1, 2023
    Address: 5 rue Thomas Mann, 75013 Paris
    Label size OPTION 1: custom, a format from a vectorized file (about 4CM wide and 10CM long)
    Label size OPTION 2: standard, what is your standard size?
    Color: four-color?
    Marking: front only
    Relief: yes?
    Details: possibility to make a drill hole with a width of 3mm?
    Delivery: what are your delivery times once the model has been validated?

    Do not hesitate to contact me directly by email or by phone so that we can exchange more easily.
    Good for you

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