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Supply and manufacture custom silicone labels, durable silicone heat transfer labels for clothing, bags, hats, shoes, home textiles, etc. Besides, they are non-toxic and harmless, smooth and skin-friendly. And the material is high-grade light and thin rubber. So, it can come into direct contact with the skin. Therefore, they are very suitable for use in baby clothes, shirts, bracelets, and bottles. Except for clothing labels, we can also use silicone labels for pull tabs, hang tags, heat transfer labels, keychains, luggage tag, etc.

They are waterproof and durable than fabric labels. They are not easy to fade and are not afraid of wear and tear. Moreover, engraved logos can be of any shape, color, or size. Many fashion brands now prefer custom-branded silicone labels for clothing. Then, sew them on the back, hem, side, chest, rotator cuff, etc. In addition, they are rich in color, which can attract customers’ attention. Well-designed, colorful logo silicone clothing labels can increase brand exposure. In this way, it can help the business to get more potential customers.

Details of silicone labels for clothing

Materials:soft silicone rubber, eco silicone
Crafts:laser-engraving, screen printing, debossing logo, 3D embossing logo, hollow, etc
Color:transparent, frosted, black, white, green, yellow, red, gray, orange, various colors, Pantone colors, customer-specified colors, customized colors;
Shape:rectangle, square, circle, triangle, heart shape, logo shape, letter shape, customized shape, etc
Custom content:brand logo, slogan, patterns, letters, numbers, and customer-specified content.
Backing fixing way:Add side seam slots on the edge, thin the seam on one side for easier sewing, Velcro, self-adhesive, etc.
MOQ:1000 pcs

Backing options attached to products

There are 6 types of backing options for silicone clothing labels attached to items as follows:

  1. Add side seam slots(suture grooves) on the edge
  2. Make the seam thin on one side for easier sewing
  3. Use hook and loop(Velcro): it is convenient and easy to attach to the clothes. And you can replace it at any time.
  4. Add self-adhesives(such as 3M adhesives or other adhesives)
  5. Drill holes and string them up with a rope etc.
  6. Add loops, buckles, and chains

Sewing from suture grooves


Make the seam thin on one side


Use hook and loop(Velcro)


Use disposable self-adhesives


Drill holes

PVC labels_DSC8923

Add loops, rings, and chains

3D silicone heat transfer labels

We also supply 3D silicone heat transfer labels. This tag is also a tagless tag. Just peel off the plastic vinyl film and we can apply it anywhere on the fabric of the garment. Such as underwear, T-shirts, swimwear, children’s clothing, sportswear, leggings, gloves, hats, socks, etc.

The transferred LOGO has a 3D effect and feels soft and smooth. Print various patterns, logos, and text on it. At the same time, they are affordable and cost-effective.


Silicone rubber labels VS PVC rubber labels – What are their differences?


  • Silicone labels and PVC labels are both rubber labels. And their materials are both rubbers.
  • They look same in the appearance. And the two rubber labels are rich in colors.
  • Silicone labels and PVC labels are both soft and bendable. And their surface looks smooth.
  • They are both waterproof and perfect for outwear and sportswear clothes.
  • We can make them transparent and translucent effect.
  • The brand logos for the two clothing labels can be 3D-raised or debossed.
  • We can add many backing options for them to fix to clothing, bags, hats, shoes, etc.

The difference:

  • PVC labels are cheap than silicone labels in price.
  • Silicone labels are greener and more eco-friendly. They are non-toxic and harmless. Even many food-grade and medical supplies will use silicone material.
  • Silicone rubber labels are softer than PVC rubber labels. And they have better toughness and elasticity than PVC rubber labels.
  • PVC labels have a rougher surface than silicone products. And silicone labels are much smoother. So, they are ideal for high-end clothing and bags.

Why choose to customize silicone labels for clothing?

Silicone labels are soft and smooth for a comfortable fit. Therefore, it fits many types of clothing and bags.

The label returns to its original shape immediately after being stretched. Therefore, we can make it into silicone bracelets, table mats, refrigerator magnets, etc.

If you want custom labels for babies or tights, underwear, etc., then silicone labels are the best choice. Because it is eco-friendly and has no peculiar smell, it is harmless to the body.


Where can we use silicone labels?

  • We can add them on many types of clothing back, hem, side, chest, rotator cuff, etc. Such as jeans, shirts, coats, down jackets, pants, underwear, underwear, etc.
  • Sew or velcro them on hats(caps).
  • We can make silicone rubber labels as silicone zipper pulls, silicone hang tags, and silicone luggage tags.
  • We can take silicone labels as keychains. And drill holes in it for accessories.
  • In addition, we can use silicone as coasters, refrigerator magnets, and medical or kitchen supplies.
Silicone bracelet_DSC0509

Silicone bracelet

Luggage tags_DSC8821

Luggage tags

Silicone zipper pulls_DSC0227

Silicone zipper pulls

FAQs about custom silicone labels

1, What is the price?

–The price depends on your custom size, color, technics, and quantity. Prices are not fixed. It needs our business expert to calculate according to your specific needs. You can request a free quote via online service, email, or the quote button.

2, What are the mass production time and shipping time?

–Mass production time is 15-20 days. Shipping time is 3-6 business days by express.

3, What profile is needed when production?

–Please send us your vector design files/logo files, like PDF, AI, ESP, CDR, or original files from PSD. If you have no art file, we offer free design for you.

4, What is the order process?

–First, we need to discuss basic information with each other. Such as size, color, material, quantity, technics, etc. Then our product expert will give you the price and invoice. Then, you can pay. After you pay, we will make the design for you. After you confirm the design, we can arrange the bulk production. We offer free design and worldwide shipping. 

5, Can we get free samples?

–Yes, you can. Our samples are free, you just need to pay the shipping cost.


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Custom silicone labels for brands!

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