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Custom Embroidered Patches for Clothes

As a maker and wholesaler, we supply best custom embroidered patches for clothing, jeans, hats, jackets, shirts, backpacks, shoes, or uniforms. You can choose many base fabrics for your embroidered logo patches. Such as cotton, canvas, chenille, twill, plush, polyester, PU, ​​felt, leather, etc. Our high-quality personalized embroidered patches & badges have a 3D effect that brings the brand’s logo to life. You can sew on, iron on, Velcro, or pin them on clothes, bags, dresses, bikers, motorcycles, etc. Small or large? Cheap or luxurious? Need adhesive stick-on patches or removable patches? Yes, we can make them for your own needs.

The font on the embroidered patches can be smaller and tighter to achieve a more 3D effect. Even fine lines and small letters can make your logo stand out. Plus, its borders won’t come apart, fray or curl. The exterior design is very refined. So as to further enrich your brand image, and perfect your garment design. Also, we supply PVC/leather patches, woven patches, chenille/iron-on/bullion patches, flower/name/letter patches.

We stitched the edges of the patch tightly. Hence, it does not fray or curls easily. In addition, We manufacture iron-on embroidered patches, sew-on embroidered patches, velcro patches; marrow/wide border patches, etc. They are the most popular garment patches on the market.

Want to easily order and buy your own embroidered brand logo/name patches for sale? Tell us your needs, we design for you for free. Importantly, there are no minimum quantities. Except for shirts, shoes, and hats, they are also suitable for the military, schools, sports clubs, etc.


Custom Embroidered Patches Details

  • Background Fabric: cotton, felt, twill Fabric, canvas, chenille, polyester, PU, genuine leather, etc.
  • Crafts: embroidery, iron-on, woven, sewing, etc;
  • Yarn: gold thread, silver thread, ordinary yarn, color yarn, chenille yarn, etc.
  • Edge processing: embroidered edge, overlocked edge, laser cut edge, thin edge, wide edge, no edge, etc.;
  • Embroidery Area: 50%, 80%, 100% full embroidery.
  • Border: die-cut border, stitch border, overlock border, hot-cut border, laser-cut border, long straight embroidery stitch, embroidered border, etc;
  • Backing: iron-on backing, hot melt adhesive backing, loop & hook(Velcro)fastening, no backing(sewing), magnet backing, safety pin backing, etc;
  • Shape: round, square, flower, heart, letter shape, special shape, custom shape;
  • Packing: inner packing with PP bag, outer packing with export carton;
  • Size/color/shape: as per customer’s request;
  • MOQ: 100PCS.

Types of custom Embroidered Patches for Sale

If you want to customize bulk embroidered patches, then please take a look at the different types below. Then, choose the one that suits you best. Common embroidery patches are as follows. Examples: iron on embroidered patches, letter patches, 3D embossed embroideries, flocking embroidery, chenille patches, felt embroidery, Metal wire patch, sequin embroidery, chain embroidery, tape embroidery, carved hole embroidery, chiffon tape embroidery, etc.


Flat embroidered patches


3D embroidered patches


Embroidered chenille patches

Felt embroidered patches

Felt embroidered patches

Chiffon tape patch

Chiffon tape patch

Flocked embroidered patches

Flocked embroidered patches

Metal wire embroidered patch

Metal wire embroidered patch


Keychain embroidered patch

Sequins embroidered patches

Sequins embroidered patches

6 Backing fixing method attached to clothes

  1. Sewing(no backing). We sew the patch into clothes. The back is paper or felt, etc.
  2. Adhesive-backing(hot glue). Fix the patch in the desired position on the garment. Then, use a pressing machine or iron to heat it until the adhesive is melted with the clothing fabric. Adhesive-backed embroidery patches are not easy to fall off under washing or normal washing. If it falls off after repeated washing, please reattach the adhesive. Then, press again to combine.
  3. Velcro backing. The back is fastened to the clothes with Hook and loop(Velcro). We can easily remove and fix it. New embroidery patches can also be replaced at any time.
  4. 3M self-adhesive. Just peel off the film on the surface and stick it directly to clothing or hats.
  5. Metal loops through the holes. We often use it in keychains, trousers, jackets, etc.
  6. Safety pins (or butterfly pins). We just need to pin the patches to the garments. We can replace it at any time.

Sewing(no backing)

adhesive backing

Adhesive-backing(hot glue)


Velcro backing

3M self-adhesive


Metal loops through the holes


Safety pins (or butterfly pins)


When you are ordering custom embroidered patches, you need to choose different edges. In Acctrims, you have 3 main choices. Such as embroidered edge, overlocked edge, and laser cut edge.


Embroidered edge


Overlocked edge


Laser cut edge

Background material

Want to design your own personalized custom embroidered patches? Please choose the following different background materials. Because they are indispensable. The most common background materials are twill fabric, felt, embroidered full background, chenille, etc.

At the same time, you can add various unique elements to the surface. Such as metal tags, fake beaded diamonds, PVC rubber tags, etc.


Embroidered full background


Polyester fabric


Twill fabric

What is the difference between an embroidered patch and a woven patch? how to choose?

Embroidered patches are similar to woven label patches. But there is still a clear difference.

  1. The embroidered patches are embroidered with yarn (polyester, cotton, rayon). And woven patches are woven.
  2. The woven patches are a more 2D plane(flat) patch. It doesn’t feel so embossed. While, the embroidered patches are more three-dimensional, and the surface feels bumpier.
  3. Custom embroidered patches have a base plate. It requires the embroidery thread to be stabbed into the base fabric. But, the woven label patch is woven directly on the loom.
  4. The patterns (letters) of the same color as the embroidered patch are all connected. It mainly has 3 kinds of edges, namely embroidery edge, overlock edge, and cut edge. However, there are mainly two kinds of edges in woven patches, namely cut edge and woven edge.
  5. Price.
    The production time of a woven patch is shorter. And the process is relatively simpler than that of embroidered patches. So the price of woven label patches is cheaper than that of the embroidered patch.
embroidered patches
woven patches DSC0816_
woven patches

Applications of custom embroidered patches

  • Clothing, such as jeans, denim jackets, school uniforms, military uniforms, coats, fashion clothes, suits, children’s clothing, shirts, and sweaters.
  • Cap or hats
  • Bags, Backpacks, Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Home textiles such as pillows, towels, carpets, scarves
  • Travel, gifts
  • Accessories, mobile phone case, keychains
  • Crafts

Create your own personalized embroidered logo patches for your brand

As a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of embroidered patches, we offer a variety of patches and labels with 3D effects. You are free to customize any sizes, colors, edges, base fabrics, backings, etc. Please create your imagination. If you want to differentiate your brand from the competition in the apparel market, contact us. Although we are a start-up brand, our parent company ClothingLabels.CN has been operating for over ten years. So we are professional. Let us provide you with one-on-one service to save your time and cost.

Custom embroidered patches samples

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Custom embroidered patches maker & wholesaler | Acctrims

Our Product Experts will guide you through every step of the custom process.

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