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Custom jewelry packaging design with logo is vital, and make a unique jewelry packaging box, bags, or showing cards for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Here you can learn more about jewelry packaging design ideas and inspirations to perfect your jewelry brand. In short, quality jewelry packaging helps promote the jewelry as well as the brand.

Custom Guide for High-end Jewelry Box

Jewelry packaging box

Consider the jewelry type and how to display

When designing a premium box for your brand, consider the jewelry type and how to display it. Expand your brand by using popular logos, colors, and designs in the box. Whether it’s a fine jewelry box or a tote bag, add a touch of elegance to your jewelry when displaying. Customize jewelry boxes from a variety of fashion-forward packaging materials and current trends. Then, to enable brands to stay on top of fashion trends.

Choose flannel material

When considering materials, think about what will not damage delicate jewelry. At the same time, the material selected for the packaging box does not contain chemical components that can cause jewelry to lose its luster. Flannel material is a very good choice. On the one hand, flannel is free of bad chemicals. On the other hand, the surface of the flannel is very soft and will not scratch the surface of the jewelry.

jewelry packaging design
Jewelry packaging design box 01

Custom box lining

High-end packaging boxes should give jewelry a good display space and protection. Custom box lining is a very good option. The most common packaging lining materials are sponge, paper, plastic, metal, etc. Although these liners have a good protective function. However, the lining surface should also be covered with a layer of soft wrapping material, such as a flannel. On the premise of ensuring that the jewelry is not scratched, it can also play a cleaning role. At the same time, many packaging liners also make a very nice display stand. Moreover, it can display jewelry well in front of customers.

Display brand information

Another very important factor is that important information about the brand should be displayed in the box. Such as Logo, brand color, and so on. This will make it easier for potential customers to identify your brand by the color and logo of the box. At the same time, when the brand information appears in front of potential customers countless times, it is also doing silent publicity for the brand.

Jewelry packaging box 02

Three Types of Jewelry Packaging Design

Jewelry is a huge but saturated market. Therefore, jewelry packaging design not only needs to protect the product. Also, it should create brand differentiation and suit product marketing. There are many types of jewelry packaging. There are 3 most common ones: jewelry boxes, jewelry display cards, and jewelry bags.

Jewelry boxes

Jewelry boxes are one of the most popular jewelry packaging design. It’s very sturdy and crush resistant. And it protects jewelry better than jewelry display cards and jewelry bags. Then, the material, crafts, and size of the packaging box can be customized to the brands’ needs. You can also use printing, bronzing, or embossing processes to display the Logo in the jewelry box. Common jewelry box materials and accessories include velvet, bows, sponges, paper, and more. However, since they are not flat. The shipping cost is slightly higher.

Jewelry boxes 01
jewelry velvet bags

Jewelry bags

There are many types of jewelry bags. Available with a concealed buckle or with a drawstring. The most common jewelry bag is the drawstring bag. Besides, drawstring pouches can pack rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. So, brands can use soft-surfaced fabrics such as suede and flannel. Moreover, it can clean while packing and storing the product. Then, many jewelry brands give their customers a jewelry bag as a bonus for easy storage.

Jewelry display cards

Jewelry Display Cards are cardstock hang tags with cutouts to hold jewelry. The jewelry display card is only for storing and packaging the jewelry. Most of the jewelry cards in the market are made of paper and plastic. It can be used with jewelry boxes as well as drawstring bags. In addition, for a necklace that is easily entangled, the display card cannot fix it. Thus, it is suitable for small jewelry packaging such as earrings.

Jewelry display cards

What Features Should Jewelry Packaging Design Follow?

Jewelry packaging is an integral part of every product. Many jewelry brands will pay more attention to the quality and aesthetics of the jewelry box. Because they need to ensure the safety of the product and use it to promote their brand. Therefore, if we make jewelry packaging design, we also need to follow below points:

1) Personalized design

Packaging design affects how customers perceive a product. And it helps maintain brand value, profits, and sales. The question is, how to design the packaging box? We can consider a range of elements from structural design as well as graphic design. For example material, color, image, logo, box shape, etc. The combination of all these elements can form a complete packaging design.

Jewelry packaging box 03

Tiffany jewelry box
Image source: Tiffany

2) Customized printing

Packaging printing is as important as the packaging itself. Whether it’s solid-color printing or graphic printing, it can help attract customers’ attention and boost business. For example, Tiffany made its jewelry box popular with its unique robin light blue. People even buy Tiffany’s jewelry just to get their hands on a jewelry box. Of course, adding images to the box can also be effective in attracting users’ attention.

3) Ensure packaging quality

The quality of high-end boxes is very important to ensure product safety. Most jewelry is very precious and requires special protection. In addition to a hard outer shell, jewelry boxes also need a soft inner lining to fully hold the jewelry.

Jewelry packaging box 04
Jewelry packaging box 05

4) Brand concept

Every brand has a commitment to its customers, and so do jewelry brands. Many brands are now communicating their eco-friendly brand concept to customers. These concepts should also permeate the jewelry box. We should abandon the traditional plastic embryo packaging box. Then, using eco-paper jewelry gift boxes is a good choice. It doesn’t just help brands grow. Moreover, the acceptance of packaging cartons in the market is also very high.


Today, jewelry packaging design has become an integral part of jewelry brands. Many brands have begun to spend a lot of time and energy customizing packaging solutions. Because they know the importance of packaging design to promote business development.

box 02
box 01

The above tips will help you understand the necessity and trends of quality jewelry packaging. Following these tips, it can help brands and businesses grow. We provide packaging solutions for fashion brands. Here, you can customize any packaging products. Such as gift boxes, foldable boxes, wrapping paper, paper bags, muslin bags, etc.

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