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Custom Heat Transfer Labels for Clothing-Make Your Brand Stand Out

Wholesale custom heat transfer labels for clothing, tagless tags with logos, like 3D silicone, TPU, glow-in-night reflective, neck/size heat transfer labels. Heat(thermal) transfer labels are also iron-on tagless labels. The label material includes soft 3D silicone rubber, 3D TPU, or 2D flat PET. Instead of being sewn to the garments, just peel off the plastic PET vinyl film. And it can easily attach anywhere on the apparel fabrics. Such as underwear, T-shirts, swimwear, sportswear, swimsuit, leggings, gloves, hats, socks, etc. Also, you can design heat press neck labels, care labels, and 3d silicone rubber heat transfer labels. Besides, the label material is eco-friendly and doesn’t irritate the skin. They can replace printed or woven labels. Customize the best thermal tagless tag labels at the least amount of money from heat press label maker. Except for clothing brands, heat transfer/press labels are also perfect for hats, bags, pillows, shoes, sports products, plastic bottles, etc.

Here you can customize unique clothing labels in any size or color. Then, print a variety of patterns, logos, and text on it. Meanwhile, the labels have bright colors and will not wash off with water. Best of all, they are affordable and cost-effective. We support a variety of thermal and digital transfer technologies. Besides, you can achieve single or double color, even full-color printing, gradient color, glossy, matte, luminous effects, etc.

Details of Heat transfer labels

Material:soft 3d silicone, TPU, PET film(print color and glue on it), etc;
Substrate:PET, polyester, felt, cotton fabrics, etc;
Logo:Silicone, TPU, PET, etc;
Process:2D/3D molding, printing, printing + high-frequency voltage;
Color:Any Pantone colors; matte or shiny white, black, gray, red, pink, purple, red, blue, brown, etc; according to customers’ requests;
Surface effect:matte surface, bright surface, reflective, temperature change, light change, shiny surface, flat surface, embossed surface, transparent bottom;
Features:good flexibility, washable, dry cleaning, high-temperature resistance;
Size:according to the customer’s design and production (recommended to choose less than 200mm X200mm)
Processing method:high-temperature thermal transfer/hot stamping; temperature: 140-150 degrees; time: 8-10 seconds; pressure: 3-5KG; adjusted according to the fabric material.
Wide application:clothing, shoes & hats, luggage, automotive or electronic supplies, sporting goods, non-woven bags, canvas bags, jackets, football uniforms, hats, pillows, umbrellas, plush toys, knitted underwear, toys, pencil cases, gloves, cosmetics, phone cases, masks.

Features of heat transfer labels

1: Food-grade silicone raw material, safe and environmentally friendly;
2: No feeling on the body, soft to the touch;
3: The printing is clear and the color is beautiful;
4: Strong tensile force, no wrinkle, no deformation;
5: Liquid silicone has strong plasticity and can print various shapes;

Custom Heat Transfer Labels Applications

Thermal(heat) transfer labels suit heat-resistant textiles. Such as sports clothing, advertising industry, DY customization, household products, and toys. And we can help customers make their own digital hot stamping labels. This will effectively improve efficiency and reduce costs for customers.

Your Products Deserve Better: Upgrade with Custom Heat Transfer Labels!

heat transfer labels_DSC0132


It mainly refers to football uniforms, basketball uniforms, etc. We normally use sweat-absorbing and breathable cotton fabrics or light gauze fabrics. The main thermal transfer materials used are TPU elastic lettering film, cloth lettering film, printable lettering film, etc. You can print a brand logo, letters, numbers, or pattern on it.

heat transfer labels_DSC0037

Outdoor clothing

Outdoor clothing mainly includes jackets, cycling clothes, etc. In general, we choose thick plate 3D silicone as the logo material. Then, we use it for decoration and protection on zippers, flaps, shoulders, elbows, glow tags on chest, etc. The main application of thermal transfer materials is a decorative film, heat seal, lettering film, etc.

heat transfer labels_DSC0721


The swimsuit has good elasticity. And it is super soft and conforms to the human body curve. Therefore, when purchasing thermal transfer materials, thin thermal transfer films with high elasticity are good for our skin. Because the elastic heat transfer label has a soft feel. And it has high stretch and strong resilience.

Brand-new projects for heat transfer labels

heat transfer labels_DSC0882

  • Label type: silicone rubber heat transfer labels
  • Width: 24.5 mm,
  • Height: 21 mm;
  • Material: silicone; plastic film;
  • Color: white and Orange 163C;
heat transfer labels_DSC0611

  • Label type: 3d TPU tagless tags;
  • Shape: LOGO shape;
  • Width: 35mm;
  • Height: 32.2mm;
  • Material: TPU; plastic film;
  • Color: color-graded;
  • Thickness: logo embossed 0.7mm thick;

  • Label type: vinyl labels for shirts
  • Shape: logo+content shape;
  • Size: :2.1x5cm;
  • Material: vinyl; ink; plastic PET film;
  • Color: Silver;
  • Technique: heat press;

Get Noticed: Custom Heat Transfer Labels that Demand Attention

First, place the thermal transfer stamp on the substrate (various garments such as shirts, underwear, pants, socks, etc.). In the case of small quantities, we can transfer it to clothes by heating them with a household iron. Therefore, it is convenient and fast, and the quantity is large.

Second, the heat transfer labels need a professional ironing machine. We need to adjust the parameters and transfer the label to the product. The transferred LOGO has a 3D effect and feels soft and smooth. And it is beautiful and does not fade when washed. It can contact the skin directly and will not irritate the skin when worn.

Third, transfer the labels wherever you want. The front or back of the garment, on the pants, socks, pocket, sleeves, shoulders, chest, etc. This will greatly save the sewing process for general labels. Especially, it is ideal for children’s clothing, underwear, or sportswear. We can design various colors and patterns. The production shapes include rectangles, squares, circles, diamonds, triangles, etc. As long as you can think of the shape of heat transfer, we can make it for you.

Except for Clothing, Where can Heat Transfer Labels be Used?

Enhance Your Products’ Identity with Custom Heat Transfer Labels!

heat transfer labels for clothing
  1. Personalized daily necessities: Fashion personality has changed!
    It can print personalized patterns on cups, blank T-shirts, mobile phone cases, mirrors, keychains, pens, pen holders, desk calendars, photo frames, rackets, cosmetic boxes, etc.
  2. Fashionable room supplies: One touch to turn into a fashionable home!
    Print personalized patterns on sofas, coffee tables, kitchen cabinets, chandeliers, ashtrays, vase decorations, lithographs, glass paintings, pots, pans, etc.
  3. Business, home, and other interior building materials: highlight the extraordinary fashion choices!
    We can print personalized patterns on doors, windows, floors, handles, wall panels, business card boxes, etc.
  4. All kinds of electronic products: personalized proposition, everywhere!
    Printed logos or patterns on telephones, VCRs, DVDs, TVs, air conditioners, speakers, remote controls, mice, clocks, etc.
  5. Car accessories: Different, it is fashion!
    Customize personalized patterns heat transfer labels using for the instrument panels, tissue box, teacup holder, tape holder, rear view mirror frame, handle, car lock, etc.

Except heat transfer labels, you can also get other custom product labels:

Make Your Products Unforgettable with Custom Heat Transfer Labels

Heat transfer labels can print on various flat materials. Such as leather, textile fabrics, plexiglass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood products, and coated paper. Besides, it does not require plate making, color registration, and complicated plate drying procedures. And even, it will not cause damage to the material. Thus, many customers have favored thermal transfer labels over the years.

Acctrims is a heat transfer label maker & wholesaler and we support worldwide shipping. We are not only experienced, but we can also provide free design and one-to-one support. A one-stop customized product experience can save you time and cost. Please feel free to contact us. Acctrims is where you can customize all types of clothing labels, buttons, pull tabs, and packaging solutions. High-end or luxury, cheap or small quantity, that’s okay.

Project samples of heat transfer labels

Free Design | High Quality | One-to-One Support | One-Stop Purchasing

Get Creative with Custom Heat Transfer Labels

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