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Custom woven/printed satin labels for clothing

Custom satin labels for clothing include satin woven labels and satin printed labels, we make and wholesale bulk personalized satin label rolls or cut satin tags. Among the satin sewing(sew on) labels, below are label types by functions for garments. Like satin wash care labels, satin size labels, satin neck labels, satin name labels, etc. As the name suggests, satin labels are composed of silk fabric ribbon tape. Its material is bright and has a good feel. So, it is smooth as silk. And It is high density, smooth, and high quality at a reasonable price.

Satin clothing labels have a certain width limit. The width of the woven ribbon is generally not more than 10.8cm. The width of the printed satin ribbon does not exceed 5.0cm.

We can woven or print brand logos, sizes, product names, or wash symbols on it. Also, you can use sustainable eco-friendly fabrics to make your own unique and luxurious labels. In addition, we can make Pantone colors or customized colors at your request. And they are ideal for all garments. Such as coats, t-shirts, jackets, suits, dresses, sweaters, baby clothes, etc. 

Custom satin woven labels for clothing

Satin woven labels are one kind of selvage woven label. And it has a glossy surface and selvage edge, like silk. Then, it is starched and seems high grad. The logo woven by the machine is sparse, and we can see many small holes. That is, it has thick font lines and white holes. But the threads for satin woven labels are a little thick. But, if your logo text is bold, it’s not obvious if the text is thin. So, we suggest you choose a damask woven label if you mind small holes surface.

satin woven labels_DSC5202

Gold logo, black background with white text

We can make it in metallic colors (like gold/silver). In general, the colors that we can use will be less than four. The background color is often white, black, or grey.

Then, it is of good quality and the price is higher than damask woven labels. However, the production time is longer.

Satin woven labels are a complete piece after being woven from the salvage machine. Therefore, its edge is a wrapping edge. And the weft yarns are the same color from beginning to end and are connected together. And it feels soft. However, there are only five or fewer colors, and generally no more than four. If you want to do a bling logo effect. Well, you can use metallic yarn. Metal yarn is divided into flat yarn and round yarn. The colors are only gold and silver.

satin labels DSC6880

Reverse satin woven labels

Satin woven labels include 2 kinds of labels. One is satin on the front and the other is satin on the back. Reverse satin woven labels are satin on the back, not satin on the front. The features of this kind of label are that the LOGO and shading on the front are special and rare. However, this kind of label works better and is more expensive.

Reverse satin woven labels 01
Reverse satin woven labels

Custom satin printed labels with logos

Commonly used materials for printed labels are satin ribbons(silk ribbon), cotton, tapes (polyester tape), canvas, etc. And satin printed labels refer to printed sewing labels with satin material. In general, we often use them as the main labels, ingredient labels, wash labels, or size labels. And many customers will choose to make this kind of printed satin label. Because it is soft and can print colorful colors. In addition, it’s cheaper and has a short production time.

Satin printed labels_DSC1496

The printed satin labels are also divided into single-sided and double-sided. A single-sided one means that one side is shiny. While a double-sided one means that both sides are shiny. Then, the double-sided ones are thicker and are often used to print two-sided logos. If you need a logo on both sides, we can make it centerfold on a single-sided satin label.

About printing of satin printed labels

The logo printing on the satin labels of a white background, usually we use gravure printing. And we can print multiple colors. While we use silk screen printing on dark or black color ribbons. And silk screen printing can print a two-color logo. For design drafts with complex colors, you can choose thermal transfer printing. But the color fastness is not high.

Compared with satin woven labels, the advantages of satin printed labels are:

  1. Because printed satin labels adopt the printing method, they can achieve rich full, and bright colors. It has high definition and the products are more fashionable;
  2. High production efficiency. Because the production method of woven satin labels is similar to the way of weaving. The output is not as high as that of printed labels. But the woven satin labels are washable and not easy to fade. Meanwhile, they are more high-end and luxurious.

So, we will give you professional advice according to your requests.


Details of custom satin labels for clothing brands

  • Feature: sustainable, soft-touch, comfortable, fray-proof, smooth surface, silk-like feeling, etc;
  • Label type: sewing main label, garment care label, clothing size labels, etc;
  • Use: garments, shoes, bags, towels, scarf, caps, home textiles, etc;
  • Techniques: weave, printed, etc;
  • Color: Custom color or CMYK & Pantone Color, etc;
  • Size: customized sizes are welcome, etc;
  • Washing method: no soaking; dry cleanable, and avoid direct sunlight, etc;
  • Fold style: center folded / end fold / loop fold / mitre fold / Manhattan fold / book fold / straight cut, in a rolls, etc;
  • Print method: heat pressed, silk-printing, high-resolution print, etc;

5 main types of satin labels – by label folding ways


End fold satin labels

Center fold satin labels_DSC1064

Centerfold satin labels

Mitre folded satin labels_DSC9879

Mitre folded satin labels

Manhattan fold satin labels

Manhattan fold satin labels

Straight cut satin labels _DSC5963

Straight-cut satin labels

Overlock satin labels roll_DSC0607

Overlock satin labels roll

Project samples of satin labels for clothing


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