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24 different types of buttons for clothes

There are 24 different types of buttons for clothes, materials include plastic, resin, wood, shell, coconut, metal, horn, leather, fabric, pearl, rubber, etc. And according to the material and function of the clothing button fasteners, there are many other kinds of buttons that we need to know and understand. Such as rhinestone buttons, shank buttons, snap buttons, sew-through buttons, jeans buttons, etc.

We all know that buttons play an important role in clothing, shirts, jeans, jackets, or coat. It not only provides a convenient opening and closing method but also can decorate and enhance the design of clothing. In short, buttons are an indispensable element in garment design. Let’s learn about the different types of buttons for clothes together!

Different types of buttons for clothes & button fastenings

According to button materials

  1. Metal Buttons
  2. Plastic Buttons
  3. Wooden Buttons
  4. Rubber Buttons
  5. Shell Buttons
  6. Resin Buttons
  7. Coconut Buttons
  8. Horn Buttons
  9. Fabric-Covered Buttons
  10. Leather Buttons
  11. Pearl Buttons
  12. Ceramic Buttons
  13. Rhinestone Buttons
  14. Glass Buttons
  15. Synthetic Buttons

According to button functions

  1. Shank Buttons
  2. Sew-through Buttons
  3. Flat Buttons
  4. Snap Buttons
  5. Jeans Buttons
  6. Decorative Buttons
  7. Magnetic Buttons
  8. Knot Buttons
  9. Hook and Eye Buttons

24 different types of buttons for clothes listed with pictures

Metal button materials include zinc alloy, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum. They can be solid or decorative colored. We often use it on jackets, coats, and denim clothing. Metal buttons have a wide range of shapes. Such as round, rectangular, letter-shaped, logo-shaped, or oddly shaped.

In addition, the surface of metal buttons can be plated or painted with other materials. Such as gold, silver, or enamel. Such a beautiful appearance will be more attractive and ornamental.

In general, we often use brass buttons in military uniforms. While stainless steel buttons are suitable for high-end fashion items.

Metal Buttons_DSC0982

Plastic buttons are lightweight and durable. They are available in various plastic materials such as acrylic, polyester, and nylon. Generally, we use plastic buttons on all kinds of clothing and fashion. We can make it into various colors, sizes, shapes, etc.

And, we can also design them in different textures and finishes. Such as matte, glossy or metallic colors. It can engrave the brand logo, patterns, or other decorative elements.

However, since plastic is not biodegradable. So they are not the best choice for pursuing eco-friendly buttons. Therefore, more green shell buttons, wooden buttons, etc. will become more and more popular.

Plastic Buttons_DSC2170

Wooden buttons have a natural wood grain. Materials include oak, walnut, and bamboo. So it looks very simple and natural. And it doesn’t look as shiny as plastic buttons. But these buttons work well with linen fabrics or plain casual wear.

The main component of wooden buttons is lignin. Therefore, it is extremely resistant to organic solvents. Plus, it can be dry-cleaned with your clothes.

Plus, this natural button isn’t just for coats, shirts, kids’ clothes, and other clothing. It is also suitable as a decorative button for your knitting crafts and DIY handmade items.

custom wooden buttons_DSC0877

Rubber buttons are usually made of materials such as silicone rubber or PVC rubber. So they are very soft and durable. Then, the rubber buttons are soft to the touch and very resilient. So, they are very suitable for use in electronic equipment. Examples include remote controls, calculators, and keyboard buttons. Because of their durability, we often use rubber buttons on children’s clothing, sportswear, or other types of casual clothing.

Rubber Buttons DSC0475

Shell buttons can be made from a variety of shells. Such as abalone, mother-of-pearl, and trochus. And shell buttons are lightweight, strong, and have a natural iridescent sheen.

We often use shell buttons on clothing or fashion accessories with a beach or bohemian feel. Besides, they’re popular for crafts and DIY projects.

Often, shell buttons are round. Then, we’ll polish it to a smooth finish. Then we’ll drill 2 or 4 holes in it. The purpose is to sew them on clothes or use them as closures for bags or other accessories.

clothing shell buttons_DSC0467

Resin buttons are a type of plastic button called resin. What’s more, resin buttons are not only lightweight but also durable. In addition, we can make resin buttons in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They are great for clothing, bags, accessories, and home decor.

Due to their rich shapes, rich colors and low price, resin buttons are especially suitable for casual clothing and shirts. We can say, resin buttons are still the most popular type of clothing buttons. Also, resin buttons are inexpensive, waterproof, and easy to clean. So they are very popular in clothing, sewing, or craft projects.

clothing resin buttons DSC0917

Coconut buttons are made from the shells of coconuts. They are eco-friendly and biodegradable. In addition, coconut buttons are popular in tropical and beachwear for their natural and rustic look.

Coconut buttons are kinds of a sustainable alternative to plastic buttons. They are perfect for clothing, bags, textile products, and handicrafts. Then, we can stain, paint or engrave logos on its surface to add a personal touch to your projects.

Coconut Buttons DSC9365

Horn buttons have natural color and unique texture. And they are made of the horns of various animals, such as buffalo and deer. They are durable, strong, and have many colors and patterns. So, you can find them in all kinds of clothing, like jackets, coats, blazers, and shirts.

You can take horn buttons as a stylish and functional alternative to plastic or metal buttons. And horn buttons are often hand-carved and polished and have a smooth and attractive finish. Unlike many plastic buttons, the horn button is biodegradable. In summary, the horn buttons are sustainable clothing fastening option for any outfit.

Horn Buttons

Fabric-covered buttons use cloth-covered button molds. And the buttons are suitable for many kinds of projects such as clothing, pillows, curtains, etc. They add a personal touch and unique touch to clothing, accessories, and home decor projects. Often, the cloth-covered materials include cotton, silk, and velvet. As a button fastener, fabric-covered buttons will be a good decoration for garments, accessories, and home projects.

fabric buttons

Leather buttons are buttons made of various types of leather. Materials include ordinary cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, suede, etc.

They are durable and fashionable. And we often use them as closures for clothing. Such as jackets, coats, and vests.

In addition, Leather buttons can also be used in various handicrafts. Such as leather wallets, handbags, ornaments, and so on.

 Leather Buttons

Pearl buttons have a natural and beautiful appearance. They are usually made of shells, freshwater or saltwater pearls. In general, pearl buttons are more durable and will not easy to fray and fade.

Pearl buttons are ideal for formal wear like wedding dresses and evening gowns. Then, they are also good for jewelry making. And today, many manufacturers use synthetic or alternative materials such as mother-of-pearl to create pearl-like buttons.

 Pearl Buttons

Ceramic buttons are often small decorative buttons made of ceramic. These buttons can have a variety of shapes, colors and patterns. And we can paint or glaze with intricate designs on the button surface.

So, we can make ceramic buttons to add a decorative touch to clothing and shirts. Meanwhile, ceramic buttons are perfect for bags, and other fabric items.

Ceramic Buttons

Rhinestone buttons are shiny decorative buttons that use stones and artificial shiny rhinestones. We often use them for evening wear or other dressy occasions.

In addition, rhinestone buttons have many colors. Such as clear, colored, or even iridescent color. Meanwhile, they have different sizes and shapes. Such as round, square, or flowers, hearts, or star shapes.

Rhinestone buttons are dazzling and eye-catching. So, we can apply them to dresses, blouses, jackets, shoes, bags, DIY, home decor items, etc.

Rhinestone Buttons

Glass buttons refer to clothing buttons made of glass. These buttons can be clear, colored, or patterned. However, glass buttons are more fragile and fragile than ordinary plastic or metal buttons. Because of this, glass buttons become even more decorative.

Moreover, all kinds of glass buttons have unique visual effects. So, we can use glass buttons on women’s cheongsams, skirts, cardigan sweaters, shirts, children’s clothes, front cuffs of women’s clothes, etc.

Synthetic buttons use synthetic materials, such as polyester, resin, or nylon to make clothing buttons. They are lightweight, durable, inexpensive, and easy to make.

Synthetic buttons have a variety of colors and styles. We can use them on garments such as sportswear, casual wear, children’s clothing, and uniforms. Sometimes, we need to customize them. Such as adding other materials like ceramics and metals. But, that will increase production costs.

Synthetic Buttons

A shank button has a raised ring or loop on the back instead of a hole. The ring allows for the thread to pass through easily. And the shank makes the buttons suitable for thicker fabrics. Because buttons with handles allow more space between the button and the fabric. In this way, we can button and unbutton clothing easily. And the shank can also keep buttons from loosening or falling out. So, they are perfect for coats, jackets, shirts, etc.


Sew-through buttons are similar to flat buttons with two or four holes. They are the most common types of buttons in garments, accessories, and home decor. But they have larger holes in the center to allow for thicker threads or ribbons to sew through.

Sew-on buttons have many sizes, shapes, and colors. And they also have various materials. Such as resin, metal, rubber, wood, mother-of-pearl, etc.


Flat buttons are also the most common type of clothing button in daily life. They are flat on both sides. And the buttons usually have two or four holes for sewing in the center to fabrics.

Flat buttons are easy to sew on all kinds of garments and textiles. Flat sewing buttons have various sizes, colors, materials, and designs.

And they have different materials like resin, coconut, plastic, metal, wood, shell, etc. So, flat buttons are ideal for shirts, blouses, dresses, pants, jackets, coats, hats and bags.


Snap buttons, also known as press studs or poppers. They consist of two interlocking parts(metal or plastic) that snap together to either side of a garment.

And snap buttons are a type of button fastener in clothing. They are easy to open and close. So, we often use them for jackets, shirts, coats, down jackets, trousers, etc.

In daily life, we often use snap buttons to place other types of fasteners. Such as zippers, buttons, or hooks and eyes.


The jean’s buttons consist of two parts: the upper button and the lower nail. Then, its materials include zinc alloy, copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. In addition, jeans buttons can not only play a functional role in garments. But also, it can be a good decoration for your overalls and jackets.

jeans buttons DSC0970

Decorative Buttons play the role of decorative purposes. And a well-designed decorative button can add a personalized touch to our clothing or fabrics.

They are buttons that are primarily for aesthetic rather than functional purposes. Materials include metal, plastic, resin, shell, wood, or fabric coverings.

First, we can sew them for garments such as shirts, jackets, and dresses. Second, they can also be used as closures for bags, purses, and other accessories. In-home decor, decorative buttons are suitable for beautifying cushions, pillows, and blankets.

Decorative Buttons_DSC0823

Magnetic buttons use magnets to hold two pieces of fabric or material together. They are a convenient and secure type of small closure for clothing too. Except for garments, we can use them for bags, and other accessories. Magnetic buttons are popular because they are easy to use and easy to open and close.

Magnetic buttons usually have 2 parts. A metal or plastic piece with a magnet inside that is sewn onto the fabrics. And a corresponding metal or plastic piece that is attracted to the magnet on the opposite side.

Magnetic Buttons

Knot buttons also call Chinese frog buttons or frog closures. It is a kind of decorative fastener that is often used in traditional Chinese clothing. Of course, we can use them for Cheongsam, ancient costumes, etc. We often make knot buttons with a series of knots with a cord or ribbon. Besides being used as buttons, they also make beautiful decorative knots. If it is matched with other decorative knots, it can form a pair of beautiful buckles. At the same time, it is usually used as a finishing touch in the braided Chinese knot bracelet.

Knot Buttons

The hook & eye button is a less common type of button fastener for a handmade bag or purse. In addition, we can also use it on collar hooks, bras, clothing, hakama, shoulder straps, leather goods, tents, wedding dresses, DIY handicrafts, etc.

Hook & eye closure does not seem to be a very tight and safe sealing method. They slip off easily. So, if you seek a bag closure, hook & eye closure is not your ideal choice.

different types of buttons for clothes: Hook Eye closure

In conclusion

According to different materials and functions, there are many different types of buttons for clothes. Each button has its own pros and cons. Therefore, you can choose the buttons that suit you according to your own needs. Acctrims is a one-stop professional button supplier and manufacturer. We provide resin buttons, wooden buttons, metal buttons, snap buttons, jeans buttons, shell or coconut buttons, clear plastic buttons, etc. If you want to customize personalized buttons for your clothing brand, please feel free to contact us for a free quote.

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