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Garment trims play an important role in clothing. Almost every piece of garment or shoe has garment trims. Whether it is skirts, sweaters, pants, or Martin boots, there are garment trims. Maybe they are common, but we rarely notice them. Because almost all types of trimmings used in garments are sewn on or attached to clothing. Sometimes we mistake them for part of a costume. In fact, they all exist independently. Also, they play a functional as well as decorative role in clothing. Don’t look at them as small, but they are indispensable. If you want to understand clothing trim types more clearly, then hopefully this article will give you a hint.

Don’t miss out the 30 different types of garment trims used in garments

See the 30 types of garment trims that will take your fashion to the next level as follows:

  1. Clothing buttons
  2. Zipper
  3. Zipper pulls
  4. All kinds of ribbons
  5. Elastic trims
  6. Piping trims
  7. Lace trims: lace fabric
  8. Applique
  9. Beads and sequins
  10. Embroidery
  11. All types of patches
  12. Tassels
  13. Clothing labels & tags
  14. Buckles and fasteners
  15. Press studs or snaps
  16. Eyelets or grommets
  17. Pompoms
  18. Fringe
  19. Sequin appliqués
  20. Rhinestones
  21. Applique patches
  22. Ruffles
  23. Braided cord and drawstrings
  24. Ruching
  25. Bias binding
  26. Tulle
  27. Fur trim
  28. End stopper
  29. Aglets
  30. Rivets
garment trims: clothing buttons DSC0917

Clothing buttons are the most common garment fasteners in garment trims. We often use this small round or square button to fix the opening of our clothes. However, many times we also use it to decorate and embellish clothes. We use it in almost all types of clothing. Such as dresses, jackets, shirts, trench coats, etc. There are many types of clothing buttons to choose from. Such as resin buttons, wooden buttons, rubber buttons, metal buttons, shell buttons, etc. Besides, custom clothing buttons can add more pops of color and visual interest to clothing. They can be any shape or logo.

zipper DSC0786

A zipper is also a common fastening device. Zippers usually consist of two parallel rows of metal or plastic teeth. We can interlock or separate them by sliding the zipper pulls with the head. In addition, zippers are commonly used in garment jackets, luggage, trousers, purse, and bags. They come in different lengths, materials, and styles. At the same time, we can also use it as a decorative design element. Common zipper types include nylon, metal, plastic, invisible and two-way zippers.

Zipper pulls DSC_0049

Zipper pulls are small attachments that are added to the end of a zipper. It helps to open and close the zipper more easily. Zipper pulls come in many materials including leather, metal, plastic or woven fabric. Moreover, zipper pulls have a wide range of styles, colors or shapes. So, we can also enhance brand influence through customization. All custom zipper pulls are perfect for dresses, coats, purses and suitcases. These zipper tabs can be functional or decorative. Also, they can be large or small according to different usage scenarios.

Meanwhile, we attach the zipper pulls to the zipper in a variety of ways. This depends on the type of handle and the design of the zipper. Some pull tabs may have a small metal ring. It fits through the hole at the end of the zipper slider. However some zipper pulls may have a small clip or hook that attaches to the slider itself.

Polyester ribbon

Ribbons are decorative and functional fabric with long and narrow strips. And they have plenty of materials, such as silk, polyester, organza, velvet, burlap, cotton, nylon, etc. Meanwhile, ribbons have different widths, colors, patterns, and textures. And they have many applications in daily life. Such as we use them in gift wrapping, clothing and fashion, handicrafts, weddings and special events, etc.

Elastic trims DSC0029

Elastic trims are narrow strips of elastic material for garments. Such as waistbands, cuffs, and bra straps, as well as in items like bags, hats, and headbands.They have stretch and flexibility to various types of clothing and accessories.
Elastic trims have mainly 3 types, including knitted elastic, braided elastic, or rubber elastics. Besides, we can use them as decorative trims. Such as we can add lace, sequins, beads, fake diamonds on its surface.

They are comfortable to wear and we can customize them into different size and color. So, we thick this type of trim are ideal for DIY and crafting projects.

piping trims
From Pinterest

Piping trims are a type decorative and functional edge used in sewing and upholstery. They are perfect for garment or home decor item. Meanwhile, they have many materials, which include cotton, silk, linen, and wool. And we can find many uses for the trims in life. Such as clothing seams, collars, and pockets, edge of pillows, curtains, and upholstery.

Cotton lace trims_DSC0708

Lace trims are a kind of decorative strip of fabric that have delicate and intricate patterns. We often use them to embellish clothing, lingerie, home decor items, DIY projects. Moreover, there are many materials for lace fabric. Such as cotton, silk, synthetic nylon or polyester, etc.

Second, lace have a wide range of styles. Some of the most popular lace trim designs include scalloped, floral, geometric, and crocheted lace. Also, we can embellish them with beads, sequins, fake diamonds, or other decorative elements. About the uses, we can apply them in the edges of sleeves, collars, hems, and waistlines.


Applique trims are also a kind of decorative elements. They are a decorative motif trim that are sewing or gluing onto a garment. We can use them to a strip of fabric or ribbon. That makes them ideal for clothing, accessories, or home decor items.

Applique trims materials include lace, ribbon, felt, or even leather. And we can use them to fabrics by hand-stitching, machine-stitching, or fusible webbing. Applique trims have some popular styles such as lace applique trims, embroidered or felt applique trims, beaded applique trims, etc. And they add a touch of glamour to clothing, home textiles, bags, pillows, eveningwear, etc.

Beads and sequins

Beads and sequins are small, shiny decorative items that are sewn onto garments to add sparkle and texture to textiles. They can create a delicate, shimmering effect when we use them to garments or favbrics.

In general, beads are small, round objects with glass, plastic, wood, or metal material. On the other hand, sequins, are often small, flat, shiny items with plastic or metal material. So, we can sew them onto clothes to make a sparkle glamour effect. Such as dresses, costumes, jewelry, dancewear, and evening wear.


Embroidry is a kind of meticulous, complex and exquisite pattern by using materials such as threads, needles, and fabrics. Embroidery have wide applications in daily life. Such as we can use them for clothing, home textiles, exquisite gifts and souvenirs, etc. Also, they are ideal for decorating the neckline, cuffs, skirt ofgarments.

Woven Patches_DSC0112

Patch is a very popular decorative fabric or leather items. We can use them to show personal style, group identity, personal achievements and special memorials. The types of patches include embroidered, woven, printed, leather, PVC rubber, iron-on patches. And we often sew them on clothes, hats, bags, boots, military uniforms, etc.


Tassels are decorative ornaments made of hanging threads. We often use them to the edge of garments, curtains, cushions, scarves, shawls, bags, home or craft textiles.

Besides, tassels have different shapes, lengths, and colors. And we can embellishthem with beads, sequins, or other decorations to create a more elaborate look.

custom woven labels_DSC0148

Clothing labels & tags are small pieces of fabric, leather, metal, plasticor paper attached to garments. And we can see clothing information on them. Such as size, origin, material, care instructions, logos. They are an essential part of the branding and marketing of clothing items.

Clothing labels & tags can be woven, printed, or engraved with brand logos. A personalized clothing label can be a good promotion tool for branding. Maybe they are small, but they are ubiquitous and indispensable.

Pin buckle_DSC0839

Buckles are kinds of plastic or metal fasteners used to hold belts, straps or closures on garments or bags. Meanwhile, we can use buckles to fasten belts or straps on garments, shoes, bags, or windbreaker. In addition, buckles are so inportant because they provide a secure and adjustable closure that can be easily opened and closed. That make them an ideal fastener in our lifes. Whether it is clothing, overalls, belts, or various handbags or backpacks, buckles has played an irreplaceable role.

Press studs or snaps DSC0548

Press studs or snaps are two-part fasteners for denim jackets, baby clothes, sportswear, bags, etc. In general, they are made of various metal, plastic material.They are a type of metal or plastic button and socket to hold a garment together. And we can use them to secure fabric layers, or reinforce buttonholes. When pressed together, the two discs lock into place. That will create a secure closure that can be easily opened by pulling them apart. So, we can open or fasten them in a quick and easy way.

Eyelets or grommets DSC0434

Eyelets and grommets are both small metal or plastic rings for lacing or fastening. And we often insert them into a hole in a fabric, leather or paper material. Of course, we can take them as a decorative elements to a garment. And their materials include zinc alloy, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic. But, metal eyelets are the common in daily life.

Eyelets and grommets have many practical and decorative uses. We can use them to reinforce buttonholes, create laced closures, or attach straps and handles. So, they are popular for sportswear, outdoor gear, and industrial or textile products.


Pompoms are small, fluffy decorative balls of yarn or fabric. And we often use them in children’s clothing, cheerleading, dance, etc. Also, pompom trim can be used to add a playful and whimsical touch to pillows, blankets, and other home decor items. They are a kind of colorful and eye-catching accessory. So, for many DIY projects, scarves, garlands, wreaths, use pompoms are an ideal choice.


Fringe is a decorative edging garment trims made of threads or cords that hang loosely from the edge of a garment. They can create a fringed or tasseled effect. Fringe trim uses cotton, wool, silk, and synthetic fibers. And they can embellish clothing, handbags, home textiles such as curtains, pillows, and lampshades. Also, they are popular for designers. Because they are a versatile and stylish decorative element. And designers can define them in creative ways.

Sequin appliqués

As a decorative element, sequin appliqués are shiny and glossy fabric pieces. They are a kind of small, shiny sequins that are attached to a fabric backing. Moreover, they have different shapes and sizes. Such as stars, hearts, flowers, etc.

Sequin appliqués can be sewn or glued onto a variety of materials. Like fabric, leather, and even paper. So, they are suitable for clothing, jackets, bags, shoes, holiday decorations, curtains or pillows, etc. Thus, sequin appliqués are a versatile and fun decorative element. We can us use them to add personality to any of our projects.


Rhinestones are small, glittering stones that are attached to a garment or jewelry making. They are made of glass or acrylic and can create a dazzling effect.

Rhinestones can be sewn onto fabric, or glued onto surfaces. Also, we can make them as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories. Of course, we can add them to outfit clothing or handbags. Such as evening wear, gowns and cocktail dresses.

Applique patches

Applique patches are kind of fabric patches that are sewn onto clothing, bags, or other accessories. Using applique patches can add a personalized touch to an item, or to cover up a hole or stain.

Applique patches include cotton, wool, leather, or synthetic fibers. They are suitable for denim jackets, backpacks, and t-shirts to create a unique and personalized look.


Ruffles is a gathered strip of fabric that creates a wavy or flouncy effect when attached to a garment. We often use ruffles on dresses, blouses, and skirts. Meanwhile,

Ruffles have cotton, silk, chiffon, and tulle material. They can create a elegant and formal vibe to a garment. In home decor, we use them in bedding, curtains, and throw pillows. That can create a soft and cozy atmosphere.

Braided cord and drawstrings

According to the material of the braided cord or drawstrings in textiles, we can divide it into 5 types. Such as braided cotton cord, polyester cord, nylon cord, leather cord, hemp cord, etc. They are very suitable for use in knitting crafts, textiles, clothing trims, sweater/hoody drawstrings, jackets, bags, shoes, etc.

From Pinterest

Ruching is a gathered or pleated strip of fabric for clothing, dresses, tops. A well-designed ruching can add elegance to our clothes. They can create a flattering effect on lady’s skirts, sleeves, and tops.

This wrinkled effect is achieved with sewing thread. Simple sewing can achieve incredible final effects on fabrics.

Bias binding
From Pinterest

What is a bias binding trim? It is a strip of fabric that is cut on the bias (diagonal). And we use them to bind neck edges and seams on a garment. A bias binding trim is often at the raw edge of a garment. Such as the neckline, armpits or hem. Then, it make thes clothes more clean and tidy. Of course, we can also use them as decorative fabric straps to make clothes more designed.


Tulles are a thin, lightweight, sheer garment trims. It is soft with fine silk, cotton, or nylon material like net. So, we often use them to make veils and dresses. A tulle trim is a more romantic and feminine tulle. We can combine it with clothing fabrics to create various romantic skirts, bridal wedding dresses, evening dresses, etc. for ladies. In addition, we can sequins, beads or embroidery to embellish our skirts. And, we can also use it to make pillows, quilt covers, tablecloths, DIY projects, etc.

Fur trim

As the name suggests, a fur trim is a clothing edge made of animal fur or synthetic fur. In general, we will use it on the down jacket collar, jacket, or other winter clothing. This artificial fur is soft and warm like real fur.

Fur trim’s use can really reduce the cold winter and bring people’s warmth. In addition, we can also use it on a hat, scarf or glove.

End stopper

A end stopper is a metal cord end made of zinc alloy, brass or stainless steel. We mainly use them in clothing, bags, hoodies, shoelace, and accessories. It is also known as a wire plug or a metal drawstring end. Plus, it’s adjustable and nickel-free. Therefore, it is also very simple and convenient to use. In general, its surface can be electroplated and colored. After sanding, the end stopper will be smoother and more comfortable.

Metal aglets_DSC0596

Aglets are small metal tubes, or tips that are attached to the ends of shoelaces and hoodies. That make the shoelace easier to thread through the eyelets of shoes. Besides, the metal aglets can avoid fraying of the shoelaces. Then, they make the laces easier to grip and tie.

So, we think they are ideal for shoelaces, hoodie ropes, hat ropes, clothing ropes, trouser ropes, lanyards, bags, handicrafts, etc. And they are eco-friendly, nickel & lead-free.

jeans buttons_DSC0756

Rivets are a small metal fasteners. And we use them to join two pieces of material together. And rivets consist of a cylindrical shaft and a head.

Rivets also have important applications in fashion clothing. As riveted fittings, they are functional or decorative. In clothing, we usually use it in jeans making. In addition, they also have wide use in leather products. Such as leather belt, purse, leather handbag, etc.

In conclusion

In conclusion, there are many different types of garment trims used in garments. It is these garment trims that make our garments more perfect. Step up your fashion game with trendy garment trims today!

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