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Best custom plastic PVC hang tags for your fashion brand

Wholesale custom plastic PVC hang tags manufacturers & suppliers at best price and print waterproof soft PVC swing tags with logos and many shapes for clothing. In Acctrims, you can customize clear or matte PVC hang tags and Symphony laser film tags for high-end and luxury brands. Many brands will customize coated paper and special paper hang tags. But PVC hang tags are also very popular. They include soft PVC and hard PVC. Not only is it cheap. And it can print rich colors. Soft and bendable PVC plastic hangtags are perfect for fashion brands and high-end clothing brands. Besides, they are ideal for scarves, purses, bags, luggage, shoes, hats, umbrellas and other products that require hang tags!

Compared with paper hang tags, plastic PVC hang tags are particularly durable and waterproof. And it can be eco-friendly and recyclable. It’s soft and non-irritating to the skin. If you want a more green material, you can replace PVC with silicone. Silicone hang tags are more non-toxic and harmless. In addition, the hang tag pattern printing of PVC material will be more clear and more transparent. And it won’t wear off. Meanwhile, we can die-cut them into various shapes according to needs. Such as round, rectangles, squares, rhombuses, and irregular shapes. If you print the brand logo on it, which will enhance the brand image and popularity.


MaterialSoft PVC, hard PVC
ShapeRound, square, rectangle, heart shape, die-cut shape, irregular shape, customized shape
ColorClear(transparent), matte, semi-transparent, black, red, green, etc.
Tag accessories for matchingCotton rope, wax rope, hemp rope, safety pins, metal eyelets, metal beads, fabrics, tracing paper, coated paper, etc.
ApplicationsAll types of garments, coats, jeans, jackets, scarves, purses, bags, suitcases, shoes, hats, umbrellas, dresses, shirts, socks, thank you cards, gift tags, plush dolls, accessories, home textiles, etc.
Bulk production time and shipping timeBulk goods are about 10 to 20 days. Shipping time is 3-6 business days by express.

Types of PVC hang tags for clothing

In general, hang tags include two pairs. That is the main card and the second card. Then, PVC hang tags can form alone or combine with other materials to form a set of hang tags. Other materials include coated paper, white card paper, black card paper, specialty paper, kraft paper, Dupont paper, leather, metal, synthetic cloth, canvas, lace, matte tape, cotton tape, EVA, TPU, etc.

Soft PVC with coated paper

PVC hang tags with paper hang tags DSC0171

The hang tags consist of PVC and paper hang tags with orange plastic rings connecting to them. Combining coated paper and PVC tags is common. This kind of hang tag design is not so boring and single. It will also be a popular trend in the future. The surface is an embossing logo with matte and yellow colors. This design is more three-dimensional and gives people a bright feeling.

Clear PVC plastic bag with paper tags

This tag is composed of 3 parts. One is a PVC plastic bag, which is used for equipment products, gifts, buttons, cards, etc. One is a white paper button bag. We use it to store spare buttons for clothing. The other one is the paper hang tag with embossed Logos printed on it. At the same time, we will provide customers with designated cotton hang tag string ropes and safety pins. Then, it’s easy for us to hang the tags on the target garment or fabric.

Clear PVC plastic bag with paper tags DSC0271

Clear PVC with kraft paper tags


This hanging tag is made of transparent PVC and kraft paper. And the round PVC hang tag is a secondary tag printed with black patterns and text. The content on the main kraft hang tags is simple and low-key. It just prints the company’s logo pattern and website address. Two hang tags held together by cotton beige hang tag string and safety pins. So, it is perfect for vintage denim jackets, sweaters, menswear, jeans, jackets, or shirts.

Translucent PVC with full-color printing paper tags

This hang tag is composed of translucent PVC and full-color printing paper hang tags. Among them, the translucent PVC tag is hot-stamped with a purple-gold logo. It makes the overall appearance of the tag look high-end and luxurious. The top is metal eyelets that staple the 2 hanging tags together. Meanwhile, the well-designed color scheme is perfect for fashion women’s clothing brands.

Translucent PVC with full-color printing paper tags

Clear plastic PVC hangtags

Clear plastic PVC hangtags

This is a special round plastic hang tag. But this is a pure PVC tag. The main hang tag is transparent hard plastic PVC printed with a white logo. The secondary hang tag is a hollowed-out round black PVC hang tag. We put them together and string them with a tag rope. Therefore, pure PVC tags are very waterproof. This kind of tag is suitable for sportswear, swimwear, outdoor clothes, underwear, etc. Of course, it also suits raincoats, umbrellas, luggage, and other daily items that need waterproofing.

Transparent PVC inflatable down bag tag

Transparent PVC inflatable down bag tag

This is a transparent PVC inflatable down bag tag label. It is a down jacket tag using vacuum plastic. This hang tag has clear printing and bright colors. Then, its material is a new PVC with a smooth and translucent surface. Various colors of logos are available. Usually, we take metal beads as tag strings on down jackets.

However, we can also make some creative designs in various shapes. Of course, there are also various filling materials. For example, we can fill down, cotton, duck down, wool buttons, sequins, particles, color chips, etc.

Moreover, you can customize any styles, logos, texts, and patterns to your own needs. This PVC inflatable tag is also suitable for outdoor clothes, cotton coats, down jackets, scarves, plush dolls, suitcases, accessories, and home textiles.

Red hard PVC and clear PVC plastic hang tags

This kind of all-PVC plastic hang tag is relatively cheap. There are many colors, and its surface is bright. Various logos and patterns are available. In addition to red, the tag color can also be green, yellow, black, etc. At the same time, we can make a hot-stamped gold or silver logo to highlight the brand image. In addition to being cheap, the most important thing about this kind of tag is waterproof. Therefore, it is a good tool to promote some special types of clothing.

Red hard PVC and clear PVC plastic hang tags

Why choose PVC hang tags?

PVC hang tags have the function of marking and warning. In addition, it can perform its role visually. For example text communication and graphic communication. Also, it has a symbolic, directional, warning, and indicative function.

PVC plastic hang tags can also have functions such as images and advertisements. For example, we can use it for employee badges, job numbers, product numbers, and restaurant table numbers. It mainly plays the role of identification and promotion.

PVC plastic hang tag is a kind of product information communication. It has the function of advertising and publicity. We often use them for commercial and industrial products as brand promotion.

Compared with paper hang tags, what are the disadvantages of PVC hang tags? And how to make the right PVC hang tags?

I believe many friends know that in the past, many printing factories used PVC as the main material to make hang tags. In recent years, people gradually change it to paper hang tags. So why are fewer and fewer hang tags designed with PVC material?

Compared with paper hang tags, PVC hang tags have a limited process. The made PVC tag looks like a VIP card. This instead makes consumers feel a sense of change. And it doesn’t seem to have the expected effect. And only through color, we can highlight the brand logo.

Second, the PVC tag is a kind of plastic, which is not eco-friendly. Although we can replace PVC with silicone material, the cost of silicone is much higher. For customers with limited budgets, it is recommended to choose paper hang tags. If you don’t care about environmental protection, you can choose soft PVC or hard PVC hang tags. But the latter can be a bit of a grind.

Soft thick PVC hang tags DSC0168
Soft thick PVC
hard PVC
Hard PVC

Finally, plastic hang tags can usually only be screen printed, bronzed, and other processes. They cannot be printed with conventional offset presses.

Soft PVC tag
Soft PVC tag

So, when you customize a set of hang tags, it is recommended to make soft PVC hang tags. Or form a set tag with PVC and paper material. And soft plastic PVC can also be made into the spare button bag. It’s also a trendy option. It is not recommended to choose hard PVC. Because if its edges are not handled properly, it may scratch hands.

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