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Wholesale custom clothing stickers with logos

Make and wholesale custom clothing stickers with logos, design your adhesive logo sticker labels that are clear, glossy, matte for garments, bottles, gift box. We are custom clothing stickers & self-adhesive labels maker. They can use for cartons, paper bags, jars, packaking box, picture album. Meanwhile, custom vinyl stickers suit clothing hang tags, clothing size labels, business cards, etc.

Custom clothing stickers are also called self-adhesive labels. It is based on paper, film, or a special material. The back of the fabric is coated with adhesive. And the surface materials are: coated paper, transparent PVC (transparent self-adhesive), Laser paper, writing paper, gold-plated paper, hot silver paper, and silver PVC. The size and shape of stickers are not fixed. You are free to design your own sticker label’s size and shape. For example, you can make it into square, oval, or other rare shapes!

Details for custom clothing stickers

  • Shape: right angle, rounded corner, circle, square, rectangle, oval, irregular shape; customized shape by your needs;
  • Material: Kraft paper, fragile paper, PVC self-adhesive, mirror paper self-adhesive, coated paper self-adhesive, writing paper, textured paper, etc;
  • Process: hot stamping, hot gold/silver, hot purple, UV, glossy film, matte film, clear film, embossing, debossing, printing, frosting, etc;
  • Films used: dumb film, light film, laser film, etc;
  • Glue type: water glue, environmentally friendly glue, hot melt glue, etc;
  • Printing: monochrome printing, color printing, UV printing;
  • Sticker label categories: sticker labels for food, medical, health products, cosmetics, mineral water, logistics, Officeworks, wine bottles, and daily chemicals.
  • MOQ: 100pcs.

Basic knowledge about stickers

1. Surface material

wood free paper, art paper (shading/mirror), transparent PVC, electrostatic PVC, PET, laser paper, temperature-resistant paper, PP, PC, kraft paper, fluorescent paper, thermal paper, gold-plated paper, silver-plated paper, synthetic paper (CPC/PP/HYL/pearl paper), aluminum foil paper, fragile (anti-counterfeiting) paper, textured paper, cloth label (Tyvek/nylon).

2. Films

Clear PET, Translucent PET, Clear OPP, Translucent OPP, Clear PVC, Glossy White PVC, Matte White PVC, Synthetic Paper, Glossy Gold (Silver), Polyester, Matte Gold (Silver) Polyester.

3. Glue types

General super sticky type, general strong sticky type, refrigerated food strong sticky type, general re-opening type, fiber re-opening type, eco-friendly type.

4. Backing paper

White, blue, and yellow glassine paper (or garlic paper), kraft paper, polyester PET, coated paper, and polyethylene.

Types of custom clothing stickers

1. Coated paper stickers

  • Features: the surface of coated paper stickers is smooth and shiny. The printing color is richful. And the color printing has strong reducibility. So, it can meet your high needs for printing quality.
  • Advantages: It’s low cost with wide printing adaptability. Therefore, it is suitable for various industries. And it is a commonly used label in the current market.
  • Disadvantages: it’s not waterproof and easy to tear without film. After the film is covered, it is waterproof and oil-proof, and it is not easy to tear.
  • Uses: It is suitablefor various industries. Such as clothing, boxes, paper bags, medicines, food, drinks, stationery, etc.
  • Process: Lamination (glossy film, matte film, laser film, etc.); monochrome, color printing; hot stamped gold/silver, etc.

2. transparent(clear) sticker labels

  • Features: The transparent PET/PVC sticker paper surface is smooth and clean. And it is relatively common and has a wide range of applications.
  • Advantages: The clear sticker is resistant to high temperature, water and oil. And it resists chemical corrosion. Then, it has cheap price.
  • Cons: Be careful with color overlays on dark surfaces. It doesn’t look fancy.
  • Properties: It has high transparency and is resistant to breakage.
  • Uses: it is perfect to stick it on clothing tags, plastic products, food, drinks, stationery, decoration, DIY.
  • Printing: Gold, silver, monochrome, color, UVE printing, etc.
  • Surface: light film, matte film, laser film, etc.; hot stamping: hot stamped gold, silver, purple, red, etc.

3. Hot stamped gold or silver stickers

  • Features: The printed logo and the surface have a metallic texture. And it has high-end atmosphere on the grade. Besides, they are suitable for gift packaging boxes, electrical appliances, hardware, etc.
  • Advantages: High temperature resistance, water and oil resistance, scratch and chemical resistance.
  • Cons: The price is relatively high, and the process requirements are strict.
  • Printing: monochrome, color, UVE printing, etc.
  • Film: glossy film, matte film.
  • Process: hot stamping, screen printing, lasering.
  • Color: hot stamped gld, silver, purple, red, etc.

4. Laser paper stickers

  • Features: The surface has a metallic texture and the color is shiny. It is very suitable for garments, notebooks, bottles, jars, boxes, electrical appliances, hardware.
  • Printing: monochrome, color, UV printing;
  • Process: hot stamping gold, silver, or another color.
  • Advantages: High-temperature resistance, water & oil resistance. The surface can be easily wiped off when it is dirty.
  • Shape: round, rectangle, square, logo shape, special shape, etc. Other shapes can be customized.

5. Specialty paper stickers

  • Features: Adhesion is tight and easy to remove. And it has high-temperature resistance, melt & water resistance. It has excellent consistency in showing natural color. Then, they have strong adhesion and classic flavor.
  • Advantages: You can add the desired craftsmanship at will. And it matches any material. So, it is deeply loved by wine, medicine, and cosmetics manufacturers.
  • Uses: Labels for medical, alcohol, cosmetics, and other products.
  • Printing: Monochrome, color, UV printing, etc.
  • Film: glossy film, matte film.

6. UV frosted PVC self-adhesive stickers

  • Features: They are high quality and have bright colors and a frosted surface. And the effect of UV makes the product look high-end. We can make various process effects. Such as frosting, UV, refraction, embossing, etc. at one time! It is a new high-end process on the market. Meanwhile, it is waterproof and sunscreen and can be refrigerated. In addition, the luxurious surface effect has become the pursuit of high quality in many industries.
  • Printing: monochrome, color, UV printing, etc.
  • Film: light film, laser film, matte film, etc.
  • Hot stamping: hot stamped gold, silver, purple, etc.
  • Shape: square, round, and other irregular shapes die-cutting shapes.
  • Advantages: they are oil & waterproof, and sun protection. And they have a high-end atmosphere, not easy to tear.
  • Application: Clothing, hangtags, cosmetics, food, medicine, wine, stationery, etc.
PVC stickers

7. Kraft paper stickers

  • Features: Kraft paper itself has color. And colorful printing cannot show very bright colors. But the simple design and its own texture have a retro effect. The kraft paper stickers printed in black and white are more concise and elegant.
  • Cons: not waterproof.
  • Uses: labels for red wine, stationery, ethnic style, etc. (retro personality with texture effect)
  • Printing: monochrome, color, UV printing, etc.
  • Film: glossy film, matte(frosted) film.
  • Hot stamping: hot stamped gold, silver.
  • Shapes: any irregular shapes or die-cut shapes are okay.

8. 3D metal stickers

Types: metal electroformed labels, metal embossed stickers, metal split self-adhesive labels, electroformed patches, gold foil labels, metal transfer letter sticker labels.
Surface effects: glossy, matte, brushed, grid pattern, twill, 3D, multi-color imposition, etc;
Uses: gift boxes, notebooks, hardware, paper bags, shoes, wine bottles, leather, mobile phone cases, glasses, display stands, home appliances, furniture, equipment, sports equipment, cups, glass products, etc.;
Shape: Irregular shape, letter shape, logo shape, custom shape.
Color: Gold, silver, red, blue, etc.


9. Epoxy dome stickers

Crystal drop plastic is highly transparent after curing. In addition, its surface is shiny and elastic. And we can make its surface to its original shape by lightly scratching the surface. Moreover, the reasonable formula makes it UV resistant and non-yellowing. We can process them from a variety of materials. Such as: self-adhesive, PVC, metal copper, aluminum, etc. It is easy to use and beautiful. We can formulate its hardness and softness according to customer needs. This increases the 3D embossed effect and texture of the product. Further, it enhances the added value of the product.

  • Features: Water & chemical corrosion resistance, crystal clear surface, bright and transparent surface, bright color, easy to paste.
  • Substrate: self-adhesive, PVC, light silver dragon, brushed silver, and other printing materials.
  • Epoxy: soft, Cyclohydrogen resin (AB glue), PU glue.
  • Uses: high-end packaging, sports equipment, electronics, video audio, toys, gifts, craft accessories, daily necessities, automobiles & motorcycles, shoes & clothing, hardware & plastics.

Custom clothing stickers-your logo stickers

You can customize and print various types of stickers here. Whether it’s transparent, glossy, or matte, you can customize stickers of any shape, size, and color. Brand logos, company names, patterns, and other info can be printed on it. Please send us your custom requests. Such as custom color, size, type, quantity, logo files.

If you don’t have design files, we can help you design for free. We specialize in making all kinds of custom clothing stickers. We are a manufacturer and wholesaler. So, at Acctrims, you can customize all kinds of cheap or high-end stickers.

Custom clothing stickers’ samples

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