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Custom leather labels maker & wholesaler

Acctrims is custom leather labels maker & wholesaler, it supplies real/genuine leather labels, PU/PVC artificial leather tags, or microfiber Leather. All the personalized leather labels can be customized with your brand logos. Besides, stamped or embossed faux leather labels with a logo are a common type. The clothing leather tags are mainly sewn on the back waist of the jeans. Of course, we will use it in garments, hats, shoes, beanies, bags, etc. The common process is hot pressing. Other processes include high frequency, silk screen printing, lasering, threading, embroidery, adding metal hardware, etc.

And all customized leather clothing labels are suitable for crochet knitting items or handmade items. They are also ideal in jeans clothing, handbags, home textiles, toys, hang tags, leather goods, gift boxes, and accessories. So, we can see a little embellishment can help enhance the brand awareness of the company. And surely it will increase the product features and aesthetics. You can also customize a blank leather label without a logo.

Features of custom leather labels

leather labels_DSC0643

The leather labels are soft to the touch, wear-resistant, and breathable. And it’s also very malleable. For example, adding metal inlay, rivets, 3D damask embroidery, oil edge pressing, hollow effect, felt stitching, hand-made old effect, etc. on the leather tags.

Notes: Dark leather labels need to be dyed. So, it is not recommended to use them on light-colored fabrics or white clothes.

Mainstream craft for leather labels

leather labels_DSC0378

Usage in daily life:

It’s perfect for apparel, home textiles, luggage, shoes& hats, socks, toys, zipper pulls, hangtags, home furnishing, decorations, luggage tags, keychains, leather goods, gift boxes, etc.

Details of leather labels

  1. Common materials: genuine leather, washed paper, microfiber, canvas, horsehair, PVC, PU, TPU…etc.
  2. Backing: sewing, 3M glue, Velcro, metal chains, etc;
  3. Color: customized;
  4. Shape: rectangle, square, circle, heart, strip, special shape, customized shape, etc.
  5. Size: 3*5.2cm, 1.5*4.5cm, 5*6.5cm, 4.2*5cm, 2.5*7cm, 5*6.6cm, 2.3*6.5cm, 2.5*7.5cm, 3*5.5cm, 2*4.7cm, 2.8*3.5cm, 2.5*3cm, 5.5*6.5cm, 2.5*7.7cm, 5*8cm; or customized size.

Common types of leather labels

leather labels_DSC0521_

Genuine leather tags

Genuine leather includes first-layer leather and second-layer leather. The natural leather surface has a matte sheen. They have a soft special texture and strong toughness. It looks more high-end. In general, it is 2mm thick. But, it can be made thinner. However, the price is more expensive than faux leather labels.

b _DSC1395

Faux leather labels

Faux leather is synthetic leather made of PU and PVC. It is generally made 1.2mm thick. Meanwhile, it is not easy to dirty and mold. And the surface is water-proof. However, it is not resistant to high temperatures and chemical corrosion. Its color is rich and the leather is delicate. Then, it’s cheap and versatile.


Microfiber leather labels

Microfiber leather is regenerated leather. Its surface is granular, light, and cheap. It feels as soft as genuine leather. Besides, it is a kind of high-grade synthetic leather. It is wear-resistant, breathable, and eco-friendly. Its appearance is beautiful, and not easy to age. Now, it is an ideal alternative to animal leather.

3 clothing leather label process-making

embossing leather labels DSC_0171

Embossing leather labels

Embossing is a processing tech in surface decoration processing. It uses a bump die. Under certain pressure, the leather substrate is plastically deformed. Thereby performing artistic processing on the surface of the printed matter. The embossed various convex graphics and patterns have obvious relief effects and 3D effects.

Hot-stamping gold leather labels

The bronzing process is to transfer the anodized aluminum foil to the
substrate surface to create a special metallic effect. Yet, it does not mean it’s hot gold. Instead, it is determined by the color of the hot stamping paper material. Certainly, colors include gold, silver, laser gold, laser silver, black, red, green, etc.

Hot-stamping gold leather labels 

Hot-pressing leather labels

Hot-pressing leather labels are also engraved leather tags the logo is debossed. And it can effectively increase the brightness and artistic effect of the product. Heat-pressed leather labels are more refined and durable. They’re eco-friendly and won’t fade or fray. Therefore, these kinds of leather tags are ideal for all kinds of leather products. Such as handbags, footwear, leather accessories, etc.

Brand-new projects for custom leather labels

leather labels_DSC0227_
  • Navy real leather label with black logo;
  • SIze: 56x84mm;
  • Color: navy background with black logo;
  • Material: real leather as P001048;
  • Technics: engraved logo;
leather labels_DSC0529_
  • Material: zinc alloy, PU leather;
  • Size: metal:3.5.×3.3cm; leather:4.5×4.7cm
  • Color: metal: white fog oil p003078; leather: p001043 black
  • Technique: logo hollowing out; surface coating protection
leather labels_DSC0794
  • Material: PU leather;
  • Size: 3cm diameter;
  • Color: pink;
  • Technique: logo engraved, with a hole in the middle;

Custom leather labels maker & wholesaler

leather labels_DSC0799

As China’s top 100 makers & wholesalers, Acctrims supplies custom jeans leather labels & tags & patches for clothing, hats, and bags. Your company logo, text, pictures, and graphics can be affixed to leather materials through various processes. Please contact us before customizing. Then tell your desired color, quantity, logo file, size, etc.

We offer worldwide shipping. And our clients come from all over the world. Such as the United States, Germany, France, Australia, the UK, Pakistan, and other countries.


1, What is the bulk production time and shipping time?
–7-15 days; 3-6 days by express.

2, What logo style is available?
–logo can be embossed, debossed, printed in many colors, embroidered or hot stamping silver/gold, etc.

3, What profile is needed when production?
–Please send artwork in CDR, ESP, AI, or PDF format.

4, Can we get free samples?
–Yes, We can ship reference samples for you to check quality and style. Samples are free, you just need to pay the shipping cost.

5, What is the order process for getting your custom leather tags?
–Send us your artwork in CDR, ESP, AI, or PDF format; Tell us the size, color, material, quantity you need, and other requests; Our product expert will give you the price and invoice, and you pay; Then, you confirm the design; At last, we arrange bulk production and Shipping;

Project samples of custom leather labels

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Our Product Experts will guide you through every step of the custom process.

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