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How to make your own luxury hang tags for clothing business?

Custom luxury hang tags are business cards of fashion brands, they can crack more sales and promote brand awareness through product hang tag design. Many clothing, jewelry, silk scarves, furniture, and flower brands need to customize a unique high-end swing hangtag. Then, we need to consider the material, color, surface technology, logo design, tag rope, metal eyelets, etc. of the luxury hang tags. Well, how to make your own luxury hang tags for clothing business? This article will give you some ideas and inspiration.

Select special and thick material

Luxury hang tags have many material choices. The materials you can choose from include various types of paper, genuine or PU leather, metal, soft and hard PVC, and clear TPU. As well as fabrics such as cotton, canvas, lace, muslin, etc. But the most common is the paper tag. Materials include coated paper, white card, black card, kraft paper, special paper, tracing paper, etc.

 luxury hang tags DSC0262

Specialty paper has many textures, which is very suitable for making luxury hang tags. So, you can view the specialty paper texture catalog to make your personalized hang tags.

If you want to make a high-end hangtag, you can choose thick paper with high weight. Thick hang tags are rare abroad. Acctrims is a hang tag supplier in China. Our factory can make high-quality thick hang tags for you. With the logo and other decorations on the surface, it is definitely a hot appealing hang tag. Make a unique and creative swing tag! Make it irresistible to the audience, then go buy the product!

Use eye-catching hang tag colors

hang tags DSC0890

In boutiques and malls, a brightly colored hang tag is worn on clothing. If customers look at the clothes, they can notice it at a glance. This is a successful hang tag. Needless to say, the color of the hang tag has a potential driving effect on the sales of clothes.

At the same time, gold, silver, and rose gold will be more shiny and high-end. Clever use of color will attract customers’ attention.

So, you can use bold colors or larger, fun fonts to attract customers. What is a bold color? Any bright or contrasting color, any color that can instantly make people curious is a bold color. It’s a fashion attitude. Many fashionistas like this one. Customize luxury hang tags in eye-catching colors for marketing! This can bring good advertising benefits to your business.

Make brand embossed logos

Make simple and funny hang tags by using an embossing brand logo! Even if your clothing products are not high-end brands and the prices are not high. But embossed logo hang tags will also be the highlight of clothing. Who doesn’t love a stylish product hang tag with a 3D effect?


Embossed logos bring a vibrant look to your hang tags. It feels very textured. You can also add some velvet to the surface of the hang tag. In this way, it will be more impressive. At the same time, if you pursue high luxury, you can choose a gold or silver 3D embossed logo. This combination is really suitable for jewelry brands!

Add Aluminum foil printing


Adding aluminum foil printed hangtags will leave a deep impression on customers. We can use this kind of printing on the hang tag surface or on the logo. Aluminum foil hang tags can express the grade of products to customers. This printing technology with brilliant colors will undoubtedly be the best choice for high-end clothing brands!

Gold foil hang tags will have a metallic luster. Besides, We supply full-color printing, hot stamping gold/silver, letterpress ink printing, eco-friendly printing, etc. And there are a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors for you. So, choose this shiny aluminum foil hang tag! Use it to replace the ordinary hang tag. Then, make it become a luxurious and vital high-end hang tag.

Decide matte or glossy film

We all know that the surface of the tag can be covered with a film. In general, lamination is a layer of plastic film on paper. The common ones are matte and glossy films. There are also soft-touch films, crystal films, laser films, snow films, etc. So, you can choose a matte or glossy film for your fashion business.

If you want to customize eco-friendly hang tags, then we suggest you choose a non-laminated film. If you prefer low-key tags, you can choose a matte film. We can distinguish the matte film color from a foggy surface. And it has a matte surface after lamination. The matte film is soft in color, with a misty surface and a matte feel. But, it looks understated yet tasteful.

hang tags_DSC0958
Matte film
b _DSC1927
Glossy film

If you want to pursue a shiny and high-profile hang tag, choose a glossy film. Gloss film is bright in color and smoothes on the surface. It is also a good choice. The main difference between matte and glossy film is gloss. The glossy film is brighter and rich in color. While the matte film is darker and has a stable quality.

The film-coated hang tags are more waterproof and will not fade easily. So it is very suitable for jackets, outdoor sportswear, down jackets, raincoats, umbrellas, etc. Therefore, you can choose whether to film or not according to your needs.

Choose high-quality hang tag string

Each pair of hang tags will match a pair of hang tag strings. The same goes for luxury hang tags. Hang tag strings have many materials to choose from. Such as plastic, metal, wax, resin, nylon, linen, polyester, cotton, tape, silk, satin, elastic band, jute, etc.

Luxury hang tags can choose smooth satin or grosgrain ribbons, leather ropes, elastic bands, etc. as tag ropes. Do not choose nylon or polyester hang tag rope, it looks a bit cheap. In addition, we can pair nice safety pins for the tags. This can be strung directly on the clothes. It is also easy to remove.

hang tags_DSC0391

The hang tag and the hang tag rope are not together. You can customize them individually. Also, you can customize them together. However, when customizing hang tags, it’s better to order hangtag rope or safety pins. This saves time and costs even more. If you don’t want to customize the tag rope with a logo. You can choose our online stock strings on

Drill metal eyelets or grommets

We can punch holes above the hang tags. Then, the tag rope can be directly strung over. However, this doesn’t look very nice or refined. So, we can choose to add metal eyelets or grommets to the hole. The color can be gold, silver, retro(vintage), etc. In this way, the tags will be more high-end and shiny.

At the same time, with the addition of an eyelet, the thicker tag rope can easily pass through. This will not damage the paper hangtag itself. And the hang tags with grommets are suitable for leather, paper or fabric hang tags.

hang tags with eyelets_DSC0831

So, customize a luxury hang tag with metal eyelets. It can match various colors and shapes. Similarly, personalized eyelet hang tags can bring customers a different sensory experience. This is also a sign of a luxury tag.

In conclusion

Hope the above 7 suggestions will provide you with some help in customizing luxury hang tags. Meanwhile, Acctrims supplies different types of luxury hang tags. Such as Paper hang tags, leather hang tags, metal hang tags, fabric hang tags, PVC hang tags, etc. When you customize, choose one or two materials and print your logo on them. Moreover, any color, size, or type is ok. If you have questions, please contact us. And, we will serve you wholeheartedly. We are one of the best hang tag manufacturers and suppliers in China. In addition, we supply worldwide shipping for all fashion brands.

FAQs about custom luxury hang tags for clothing

1, What is the price to customize 100pcs luxury hang tags with string and logos?

-The price depends on your custom size, color, technics, and quantity. But, the more quantity you order, the cheaper the unit price. Thus, you can send us your design art file, we make a free design for you.

2, If I order a custom hangtag, will it come with tag rope? Are they a set?

-The hang tag and the hang tag rope are not together. You can customize them individually. Also, you can customize them together. The latter is more time and cost-efficient.

2, What is the bulk production time and shipping time?

-Bulk goods are about 10 to 20 days. Shipping time is 3-6 business days by express.

3, What profile is needed when production?

-Pls, send us vector logo files, like PDF, AI, ESP, CDR, or original files from PSD. If you have no art file, we offer free design for you.

4, Can we get free samples?

-Yes, you can. Our samples are free, you just need to pay the shipping cost.

5, What is the order process for getting my hangtags?

-First, we need to discuss basic information with each other. Such as size, color, material, quantity, technics, etc. Then our product expert will give you the price and invoice. Then, you can pay. After you pay, we will make the design for you. After you confirm the design, we can arrange the bulk production. The production time is about 5 to 15 business days. We offer free design and worldwide shipping. 

If you want to know more details about customization, please view custom hang tags.

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