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Supply custom hang tag string for clothing brands

Hang tag string is a rope to loop or tie to attach swing tags and connect them to clothing, suiting for garments, shoes, hats, bags, jewelry accessories, etc. We also call it hang tag cord or thread. Materials include plastic, tape, natural jute, elastic thread, mercerized/polyester/cotton rope, etc. And the string seal snap lock pin in between is a kind of loop fastener or hook tie. A good set of custom hang tag ropes can better reflect the design taste and highlight the clothing brand effect. The clothes tag string is really good for brand display and promotion. Such as jeans, socks, underwear, home textiles, luggage, etc.

As a hang tag string supplier and manufacturer, we wholesale custom hang tag strings for hang tags with lock fasteners. At Acctrims, you can choose ropes and seal lock pins in different materials and sizes. We provide you with free designs. In addition to that, you can customize your own personalized hang tag string. We have two standard swing tag attachments when using string: knotted string and looped string. Then you also have the option of safety pins. It is very convenient to pin it directly to the clothes. Meanwhile, we can make pure white tagging gun fasteners without logos.

hang tag string cover

Hang tag string without logo VS custom hang tag string with logo

Hang tag string is divided into Normal hang tag string VS custom hang tag string.

Customers can use a hang tag string without logos on any brand. For details, please refer to our general hang tag string sample book.

Custom hang tag string with logo is customized by your size, color, or brand logo. The rope materials include cotton, polyester, nylon, elastic band, silk, etc. According to the process, we can make a 3D embossed LOGO or epoxy logo.


Custom hang tag string: plastic seal lock fastner+ polyester string + embossed hot-stamped gold logo+1mm in diameter and 26cm total length.

hang tag string_DSC00285

Light blue plastic hangtag seal locks with double-sided embossed brown logo + satin ribbon string+25cm ropes and 1.5cm diameter seals.

Shapes for plastic/cotton hang tag string

There are square, rectangular, circular, cylindrical, spherical, heart-shaped, special-shaped, or customized shapes, etc.

hang tag string_DSC0581

Rectangular shape: plastic cuboids + beige & gray cotton rope + black engraved logo

hang tag string_DSC1011

Round shape: hemp hang tag string+plastic seals+482 U base color + foil raised logo

Custom hang tag string materials

The material of hang tag string include plastic, aluminum, metal, electroplating. Among them, the electroplating hang tag string is made of ABS material. It is a kind of plastic, but rather special. And then, the most common strings are plastic hang tag strings. Because it has a variety of shapes and colors. And it’s cheap.


The outer shell of the aluminum hang tag string is aluminum with painted color. One end of this rope is fixed, and the other end is a plug. And the inside of the tag string is a piece of paper. We can hot stamp it, or print the logo on it.

The left picture is Aluminum hang tag string: polyester rope, gold logo bronzing

ABS hanging tag string can be electroplated in color according to requests, and then equipped with plugs. When it is finished, it has three parts, hanging grain with two plugs. Regular colors are silver, gold, gun color, pink, and so on. If you want other colors, you need to tell us in advance, and then we proceed to bulk production.

The right picture is ABS plastic hang tag string: electroplating color with pink logo raised.


The metal hang tag string is mainly made of zinc alloy. And we will electroplate the color according to the customer’s request, and then match the plug. The alloy seal is expensive and heavy. But it looks more upscale and extravagant. Then, the color can be hanging electroplate, rolling electroplate, and painting.

The left picture is a metal hang tag string with debossed 3D logo.

Hang tag string colors

Because what we do the most is plastic hang tag string, so I take this as an example.

First of all, the plastic part is made according to the Pantone color number. And we can make it transparent. Second, the color of the rope part is also made according to the Pantone color. Then, the logo can be hot-stamped gold and silver. If you can’t find any color you like, you can choose silk screen printing to print your desired color.

The right picture: transparent hang tag string seal + hot-stamped gold color + black polyester rope + golden logo raised

clear plastic hang tag string_DSC2515

Hang tag string – rope materials

According to the rope material, the most common one is polyester rope (two strands). It also has ribbon string, horizontal stripe, cotton rope, cotton ribbon, hemp rope, jute rope, braided rope, yarn rope, wax rope, and three-color three-strand polyester rope. There are also gold and silver wire threads.

ribbon rope_DSC6978
ribbon rope
hemp rope DSC0281
hemp rope
polyester rope_DSC2147
polyester rope
gold wire rope_DSC3071
gold wire rope
elastic rope_DSC5388
elastic rope
wax rope_DSC5848
wax rope
cotton rope
cotton rope

Custom details for hang tag string-we are supplier and wholesaler

  • Material: plastic, metal, wax, resin, nylon, linen, polyester, cotton, tape, silk, satin, elastic band, jute, etc.
  • Size/shape: any size/shape is available by your need; customized;
  • Color: Available in white, black, red, yellow, blue, green, silver, gold, etc;(Pantone color)
  • LOGO technics: Gold/silver hot-stamping, screen printing, engraving, 3D embossing, epoxy, etc;
  • Loop fastener options: bullet, square, round, customized;
  • Seal lock options: plastic, ABS, metal(Aluminum, alloy), plastic electroplating;
  • MOQ: No MOQ! The MOQ is determined by the style. Some have no MOQ! Some styles have MOQ(1000pcs)!


You can send us your logo or your design if you have one. If not, we can provide a free design for you. Please contact us to get a specific free quoted price. We also supply bulk very cheap on-stock hang tag strings. If you need stock strings without logo, please feel free to contact us.

Brand-new projects for hang tag string/cord/rope

  • String type: ribbon hang tag string with plastic lock fasteners.
  • Material: plastic hanging pellets, ribbon rope;
  • Size: Diameter is12mm with 3mm ribbon, and total size is 260mm;
  • Color: 1795C base color, rope and logo color is 4685C;
  • Technics: same embossed logo on two sides, with ribbon string;
hang tag string_DSC0564
  • String type: Cotton hang tag rope with plastic seal locks;
  • Material: cotton rope with plastic seal fastener;
  • Size: The total length of the left rope is 13cm. The right rope is 11cm. And the middle cuboid is 18x7x5mm.
  • Color: The plastic cuboid is beige and the rope is beige
  • Technics: logo engraved;
hang tag string_DSC0162
  • String type: polyester black hang tag string with electroplating seal locks;
  • Size: 19mm diameter, thickness 5mm; string is 13cm length on each side;
  • Color: bright electroplating silver, black stickers on the surface;
  • Technics: electroplating; one sticker on each side; one side sticker with silver logo printed on black background. And the other side sticker with a red & white logo on a black background;
hang tag string_DSC0941
  • String type: polyester black hang tag cord with raised hard plastic seal locks;
  • Material: polyester string with a hard plastic seal;
  • Size: The total length is 24cm;
  • Color: black background, white logo; black string;
  • Technics: white embossed 3D logo on double sides;
hang tag string_DSC0298
  • Plastic diameter: 20mm;
  • Total length: 18cm;
  • Materials: polyester string with plastic seal locks;
  • Color: Gold logo, 684C plastic head, pink polyester rope;
  • Technics: two-in-one tag string; double-sided logo raised.
  • Material: waxed cotton string with plastic seal locks;
  • Size: The total length is 25cm; the seal lock is 1.5cm in diameter;
  • Color: orange background with double-sides orange logo and white string;
  • Technics: Logo raised on both sides;
hang tag string_DSC0374
  • String type: polyester hang tag cord with aluminum seal locks;
  • Size: 11cm before fold and 55mm after fold;
  • Rope length: 11CM on one side, 22CM in total;
  • Materials: aluminum;
  • Color: gold lock fastener with yellow ropes;
  • Technics: no logo; handwriting content on the aluminum seals;
  • String type: grey epoxy hang tag string;
  • Material: satin ribbon string with epoxy plastic seal locks;
  • Size: 7.75×2.6mm; The total length is 25cm-26cm;
  • Color: grey plastic 430C with black string, black embossed epoxy logo;
  • Technics: embossed epoxy logo;

Hang tag string for different types of clothing

  1. Spring & summer clothes, shirts – they have fresher colors and a simple appearance. So, they suit two-in-one, three-in-one, and other small hang tag string and seals
  2. Jacket, autumn & winter clothes – slightly larger in size and more complicated in crafts. Please choose a calm color. Such as black, coffee, burgundy, dark green, navy blue, etc.
  3. Casual wear – it suits cotton or webbing tag rope with complex technology but a simple appearance. Colors like khaki, coffee, beige, etc.
  4. Suits – the shape is ideal for rectangular, square, and oval three-in-one hang tag strings. Some high-end clothing also uses exopy protection skills to prevent the logo from fading.
  5. Trousers – they usually use small hang tag string with a satisfactory shape. The colors are also simpler. Such as black, blue, etc.
  6. Women’s clothing – it is smaller in appearance, but with a certain modeling process. So, they can use tag rope with bright colors. Such as white, red, yellow, light green, etc.
  7. Children’s clothing – they can customize hang tag string with bright and lively colors. Such as sky blue, pink, grass green, etc.
  8. Underwear – they can use thin gold or silver wire rope, cotton rope, etc. Materials need to be eco-friendly.
  9. Luggage – it is suitable for single-head hang tag string. And the rope should be large than normal.

Project samples of hang tag string

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