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There are many different types of paper bags and they have become more and more popular in recent years. Because they are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. And paper bags types can also be customized in various shapes, colors, etc. They always have unexpected ways to take advantage of them in our lives. In small supermarkets, daily shopping, large supermarkets, boutiques, clothing stores, we can see paper bags everywhere. Not only are they versatile, but they are also a great way for many brands to promote and present themselves.

Many talented marketers have taken a fancy to the use of paper bags. Not only are they reusable, but they also make an indelible contribution to the environment. Here, we’ve put together a paper bag guide. The article introduces 8 types of paper bags that are popular with consumers. But, when you are done using it, please remember to recycle it.

The 8 different types of paper bags with pictures include:

  1. S.O.S. brown takeaway paper bags
  2. Flat-bottom paper bags
  3. Gift paper bags
  4. Paper shopping bags-merchandise bags
  5. Euro tote bags
  6. Mailing paper bags
  7. Recycled paper bags
  8. Bakery Bags

1, S.O.S. brown takeaway paper bags

S.O.S. brown takeaway paper bags are a bit like kraft paper bags. It’s usually the iconic little brown paper bag. Many office workers and students will choose this bag to hold lunch, snacks, fruits, etc. The top of the SOS bag is usually equipped with a handle.

And it is convenient for office workers to carry. They are often square at the bottom and will have angular supports.

Besides, we print various brand logos, and colors on it. The SOS bag has a very urban feel. It is available in a variety of colors for a modern look. We can see it in many pedestrian streets and office buildings. Because they are so popular. Moreover, this kind of bag is practical, waterproof, and can also hold various small items.

types of paper bags: S.O.S. brown takeaway paper bags

2, Flat-bottom paper bags

Flat-bottom paper bags are also called pinch-bottom bags. Its bottom is flat, supported by flat cardboard. And it’s shaped a bit like an envelope.

Their mouths stay open when we put something in. In general, we will add a layer of oil-proof lining inside it. In this way, we can use them to hold all kinds of fried food or dry food. Such as baking bread, pastries, snacks, biscuits, candies, lunches, etc.

Larger flat paper bags are very thick. We can use them to hold all kinds of fruits, drinks, clothes, etc. They are really versatile. Flat-bottom bags are simply the perfect packaging solution in our lives. Meanwhile, we can use them to pack larger items. Such as clothes, shoes, bottled drinks, and toys.

Flat-bottom paper bags

3, Gift paper bags

Gift paper bags play an important role in interpersonal communication. More and more gift-givers are turning to paper bags instead of plastic bags. Because the paper bag is thick and eco-friendly. They can also protect the gift from being seen by others. It can also avoid some embarrassing scenes. Then, it is ideal for food, coffee, wine, cosmetics, clothes, etc.

Gift paper bags have many paper bag materials to choose from. Such as coated paper, kraft paper, specialty paper, art paper, etc. Also, we have many choices for handles. Such as cotton rope, ribbon bows, twisted ropes, hemp rope, etc. If you are a brand enterprise, you can print your company logo, contact address, company name, etc. on it. When giving gifts to customers, can subtly increase the chance of brand exposure. It’s a nice way of marketing.


4, Paper shopping bags-merchandise bags

Shopping merchandise paper bags are commodity bags for customers to shop in supermarkets, shopping malls, boutiques, clothing stores, etc. Now paper shopping bags are gradually replacing plastic shopping bags. They are available in a wide variety and in rich colors. And we can print eye-catching logos or brand information on it. This is undoubtedly a reliable and stylish promotional tool.

A well-designed pattern or slogan can bring you plenty of traffic. When the customer walks out of the store with a shopping bag, it can attract the attention of those around him in a stylish way. Not only that, but paper shopping bags can also protect the privacy of consumers. Therefore, Shopping paper bags have wide use in various supermarkets, clothing stores, and boutiques for commercial purposes.


5, Euro tote bags

Euro tote bags are a bit like S.O.S. paper bags. But we must not confuse them. Euro tote bags are more high-end and refined paper bags. It is very popular in many countries in Europe. At present, many international big names like to customize Euro tote bags. There will usually be a specific logo printed on it. This paper bag has two handles. It is very suitable for fashion brands to hold some jewelry, packing or clothes, etc.

If you want to make it more attractive, we can use various decorative ribbons as its handles.

Sometimes in order to waterproof it or make it stronger, many brands will add some plastic lining and ink. This is very similar to laminated paper bags. Therefore, it becomes thicker and more durable. However, paper bags with glossy film or ink may not be so eco-friendly and recyclable.


6, Mailing paper bags

Mailing paper bags mainly refer to paper mailing bags used for e-commerce delivery. Every day we use it to mail some daily small items or important documents. Such bags are very common in office spaces. Many companies will customize these bags. And then pack some retail items or gift mail to important customers and partners. If the items are fragile, we can also pack them inside. Because we can choose a safe and fast courier to mail them. Besides, their closure is some self-adhesive strips or Velcro, etc.

Mailing paper bags

7, Recycled paper bags

Recycled paper bags are green paper bags made from recycled paper. The prevalence of this bag is inseparable from people’s attention to energy saving and emission reduction. In order to protect the environment, people began to use green recycled paper bags. This degradable paper bag can also be made into various sizes and shapes. But, the colors will be more limited and not so rich.

If you want to save costs, it is recommended to use a single color for printing. We can print simple logos or designs on the surface. The simpler, sometimes the more we can reflect on our pursuit and brand philosophy.

At the same time, it can also make consumers feel our environmental awareness. If you want to pursue beautiful outer packaging, you can add glossy or matte film on the outer layer. But, this may not be conducive to recycling and degradation.

Recycled paper bags

8, Bakery Bags

Bakery bags, as the name suggests, are a kind of baked food packaging bag. We mainly use it to hold various delicacies. Such as cakes, biscuits, chips, fried chicken, burgers, coffee, etc. It is worth noting that it is recommended that you add a layer of the plastic lining inside to prevent water and oil.

We use baking bags to hold and store food. Usually, we will add a wax paper lining inside. This is to keep the food in the bag fresh so that to maintain its flavor. Likewise, bakery bags come in many sizes, types, and shapes.

Bakery Bags

Paper bag handle types

Almost every paper bag needs a handle after it is formed. The choice of handle rope is a critical step. There are many types of rope handles. Let’s take a look at the 6 common paper bag handle types as follows:

  1. Twisted handle;
  2. Die-cut handle;
  3. Rope handle;
  4. Ribbon handle;
  5. Flat handle;
  6. Handle-less paper bags;

Among them, rope handles include cotton ropes, three-strand ropes, polyester ropes, etc. And ribbon handles include twill ribbon, threaded ribbon, polyester ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, etc.

Twisted handle

Die-cut handle

Die-cut handle

Rope handle

Rope handle

polyester ribbon handle

Ribbon handle

Flat handle

Flat handle

Handle-less paper bags

Handle-less paper bags

Although there are many other types of packaging bags to choose from in life. However, custom paper bags are still the best-selling packaging solution. We hope this article about the different types of paper bags to help you make the right decision. Interested in learning more about paper bags? Please feel free to contact us. Here, all paper bag types can be customized. We are ready and happy to assist you in your bag selection.

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