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Elevate Your Brand with Expert Woven Label Manufacturers

In the fashion industry, customized and personalized woven labels are indispensable. If you run your own clothing brand, it’s crucial to find woven label manufacturers that offer excellent quality and craftsmanship. Because for most brands, custom personalized labels can enhance their brand image and professionalism. Therefore, you can focus on the woven label price, quality, or craftsmanship. Then, you should pay more attention to woven label manufacturer that suits you.

In this article, we will explore the world of personalized woven labels. I will introduce some common and popular types of woven labels. For example, exquisite damask woven labels, luxurious satin woven labels, and charming crochet woven labels. In addition, I will also tell you how to choose a woven label manufacturer.

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The Art of Personalization

Personalized woven labels are not just a practical tool for displaying clothing brand information. It is also a business card to show the brand image and positioning. Whether you are a fashion designer, DIY craftsman, or craft enthusiast, these custom-woven labels can become factors that attract customers to purchase and promote your brand.

Here are some great reasons for custom woven labels for your brand:

Brand Recognition: Almost every clothing brand will add its brand name, logo, and other important product information on the woven label. A prominent logo allows customers to recognize it at a glance. This helps create a premium brand image.

Professionalism: High-quality woven labels have fine details and workmanship. This demonstrates your professionalism to clients. It shows that you take even a small label seriously. Therefore, professionalism can also create customer loyalty.

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Durability: Woven labels are more durable and textured than printed labels. Customized woven labels will be more high-end. They are perfect for shirts, suits, dresses, bags or berets. Moreover, the woven label will not fade and wear even after long-term washing.

Customization: You can use your imagination to customize your personalized woven label. Any color, font, pattern, shape, or size is acceptable. You can personalize it according to your needs. Woven labels are really the first choice for clothing brands!

Versatility: Woven labels can be used not only on clothing. We can also sew them on bags, hats, scarves, bed sheets, curtains, home textiles, socks, and home decorations. Therefore, any fabric product can use woven labels. So, they have wide use in daily life.

Most popular options offered by woven label manufacturers

Damask Woven Labels

When we think about the finer details, damask woven labels steal the show. Because of their intricate details and weaving. The above logo, text, and pictures are very clear and exquisite. And when it comes to color options, they are always colorful. Therefore, in terms of woven label types, damask woven labels are the most common and popular.

LUXURY LOOK: Damask Woven Labels have a luxurious sheen. And they can make your products look more sophisticated and stylish.

DETAILED DESIGN: Damask Woven Labels feature intricate and sophisticated details. So. they are the perfect choice for branding.

SOFT TO THE TOUCH: These labels are smooth and soft to the touch。 Thus, they won’t irritate your skin even when sewn into the collar.

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Satin Woven Labels


The surface of Satin Woven Labels is smooth and shiny. So they not only look high-end but also shiny.

The glossy and shiny surface can make your clothing look more upscale and luxurious. So, it’s perfect for premium brands and luxury brands. Second, the satin woven labels have thick font lines and many small white holes with sparse logos. Third, We can use flat or round metallic yarn to make a shiny gold or silver logo for you.

Crochet Woven Labels

If your brand is all about creativity and handcrafting, look no further than attractive crochet labels. They have a unique textured appearance. So perfect for hand crochet products.

So crochet woven labels are really an ideal choice for craftsmen and creators. And the peculiar raised texture looks more visually appealing. Therefore, if your brand pursues individuality and uniqueness, then you can also customize crochet woven labels with a logo.

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Where to Find Top Woven Label Manufacturers

Online Research: First you need to research their products online and check out their product gallery. Then see if they have a certificate. This way you can be sure of their product quality and workmanship.

Samples: Many woven label manufacturers will provide samples. If you are not at ease before ordering, you can choose to order samples first to ensure the quality. If you think the samples are good, you can customize large quantities of woven labels.

Customization options: Almost all woven label manufacturers will give you many customization options. Such as different sizes, colors, shapes, and font choices. Therefore, you can personalize the product according to your needs.

Customer Service: High-quality pre-sale, sale, and after-sale service is a must. It is especially important to choose a woven label manufacturer who can respond to your inquiries in a timely manner and can guide you through the design and ordering process.


Why choose Acctrims as your woven label manufacturers?

Details make a difference. If you are looking for a woven label supplier that can add sophistication and personalization to your products, then Acctrims will be a great choice for you.

Our Commitment

First, we are committed to providing international customers with high-quality, customized woven labels to meet your brand needs. Whether you are a fashion designer or a brand owner, we can meet your needs. We can ensure your custom woven labels stand out in the market.

Second, we mainly provide customized designs of woven labels. Because we understand that every brand is unique. Therefore we recommend that you choose custom woven labels. We offer you a wide range of customization options. You can completely customize your woven labels from label size, shape, and color to fonts and graphics. This ensures a perfect fit with your brand image. Whether you’re looking for a simple, shiny look or a luxurious and unique look, we’ve got you covered.

Finally, we offer many types of woven labels for you to choose from. No matter which type of label you choose, we will ensure that your custom label has a high-quality appearance that enhances your brand image.


Our Advantage

Rich experience:

Our headquarters has been customizing clothing labels for customers since 2008. We have 15 years of manufacturing experience in this industry. Therefore, each of our business managers is very familiar with the woven label-making and production process. They can provide you with professional advice and ensure the final product is of the highest standard.


Whether you are a start-up brand or a medium or large enterprise, we can meet your requirements. And our minimum order quantity is very low, even if you customize 20 pieces, it is OK. Then, our production capacity is flexible enough to accommodate various order sizes and deliver just in time when you need it.

Excellent customer service:

Our online customer service and product experts are always available to answer your questions. They are always happy to answer your questions. If you have any customized needs, we can reply you within 12 hours. Working with us, you will experience our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Best woven label manufacturers and suppliers with factory price

If you wanna find better-woven label manufacturers and suppliers, Acctrims is here to provide you with a high level of durable and soft clothing labels. We can make high-quality clothing labels with brand logos at cheap prices! Want to customize size labels, neck labels, main labels, brand labels or care labels? Yes, we can make any types of clothing labels in garments for you.

You can choose any materials, sizes, colors, and shapes for your clothing, hat, bags brands. Just tell us your needs and send us your logo file, and we can make them true!

Moreover, we have the certificate of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® woven labels. Meanwhile, you can order custom recycled woven labels with eco-friendly yarns for your sustainable brands.


To view our woven labels samples

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Free Design | High Quality | One-to-One Support | One-Stop Purchasing

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Our Product Experts will guide you through every step of the custom process.

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