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custom elsatic band with brand logos for clothing

Custom elastic band samples

As maker and wholesaler, Acctrims supply custom elastic band with brand logos for clothing cuffs, hems, bras, suspenders, waistbands, shoelace, garment trims.The custom elastic band is suitable for underwear, lingerie, swimsuits, pants, leggings, and dresses. Besides, it can use for… Read More »Custom elastic band samples

herringbone tape samples

Herringbone tape samples

Custom twill herringbone tape for hemming, banding, clothing making, pants, shoulder straps, shoelaces, including cotton, nylon, polyester, linen materials. Herringbone tape is ideal for trousers, luggage, gift wrapping, cuffs, belts, decorations, binding straps, etc. Here you can see many brand new… Read More »Herringbone tape samples