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Kraft hang tags gallery

Kraft hang tags gallery

    Acctrims supply eco-friendly custom printed kraft hang tags, brown kraft paper tags with logos for menswear, vintage & denim clothing, jeans, jackets, shirts. Also, they are suitable for hanging on socks, plush dolls, accessories, product packaging, wine bottles, etc. Meanwhile,… Read More »Kraft hang tags gallery

    Jacquard ribbon samples

    Jacquard ribbon gallery

      A jacquard ribbon is a patterned ribbon that is ideal for decorating and beautifying your hometiles, clothing, hats, shoes, bags, belts, and accessories. It has a smooth hand feeling, good strength, and high color fastness. So, it is an ideal… Read More »Jacquard ribbon gallery

      Foldable box samples

        A foldable box is a folding carton that is ideal for green packaging, shipping, or storage. Meanwhile, it is cheap, eco-friendly, and recyclable. It’s a packaging container that is perfect for wine, tea, lips, holiday gifts, and food. Acctrims make… Read More »Foldable box samples