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Custom size labels for clothing

Size labels for clothing include woven or printed size labels, satin, cotton, TPU size labels, adhesive sticker labels, and care or heat transfer size labels. And its materials include polyester, cotton, ribbon, TPU, etc. Custom size labels are suitable for all kinds of clothing. Such as t-shirts, coats, sweaters, pants, dresses, swimsuits, etc. Moreover, it is also the best choice for bags, shoes, towels, scarves, cloth toys, etc. Among garment trims & accessories, size tags are the most common. Because this kind of size tag can help identify the size information. And then people can choose the right clothes. Size guides help improve your customers’ shopping experience. Therefore, if you want to customize the main label or care wash label, it is recommended that you add a size. This will enhance your brand image. Acctrims is a manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of clothing labels. Welcome to customize apparel size labels for clothing with logos to convey your product info.

Types of size labels for clothing


Woven size labels

Woven size labels include damask, selvage, or crochet woven labels. It is laser cut or heat cut into polyester or cotton labels. And, the logo and other content are clear and dense. Second, it is very high-grade and durable, and it will not wear out easily.


Satin size labels

Satin size labels use satin fabrics to print or woven sizes for garments. Then, the fabric is glossy and feels soft to touch. The surface of the kind of size tag looks like silky tape. So, I think it is perfect for silky clothes to use satin labels in different sizes.

Cotton size labels_DSC1782

Cotton size labels

Cotton size labels for clothing can be 100% cotton or use recycled PET fabric. This material is more breathable and is ideal for children’s clothing and elderly clothing. Because it is good for people’s health and skin. Meanwhile, it is eco-friendly to the air if you throw the labels.

size labels in roll_DSC7510

Size labels in roll

Size labels in roll mean that the size labels become webbing without cutting. And the large goods are also rolled and not cut. Customers need to cut by themselves after receiving the goods. This makes the packaging easier and prices cheaper.

Printed size labels_DSC2906

Printed size labels

Printed size labels mainly refer to printing logos, brand names, and other info for customers in the form of printing. Materials include ribbon, cotton, satin, nylon, polyester taffeta, and canvas. We attach the printed size tags on clothes by adhesives, sewing, etc.

Clothing size stickers _DSC3649

Clothing size stickers

Clothing size stickers mainly refers to clothing stickers with size. It uses matte or glossy films. Letter/number code/height waistline etc. can be printed on it. The material is kraft paper, PVC self-adhesive, mirror self-adhesive, coated paper self-adhesive.

Clear(TPU) size labels_DSC9567

Clear(TPU) size labels

Clear(TPU) size labels are clear labels with soft and thin TPU material. Brand logo, size, or pattern can be printed on it. It is considered more environmentally friendly than silicone and PVC. Customized transparent labels can use silk screen printing, frosting, frosting, bronzing and other processes. Therefore, they are suitable for swimwear, underwear, leggings, t-shirts, yoga clothes, etc.

Care size labels_DSC1064

Care size labels

Care size labels are clothing labels with size and, care symbols, logos, etc. They come in a variety of materials to match different products. Such as nylon, polyester, acetate fiber, TC, cotton, non-woven fabric, etc. The most popular care label is the satin printed label. It looks shiny and luxurious. Besides, full-matte or semi-matte fabrics, bright fabrics, twill tape, pearled tape, etc.

Heat transfer size neck labels_DSC8907

Heat transfer size labels

Heat transfer size labels are thermal transfer labels with sizes. The transferred logo has a 2D or 3D feel, and it feels soft and smooth. It comes in direct contact with the skin and does not irritate the skin when worn. Also, it is beautiful and doesn’t fade after washing. Therefore, it is very suitable for all kinds of clothing. Such as T-shirts, T-shirts, underwear, panties, socks, children’s clothing, etc.


size labels for clothing

Fabric: fabric, cotton, satin, polyester, satin, pure cotton, selvage/matting tape, twill tape, pearled tape, coated paper, etc;
Process: printing (screen printing, offset printing), weaving, heat transfer, hot melt, sewing, etc;
Label fold type: Mitre or centerfold, End fold, straight cut, die cut, Manhattan fold, Loop fold, non-cut webbing in roll, etc.
Product specifications: size, color and shape can be customized according to customer requirements;
Usage: clothing, home textiles, shoes and socks, bags, caps, cloth toys, umbrellas, scarves, towels, business card, etc.;
Application: Ideal for coats, dresses, jeans, swimwear, hats, children’s and baby clothes, etc.
Advantages: Durable, Washable, High Density, Soft Edges Not Fading, Not Easy to Wear.
MOQ: 100 pieces.

Free size label design

size labels for clothing_DSC1646
size labels for clothing_DSC1596

We provide custom-size labels, main labels, neck labels, and care labels with brand logos. Any size and color are available. If you have design files, please send them to us. If you have no logo or design files, we offer free design for you. And we offer one-to-one support and one-stop purchasing to save your time. In Acctrims, you can customize any garment trims you need.

Gallery of Size Labels for Clothing

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