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Breaking Down Paper Bag Material Types: Which One is Right for Your Business Needs

There are mainly 5 paper bag material types when making paper bags including coated paper, white card paper, black card paper, kraft paper, special paper, etc. We usually use them for shopping, business promotion, publicity, sales promotion, and gift packaging. We can see paper carrier bags of various materials and handles in shopping malls, supermarkets, boutiques, gift shops, clothing stores, online retail packaging, etc.

When making paper bags, how many paper bag material types are there? And what kinds of paper bag raw material is popular?

In general, there are 5 common raw materials to make custom paper bags. That is coated paper, white card paper, black card paper, kraft paper, special paper, etc.

1. Coated paper

Coated paper bags DSC0785
Coated paper bag material DSC0473

Good printing effect

The surface of coated paper is very smooth and flat. So, it prints very well. We can print very clear and exquisite logos, patterns, and text on the surface. Therefore, coated paper is very suitable for commercial purposes such as brand promotion.

Elegant texture

The coated paper itself is a very glossy white cardstock. Therefore, it looks textured, and it also gives people a sense of high-end sophistication.

High strength

Coated paper not only has high strength but also is relatively wear-resistant and not easy to break. Second, coated paper has a certain thickness and hardness. So, it can bear a certain weight. And some items in life, we can place clothes, shoes, and hats inside.

Good hand feeling

The surface of coated paper is smooth and flat. And it feels good to the touch.

Bright colors

We can print many rich and full colors and bright patterns on the surface of coated paper. If your logo has many colors and you want a color printing effect. Then, it is a good choice to choose coated paper as a raw material.

High gloss

Coated paper has a high surface gloss. Therefore, our printed logo, text, and even patterns will be more clear and more eye-catching.

Clear texture

We can make various types of textures and patterns on the surface of coated paper. This will virtually improve the aesthetics and texture of the paper bag.

Strong plasticity

After processing, we can make different types of coated paper bags in various shapes. Such as hand-held paper bags, flat paper bags, and self-supporting paper bags.

Waterproof and oilproof

We can cover glossy film and matte film on the surface of coated paper. After special treatment, the paper bag can become waterproof and oilproof. Therefore, we can use paper bags in kitchens, restaurants, and bakeries.

About eco-protection

Any paper bag that is laminated will not become so eco-friendly. If you want recycled and biodegradable paper bags, then try not to laminate the surface.

2. White card paper

White card paper bags DSC0743_
White card paper bags _DSC2570

Pure white and clean

White card paper is pure white and clean, specially textured. Therefore, we can use them to make gift paper bags, high-end cosmetic packaging, high-end gift boxes, books, envelopes, and other products.

Higher hardness

Paper bags made of white cardboard have higher hardness and will not deform easily. Then, it can very well protect the contents of the bag from being lost or damaged.

Good printing effect

White cardboard can use various printing processes such as embossing, hot stamping, silk screen printing, etc. Similarly, white card paper can also print clear and colorful logos, texts, patterns, and slogans.

Good texture and look

White cardboard has a good texture, and its surface is flat and smooth. So we usually use them in clothing stores, boutiques, high-end gift bags, cosmetic bags, etc.

High strength and durability

White cardboard has high strength and durability. And they are very durable. It can withstand high pressure and is not easy to break.

Relatively low price

Compared with other high-grade paper materials, the price of white card paper is relatively low. And we can customize it according to customers’ needs. This includes customized logos, shapes, colors, sizes, etc.

Portable and convenient

The paper bag made of white card paper is light in weight and easy to carry. Thus, white card paper bags are suitable for supermarket shopping, tourism, shopping malls, etc.

3. Black card paper

Black card paper bags DSC_5537

Elegant and high-end

Black card paper is a kind of thicker, stiffer paper. And the black card paper bag has a good texture. So, it looks very luxurious and high-end. And they are very suitable for use in suit stores, and men’s clothing stores. It is because the color of the black card paper itself is relatively deep. Therefore, it will give people a feeling of a luxurious atmosphere. So, black card paper bags are ideal for the packaging of high-end goods. Such as luxury goods, jewelry, watches, etc.

Good hot stamping and embossing effect

Black card paper is more thick and hard. So, if we make special processes such as hot stamping gold/silver and embossing on its surface. Well, this will greatly increase the three-dimensional and visual effects of the paper bag. Of course, raising your logo and hot-stamping gold color on it, it will become more personalized and unique. This color contrast can attract the attention of consumers. And invisibly improve the brand image and popularity of the product.

Strong color contrast

Black card paper itself is thicker in color. If you use contrasting or bright colors for printing, the overall effect and sense of design will be stronger. In addition to clear and eye-catching patterns and text, unique bright colors will also make your custom paper bags more unique.

Eco-friendly and recyclable

Black cardboard is made of recycled pulp. It is a green material. So, used black card paper bags can be recycled and reused. This will not cause burden and pollution to the environment.

Wide range of applications

The black appearance gives people a high-end and mysterious feeling. Therefore, paper bags made of black card paper have various high-end occasions. For example, use it as high-end gift bags, clothing, shoes & hats, jewelry, watches, cosmetic packaging, etc.

4. Kraft paper

Kraft paper bags 01
Kraft paper bags

Durable and strong

Kraft paper is not only thick but also has high strength and toughness. It can carry heavier living items.

Stable and natural color

The color of kraft paper is particularly natural. Often, it presents natural vintage tones such as brown and tan. This color is in line with people’s pursuit of healthy and natural life tonality. And kraft paper is not easy to fade. The color is relatively stable. So, kraft paper bags are very popular.

Eco-friendly and recyclable

Usually, we use kraft paper bags made from the waste paper pulp through multiple processes. This natural fiber material itself can be recycled and reused. Thus, this kind of paper bag has little pollution to the environment and we can reuse them.

Strong sense of texture

The surface of kraft paper has obvious texture and graininess. Such kraft paper bags look rough and natural. Therefore, it will give people a calm and heavy feeling. So, kraft paper bags are perfect to pack some high-end products. Also, it can play a role in enhancing the brand image.

Good printing effect

Kraft paper has good printing effects. we can print any patterns, slogans, logos, trademarks, etc on its surface. So, we think kraft paper bags can be a good promotional and advertising carrier.

5. Special paper

Specialty paper
paper bags

In addition to the above four common paper bag materials, the remaining many types of paper are almost all specialty papers. Such as thermal paper, aluminum foil paper, metallic paper, fluorescent paper, pearlescent paper, cellulose film paper, anti-static paper, art paper, etc.

Unique appearance

Specialty papers always have a very special look. They have a unique texture, luster, and color. This look is more colorful than plain paper. Therefore, we can say that specialty paper has a more unique and attractive appearance. This kind of paper bag can add more beauty and artistic sense to commodity packaging.

High-end atmosphere and elegant texture

Specialty paper bags usually have a high-end, luxurious feel. We can customize personalized specialty paper bags and then use them for high-end gifts and business occasions. Besides, the visual effect of special paper bursts. For example, it can show you the metal sense, satin sense, antique sense, etc. Such appearance texture can really enhance the high-end feeling and attractiveness of the product.

Abrasion-resistant and durable

Specialty papers are stronger and more durable than ordinary papers and are less likely to break. It perfectly protects the contents of the bag.

Higher price

Special paper has a more complicated manufacturing process and materials than ordinary paper. Therefore, the price and cost of special paper bags will be higher than other types of paper bags.

Wide applications

Specialty papers have a wide range of materials and texture styles. Therefore, special paper is ideal for the packaging of various products. Such as high-end watches, cosmetics, tea, wine, jewelry, food, health care products, etc.

In short

In short, there are many choices when choosing paper bag material. And each type of paper material has its pros and cons. So, customers can choose and customize according to their needs. Acctrims make and supplies all kinds of paper bags for clothing fashion brands. We suggest you print the logo when customizing.

Because customizing paper bags with logos has many benefits for brand promotion. It can enhance brand awareness and improve brand image. Second, printing a logo can also increase brand loyalty and increase sales. Therefore, customizing paper bags with logos is an effective way of brand promotion.


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