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PVC labels, also known as plastic drop labels, are one kind of soft rubber label. It is made by carving mold, high-temperature settings, and other processes. It is suitable to promote and establish the company’s brand image. And it is a more prominent means of brand expression in recent years.

Features of custom PVC labels:

  1. The expression is flexible and full of three-dimensional effects.
  2. The products produced are fine, practical, and beautiful, and the colors are bright.
  3. PVC labels have a very good water vapor diffusion function, and will not absorb water in the air.
  4. It is resistant to extrusion and has a certain elasticity and soft flexibility. No matter how you squeeze it, the shape will not change.
  5. They are corrosion and high-temperature resistance. So, they are widely used and have no limitations such as climate temperature difference.

Below you can learn more project samples of PVC labels from our customers.

2 thoughts on “Gallery of PVC/Silicone Rubber Labels”

  1. Hello!

    We’re looking for eco-friendly custom silicone labels for our brand. I was wondering if you had silicone labels made from recycled materials. If not, how are your silicone labels eco-friendly? Additionally, we’d love to get some samples made! Thank you!


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