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3 kinds of eco friendly inks for printing products

There are have 3 kinds of eco friendly inks commonly used in gift packaging boxes to replace traditional inks, like UV ink, water-based ink, soybean oil ink. Ink is very common in our life. Traditional inks include main components and auxiliary components. The main components include resin and colorant. Auxiliary components include fillers, diluents, thinners, anti-skinning agents, anti-offset agents, slip agents, and other additives. However, the pigments and additives in traditional inks contain a large number of heavy metals. Such as lead and mercury. Besides, the aromatic hydrocarbon solvents in ink will play into the air as the ink dries. Moreover, these gases are very toxic. They can cause great harm to human health.

However, with the enhancement of human awareness of environmental protection, the demand for environmentally friendly inks in the printing industry is increasing. Eco friendly inks are an option for any customer looking for custom prints. Hope this article is helpful to you.

UV ink

UV ink refers to ink that can be dried and cured under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays by using ultraviolet rays of different wavelengths and energy. The UV inks do not use solvents. Also, it cures and dries very quickly. Therefore, in the printing process, the pollution it produces is almost zero. Therefore, UV inks are eco-friendly inks. In addition, UV inks are bright in color and have very good wear resistance. Therefore, it can improve the visual effect and service life of the packaging box.

UV ink

Application of UV curing technology in large format inkjet printing:

With the popularization of UV ink, many printing factories adopt UV curing technology in inkjet printing. In the field of large-format printing, UV ink can improve the durability of the image. Thereby printing on a wider range of printing materials.

Label printing and packaging printing:

UV curing technology also has advantages in the field of label printing and packaging printing. Now some clothing labels, stickers, paper bags, packaging gift boxes, etc. can use eco-friendly UV inks. UV inkjet and curing technology can be printed at high speed inline. So, it can totally replace thermal transfer printers.

Industrial or decorative printing field:

We can use UV curing technology for direct printing and curing of glass, metal, plastic, and ceramics materials. There is no need to pre-treat the surface of the printed material. So, people are willing to use UV inks and UV curing machines in the field of industrial or decorative printing.

Water-based ink

What is water-based ink?

Water-based ink is mainly processed from water-soluble resins, organic pigments, solvents, and related additives. Water-based ink is suitable for packaging and printing products that require strict hygienic conditions. Such as tobacco, alcohol, food, beverage, medicine, children’s toys, etc.

Water-based ink produces almost no volatile gas and will not affect the environment.

Does not pollute the environment

Water-based inks use water as a solvent carrier. Therefore, it emits almost no volatile organic gases (VOCs) into the atmosphere. Therefore, many printing companies are very optimistic about the advantages of water-based inks.

Reduce residual toxins

Water-based ink completely solves the toxicity problem of solvent-based ink. Therefore, it can ensure food hygiene and safety. Since it does not contain organic solvents, there are very few toxic substances remaining on the surface of printed matter. The hygiene and safety of food packaging are very important. Thus, people have strict requests on the residual amount of harmful substances in packaging and printing. And then, this is a breeze for prints using water-based inks.

Reduce consumption and cost

For printing the same quantity and specifications of printed matter, water-based ink can reduce consumption by 10%. Because water-based ink printing does not need to use a large amount of organic solvent cleaning solution. It just needs water. Therefore, from the perspective of resource consumption, water-based inks are more economical. At the same time, it is also in line with the theme of a conservation-minded society advocated in today’s world.

Soybean oil ink

eco friendly inks: soybean oil ink

Soybean oil ink refers to the ink made by using soybean oil instead of traditional petroleum solvent. A soybean oil is an edible oil. It can be fully integrated into the natural environment after decomposition.

Among the various formulations of vegetable oil inks, soybean oil inks are truly applicable and eco friendly inks.

What are the advantages and applications of soybean oil ink?

  • Soy ink is abundant and cheap. Moreover, it is safe and reliable. Compared with traditional inks, soy inks are very eco-friendly. It is bright in color and resistant to drying. Then, soy inks produce high-quality prints without powdering.
  • The environmental protection of soybean ink is better. Soybean ink contains edible oil, which is harmless and easy to recycle.
  • We use soy inks in lesser amounts. Because the extensibility of soybean ink is 15% higher, the cost is greatly saved.
  • Soy inks are rich in color. And it has a higher gloss than traditional ink.
  • This ink is fast to light, light, and rubbing. And it is not easy to fade. In addition, it does not emit a pungent odor as the temperature rises.
  • When recycling, soy ink is easier to deink than traditional ink. And it is more likely to degrade.
  • Soy inks have many uses in printing. We can use it to print color tags, postcards, posters, books, etc.

In conclusion

When customizing packaging gift boxes, the trend of using environmentally friendly inks is becoming more and more obvious. Traditional inks emit harmful gases. Therefore, when printing, choosing eco friendly inks will greatly reduce environmental pollution.

Eco-friendly inks are becoming more and more popular. Eco-friendly inks are an ideal option when you customize paper prints. Such as custom paper tags, paper bags or packaging bags, etc. Acctrims supplies custom-printed items for fashion brands. Such as hang tags, stickers, paper bags, and packaging gift boxes, etc. If you need customization, please contact us and get a free quote.

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