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Full guide on 7 different types of necklace clasps

There are mainly 7 different types of necklace clasps, like W buckle, S buckle, concealed buckle, spring buckle, turn buckle, lobster clasp, and tail buckle. A necklace clasp is a type of small lock device in jewelry and pendants, typically a metal one. And we use it with interlocking parts fastening chains and metal buckles.

Necklaces are one of our most common decorative pieces of jewelry. They come in a wide variety of materials and styles. So, many ladies will wear beautiful necklaces. However, have you noticed that an important connection part of the necklace is called the clasp? Often, it is a linking metal accessory for a necklace or bracelet. Different styles of necklaces have different shapes of clasps. So let’s take a look at some of the exquisite different types of necklace clasps!

1. “W” buckles

W buckle is our most common buckle. Since this “bent and winding” shape is a W shape, it is called a “W buckle”. Conversely, we can also call it the “M buckle”. This kind of button is mainly used on gold, platinum, and other precious metals with good ductility. So it is the best match with such a discount.

There are openings on both sides of the W buckle. In general, we break off the w clasp and stuff the necklace in.

Its advantage is that it bears a lot of weight. And it can handle heavier chains. And repeated bending will not break.

But please remember to fasten it after opening the W buckle and putting it into the necklace. Otherwise, it tends to hang loose and cause the necklace to be lost.

W buckle

2. “S” buckles

The S buckle is very similar to the M buckle. When in use, we need to open it by hand before we wear it. But, the difference is that one side of the S buckle is firmly welded, and the other side is open. Also, we need to open the direction of the opening by hand. This aims to prevent the bracelet from slipping off.

Different types of necklace clasps: “S” buckles

In addition, people often use this kind of clasp in bracelets. Of course, we can use it in necklaces, but relatively less. The S buckle and the M buckle are the same when using.

Please be sure to buckle tightly to avoid being pulled apart. But this opening design is risky. Because if it is not fastened, the necklace or bracelet will lost easily.

Therefore, we should tighten the opening every time we wear it.

3. Concealed buckles for big-name jewelry

As the name suggests, the concealed buckle is an invisible buckle shape. Designers often fix the buckle by snapping the spring into the slot. They are more delicate, and the shape of the buckle is also more diverse. In addition, concealed buckles can increase the beauty of jewelry.

We can decorate the shape of the concealed buckles to make them more shiny and delicate. For example, we can make it hollow, or inlay some gems on it. Be as creative as you want.

In general, after special decorations such as gemstones and hollowing out, we can’t see its original shape on the surface. And we can make it round or square.

In addition, the hidden buckle will not slip off easily. So, we often see it in big-name high-end jewelry.

Concealed buckles

4. Spring buckles

Spring clasp is one of the more common clasp types in necklaces. It comes in many styles. Then, we control the opening and closing of the buckle through a spring-loaded mechanism.

Spring buckles

This kind of spring clasp is mostly suitable for relatively slender and delicate necklaces. And it’s easy to wear. But sometimes it is easy to get stuck in the process of switching and closing.

All kinds of slender and delicate necklaces like to use spring clasps as connections. Just be careful when using it. Some parts may break if not applied with proper force.

However, it has a certain lifespan. If it is loose, we need to replace it in time.

5. Turnbuckles

A turnbuckle is a buckle that twists like a screw. This buckle type is mainly ideal for low-end necklaces. Moreover, its appearance is not beautiful enough. We rarely see it in gold necklaces. Then, we use it in pearl necklaces and bracelets.

The safety of this turnbuckle is still guaranteed. As long as the metal itself passes the test, there will be no other problems. But it has a disadvantage that it is easy to loosen after a long time of use. And then, we can’t tighten it tightly.


6. Lobster clasps

In daily life, lobster clasps are the most common. Because its shape resembles a lobster, we call it a lobster clasp. Lobster clasps have a wide range of applications in necklaces. Among different necklace materials, we use lobster clasps more often.

Lobster clasps

Lobster clasps are perfect for some silver and freshwater pearl necklaces.

It has many shapes and types, such as round buckles. At the same time, various metals are commonly used in making materials. In fashion jewelry, it is more favored by designers. However, such a buckle is not beautiful in appearance.

Also, it’s too decorative. Therefore, people do not use it in luxury and high-end precious jewelry. But, we use it more in fashion jewelry.

7. Tail buckles

If the necklace clasps are too abrupt, you need some tail buttons to decorate. So the buckle needs to make some shapes to match. This can increase the aesthetics of the overall necklace.

This will also make the necklace more delicate and beautiful.

And then, various types of exquisite tail buckles also came into being. Among them, there are fish-shaped tail buckles, round tail buckles, square tail buckles, etc.

These clasps are different in shape to match the overall look and feel of the necklace. They make great decorations.

Tail buckles

In conclusion

Besides these common different types of necklace clasps, there are many other clasp types. Such as hasp, rod buckle, etc. Although they are small and inconspicuous, they are indeed an integral part of the necklace. So, it is necessary to choose a suitable clasp for linking and fixing the necklace. Clasps can make the beauty shine brightly while silently guarding the beauty of the necklace.

The above are some of our common necklace clasp types. Each buckle type has its pros and cons. Therefore, consumers can choose buckle necklaces according to their own needs.

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