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There are mainly 5 types of braided rope or string in textiles, which include braided cotton rope, polyester rope, nylon rope, leather rope, hemp rope, etc. Then, we can divide it into 3 categories to introduce the types of braided rope commonly used in knotting crafts. And that is the material of the thread, the weaving process, and the post-processing process. They are very suitable for use in knitting crafts, textiles, clothing trims, sweater/hoody drawstrings, shoes & bags, etc.

According to the material of the braided rope, we can divide it into 5 types. Such as braided cotton rope, polyester rope, nylon rope, leather rope, and hemp rope.

1. Braided cotton rope

Braided cotton rope is twisted from cotton fibers. We can divide it into heart-wrapped and non-wrapped cotton ropes. They range in size from 1.0mm to 20mm and beyond. Besides, we can add wax to cotton rope. A cotton wax rope is made of cotton woven rope or button rope after processing and waxing.

In addition to the natural color of cotton, a cotton wax rope can be dyed in any color before waxing. The waxed cotton rope after dyeing has a good luster. Meanwhile, a wax rope is relatively stiffer than a cotton rope itself. The waxed cotton rope is not only smooth but also has good waterproof and anti-corrosion effects. Therefore, cotton rope is a more high-grade auxiliary material for craftsmanship and weaving. We can use them on belts, craft tie threads, jade thread, bead thread, bracelets, etc.

types of braided rope: braided cotton rope_DSC1418
Braided cotton rope_DSC1420

2. Braided polyester rope

There are many varieties of polyester, and there are dozens of polyester filaments alone. Braided polyester rope is suitable for rope products, cloth, textiles, etc. In order to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses, we often blend and interweave polyester with natural fibers and viscose fibers. The polyester rope has high strength, good abrasion resistance, breathability, and moisture management. In addition, it has strong acid and alkali resistance and UV resistance.

The advantages of using polyester rope in these areas are:

  1. It can maintain strength in a humid environment;
  2. The coefficient of friction is higher than that of nylon rope;
  3. High resistance to ultraviolet rays and harsh chemicals;
  4. Strong wear resistance and smooth surface.
  5. We can use them in clothing accessories, shoelaces, handbag ropes, wrist ropes, drawstring bag ropes, etc.
Braided polyester rope
Braided polyester rope_DSC3508

3. Classification of polyester rope

Three-strand polyester rope is the most affordable and common type of rope on the market. It is made of many filaments twisted into threads, then combined into strands, and finally made into ropes. Moreover, the three-strand rope is flexible and easy to tie.

The use of an eight-strand polyester rope is not affected by weather conditions. And it has high strength and wear resistance. Compared with nylon rope, it does not lose strength after soaking.

Twelve-strand polyester rope greatly improves the performance, service life, and strength of the rope. And the twelve-strand rope is easy to buckle. Therefore, its wear resistance and strength are better.

3. Braided nylon rope

Nylon braided rope is a bit softer than polyester rope. And it has good abrasion resistance and is not easily damaged. It has good resistance to UV sun deterioration. Braided nylon rope has wide use in all ropes. Also, it is the best rope to absorb shock loads. Nylon can last 4-5 times longer than natural fibers. And its development prospect is very good.

The price of nylon rope is not only related to the material but also related to the thickness of the rope. The thicker the rope, the stronger and more durable it is, so the more expensive it is. Also, the longer the rope, the more expensive it is.

Braided nylon rope
Braided nylon rope 01

What are the features of nylon rope?

Nylon rope is a tough angular translucent or milky white crystalline resin. It is a relatively common cable in our life. Then, it has better wear resistance and higher strength. In addition, it has high mechanical strength. Shock absorption and noise reduction are better. Moreover, as a main industrial product, nylon rope is resistant to oil, weak acid, alkali, and general solvents. At the same time, it has good electrical insulation, non-toxic, odorless, and has good weather resistance.

Where are nylon ropes used?

Nylon rope has excellent performance. Because of its good wear resistance, we can use it in home textile, transportation, and handling industries. In addition, the rescue industry, mountaineering, rock climbing enthusiasts, high-altitude workers, etc. will all need nylon rope as an important protective tool.

4. Braided leather rope

A leather rope is made of rubber or animal leather. It is more elastic. The braided leather rope is made of the first layer of cowhide after cutting, butting, dyeing, drying, and other processes. Its pulling force is strong, durable, beautiful, and generous.

Therefore, we can use it in the production of jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. Meanwhile, we can also use it as clothing decoration, luggage straps, handbags, pet chains, shoelaces, purses, tassel shoes, pendants, key rings, dreamcatchers, and DIY crafts.

Braided leather rope _DSC0631
Braided leather rope_DSC3464

Braided leather rope types

Round leather rope

Round cowhide cords are sleek and stylish, but not strong enough. However, the flexibility is also very strong after the diameter reaches a certain level. The diameter is usually between 1mm – 8mm. And it’s affordable. Therefore, the round cowhide rope is an ideal material for bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories.

Square leather rope

The square cowhide rope and the round cowhide rope are basically the same except for the shape. Its thickness is between 1mm-8mm. However, the width is not particularly limited. Then, it is suitable for bracelets, necklaces, shoelaces, and other accessories.

Braided leather rope

Braided cowhide rope is woven from several thinner square cowhide ropes. In addition, we can wrap the square cowhide rope with wax rope to make it stronger. It is the strongest of the three leather cords. But, the price is slightly more expensive. We usually use it to make bracelets, necklaces, and luggage straps.

5. Braided hemp rope

The raw material of hemp rope is composed of the fibers of many hemp plants. We often use it for bundling objects, gift decorations, or bulk commodities. Hemp rope includes two-strand and three-strand twine balls. The general diameter is 1.5-4.5 cm. Our common hemp ropes are mostly white zongzi ropes, thread hemp ropes, and mixed ropes. This type of rope is very resistant to tension. Moreover, they have very good corrosion resistance. They are also relatively resistant to friction during use. So, this will reduce wear and tear due to frequent use.

Application of hemp rope

Fine linen has become a popular accessory for many denim brands, leisure, and home brands because of its softness. Jute and kenaf are widely used in packaging, binding, tying, gardening, greenhouses, pastures, bonsai, shopping malls, and supermarkets. Because they have wear/corrosion/rain resistance and are easy to use. While medium hemp and flax are ideal for belts, inlays, flat belts, round ropes, hollow ropes, ten-foot ropes, flat ropes, etc.

Braided hemp rope
Braided hemp rope 01


1, What is the price to order braided rope for my brands?

–The price depends on your custom size, color, texture, quantity, etc. Prices are not fixed. It needs our business expert to calculate according to your specific needs. You can request a free quote via online service, email, or the quote button.

2, What are the mass production time and shipping time?

–Mass production time is 15-20 days. Shipping time is 3-6 business days by express.

3, What profile is needed when production?

–Please send us your vector design files/logo files, like PDF, AI, ESP, CDR, or original files from PSD. If you have no art file, we offer free design for you.

4, What is the order process?

–First, we need to discuss basic information with each other. Such as size, color, material, quantity, etc. Then our product expert will give you the price and invoice. Then, you can pay. After you pay, we will make the design for you. After you confirm the design, we can arrange the bulk production. We offer free design and worldwide shipping. 

5, Can we get free samples?

–Yes, you can. Our samples are free, you just need to pay the shipping cost.

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